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US Immigration from Jordan

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Wedding photos back?
5:14 pm October 15, 2019



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Hey, sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a thread for it. So when we sent our AOS packet I sent in a bunch of pictures with it. They were all copies so I was fine with USCIS keeping them. When we went for the interview, we brought our wedding album with us. The person interviewing was not the officer who made the final decision. While she was interviewing me, she asked my husband to take some photos out. We thought she would look at them and give them back since they already had copies of the wedding photos in our original packet we had sent. She ended up keeping 4 of my very expensive professional wedding photos. In all the chaos, I completely forgot to ask for them back. He has been approved and the card has been mailed, just waiting to receive it in the mail. Will we get those photos back? What should I do? Im kind of upset that she kept them considering everyone else before us said the officer will look at the album and hand it back..

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Fiance Passport Expiration
8:05 pm October 12, 2019



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My fiance had his interview on September 8th and we are in AP.

His passport expires on May 23, 2020.

His Medical was August 22 2019.

So when does the cant expire within 6 months rule apply ?

Then If he went ahead and renewed it now anyways, do we update the embassy or CEACs website at all?


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Does she have any legal recourse?
3:51 pm October 10, 2019


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Help for a woman I know:

The woman married a US citizen man in a religious ceremony here in the US. He is originally from her country of origin, but has been a citizen of the US for a couple of decades. She does not know the language here or the procedures. He said he would take care of everything. I don't think they have a courthouse marriage/license/certificate. They only have the religious documents and wedding photos, which happened in July. She was visiting her sister here in the US and the wedding took place in the US. She is still here. (The wedding was arranged by the woman's mother, which is customary.)

I found out today that he has been beating her. Additionally, she is pregnant and he wants her to abort the baby. She does not want this. Her sister lives here in town and came to get her. Her sister has limited English, but told me the situation.

Does she have any legal recourse here in the US?

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What is the best to do considering this
2:45 pm September 30, 2019


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So my girlfriend is coming to my home place ,Jordan,hopefully if everything goes well and i hope it will,what is the best to do should we get married in Jordan first and apply for K1 Visa ?

or should we just meet here in Jordan and then she apply for the fiance Visa from Usa ?
thank you in advance.

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country of birth
4:14 pm September 27, 2019

Nono Ali

Nono Ali

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Hello there,

I've recently received my green card, I found the country of birth is mentioned as: "Palestine (Born Before 1948)", for me and for all of my family members, meanwhile we are all born decades after 1948.

is this a big issue, as we're born in Palestine, but not before 1948

please advice what to do

thank you

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