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last night in Canada...

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My story is a bit complicated comparing to other VJers. We failed our first K-1 petition because we did not take paper work seriously. We got punished by wasting 6 months. Luckily, I found VJ, a gift from heaven. With the help from everybody, we succeeded in the application for K-1, and eventually I got my Fiance visa in September.

Tomorrow is the day I am going to leave Canada. Thinking about I can no longer see my family and friends after tomorrow as what I did for the past years brought tears to my eyes. 6 months ago, I was complaining about the waiting, but tonight I really wish time could go as slow as possible...

Exciting new life in the States. Big step for our relationship. BUT I am going to miss my life here SO MUCH...

Jan,2008 we met each other for the first time
March 11,2010, I flew to Dallas to visit him. We started dating.
September, 2011, we made the most stupid mistake we could have, sending out packet I-129 application without putting in a single page of supporting document.
January 12,2012, we received our declined petition letter after 5 months :-(
January 20, 2012, I flew to Dallas to prepare the packet and sent out the fiance petition
January 23, 2012, we received our noa1
May 30,2012, we received our noa2
June 13,2012, Our case was forwarded to Montreal
July 4,2012, I received RFE
July 5, 2012, I sent out RFE
July 9,2012, Montreal received my RFE
July 16,2012, I sent out my Packet 3 (I did not call Montreal to confirm if they have sent out my Packet 3)
July 25,2012, I received my Packet 4 in email
September 4,2012 at 9:10 am, visa approved !!!
September 6,2012, Visa in hand
November 17,2012, POE in Chicago
February 09,2013, Wedding

March 16,2013, AOS package sent out

March 22,2013,NOA received.

January 31, 2014, Card production

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I think that's a normal feeling that comes with moving. It will be good once you are settled :) Plus it gives your family and friends a place to come visit! Hope the move goes well and enjoy this exciting time!


04/20/2012- I-129F Package Sent!

04/25/2012- NOA1

07/31/2012- NOA2

08/06/2012- NOA2 Hard-copy

08/08/2012- NVC Received

08/13/2012- NVC Left

08/17/2012- Consulate Received

08/17/2012- Packet 3 Received

08/20/2012- Packet 3 Sent

08/20/2012- Packet 4 Received

08/23/2012- Medical

09/04/2012- Interview---Approved smile.png

11/20/2012- POE Blue Water Bridge

11/24/2012- Wedding!!


12/24/2012- AOS Mailed

01/02/2013- NOA1,AOS, EAD/AP

01/25/2013- Biometrics

02/20/2013- EAD & AP Approved

03/04/2013- EAD & AP Combo Card Received

07/29/2013- AOS Approved

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Hey, I know exactly how you feel. My interview isn't until October 9th, but I've been preparing non-essentials, getting paperwork to import my car and things of the like. When I was walking to work the other day, I thought to myself how convenient it is to live in such a big city. I always thought I was a country girl, but when I really think about it, I love the city! As I pack things like photographs, I get sad because I am going to be leaving those loved ones behind! I'm not moving that far, it's about 425 miles away, but I'm still torn up inside. I can't just call up my friends and say let's go out and vice versa. I can't go coupon with mom at Shopper's Drug Mart LOL. I know it sounds ridiculous, but :( Luckily, Cody's family is welcoming and I get along with them well. But gosh!

Sorry for ranting! I wish you all the best, and a comfortable move and adjustment. Let me know how it goes for you and what I should expect. Good luck! Blessings!

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Oh gosh. I feel so bad for you. :( I will never forget the heartache of my last night in Canada, as well as driving away from my house for the last time the following day. It was the worst two days of my life. :cry:

I hope things start to look a little brighter for you soon. (F)


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My 15 yr old daughter and I cried as if we were leaving forever when we drove away. My now husband felt horrible for making us leave the only home we'd ever known. It was a definite door closing that day.

5 yrs later I can tell you we have survived and even thrived! It was difficult early on to adjust but we found good things that made it worth while.

You will not feel this way forever, the clouds will lift eventually and you'll start to feel more familiar with your new surroundings little by little.

