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US Immigration from Jordan

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IV Case Ready but not available error
1:06 am September 26, 2023



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My Case ID on the NVC tracker is showing ready status,

but I can't complete this step on the website ustraveldocs to get the payment slip and to schedule the interview


Can anyone help

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F2B- Expedited by Lawyer?
4:09 am July 8, 2023



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Hello Folks,

I have a brother overseas that my mom has petitioned for him to come to the US early 2020 and his case has been under "CASE IS BEING ACTIVELY REVIEWED BY USCIS" for over 500 days. The thing is that My parents, my youngest brother and myself are all together, except him as he was 21 and a couple of months old when mom petitioned for him.

My question is, is it a good idea to hire a lawyer to expedite his case or it is a waste of money and effort? He has been waiting for over three years now and we don't knw how much longer he still has to wait.


Sam :)

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When to ACTUALLY begin removing conditions for Citizenship
5:51 pm May 7, 2023



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Hello All,

My husband and I married October 18, 2020. He received his 2 year conditional green card in May 2022 (long delays, then RFE, then approval). When can we apply for citizenship? I'm hearing its a 3 year wait time from time green card was "issued". Just need help managing my timeline on what to do and when. Thank you!

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Is there a DS5535 thread that isn't dead?
8:00 pm March 20, 2023

Jordanian Bride

Jordanian Bride

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As the title says. I know the Montreal one is alive and well (unfortunately), but I was interviewed in US Embassy Amman and got handed the DS5535 with my passport back.

Hope there's a different thread for other embassies where we can all meet and cry.

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Pre-Interview Checklist
5:31 pm February 12, 2023



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Hi All,

My brother is having an immigrant interview soon under the F22 category and there's a packet that he needs to drop off at US Embassy a couple of weeks before the interview takes place. One thing is confusing is whether we need to submit copies of the original l-864 and l-864A with most recent W-2 or tax returns. We have uploaded those on CEAC more than 2 years ago, so could you elaborate more on that please?


I appreciate your help!

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