Wiz(USC) and Udella(Cdn & USC!)


02/22/11 - Filed

02/28/11 - NOA

03/28/11 - FP

06/17/11 - status change - scheduled for interview

06/20?/11 - received physical interview letter

07/13/11 - Interview in Fairfax,VA - easiest 10 minutes of my life

07/19/11 - Oath ceremony in Fairfax, VA


Removal of Conditions

12/1/09 - received at VSC

12/2/09 - NOA's for self and daughter

01/12/10 - Biometrics completed

03/15/10 - 10 Green Card Received - self and daughter


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Our interview was the 17th, I (USC) had drove up to accompany my fiance to his interview and was going to drive back Wed. or Thursday. Reality really hit when we started getting updates as to where hit passport was Wednesday night. He decided to come with me Tursday on the drive back home. Tears were shed and the process really flew by.

August 2010 Meet playing world of warcraft.

Our K-1 Journey:

March 6,2012 Filed for K-1 Visa, sent I-129F

March 12,2012 NOA1 received

July 11,2012 NOA2 email received

September 17,2012 Interview <3 <3 (APPROVED)

September 19,2012 Received Passport and POE !!! Home Sweet Home

October 13,2012 Married <3 <3

Our AOS Journey

October 29,2012 Mailed AOS packet to Chicago Lockbox

October 31,2012 Lockbox Received

November 2,2012 NOA-1 (EAD and AOS)

December 20,2012 Biometrics Appointment

January 16,2013 EAD approved/received

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Exciting new life in the States. Big step for our relationship. BUT I am going to miss my life here SO MUCH...

“Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.” (R.Bach)

It may sound corny but that quote carries a lot of truth. I grew up moving from one place to another and at one point I reconciled all the good byes with the notion that you never leave family and friends behind, so much as you leave them ahead, for when you see them again. When I read the book where the quote above is found, I had one of those moments when you think 'darn! I wish I had said that!!!'.

Welcome to the US, congrats on the visa and all the best hopes for the new life.



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I pray you took a 20 kg bag of powdered poutine gravy with you.

Sometimes my language usage seems confusing - please feel free to 'read it twice', just in case !
Ya know, you can find the answer to your question with the advanced search tool, when using a PC? Ditch the handphone, come back later on a PC, and try again.

-=-=-=-=-=R E A D ! ! !=-=-=-=-=-

Whoa Nelly ! Want NVC Info? see http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php/NVC_Process

Congratulations on your approval ! We All Applaud your accomplishment with Most Wonderful Kissies !


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Welcome to the US. The first few months especially will be both hard and exciting as you plan for your wedding and continue with the US Immigration process to get your green card and your AP (permission to travel). What I found really helpful was to read my daily newspaper from back home 'on line' as well as go to the CBC website and see what 'news' from Canada I could find. I registered with the local Canadian Consulate and they offer somewhat regular events and get togethers so I was able to meet up with other Canadians in the area.

If you can get a car or access to transportation fairly quickly that will be a big help. I found being able to drive around - and get lost regularly!- helped me to acclimatize .I hope you were able to bring some of your things from home with you. That helped a lot, having familiar things around.

That moment when you actually cross the border into the US and know that this will be your home from now on is pretty intimidating. You will find yourself taking notice of all of the difference from back home- and realize that the US is not as similar as it appeared to be when you were 'visiting'.

I think almost all of us have experienced homesickness to some degree, especially when you move on a K-1 visa and you know you don't have the freedom to visit home again until you get your green card or your AP - which will probably be a number of months.

I was lucky in having a number of friends who wanted to come and visit me fairly quickly - and that helped too. In some cases, they joined me as I got lost driving trying to find my way around - and it was great to have a cohort in discovering my new home, as my husband was at work from 6:30 am to around 7:30 pm.

Good luck to you and remind yourself, that you will be able to go back for visits in the near future, just not right away.

Edited by Kathryn41

“...Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there?”

. Lucy Maude Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Another Member of the VJ Fluffy Kitty Posse!

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The last night DEc 16 2004!! Almost 8 yrs ago!! Just me and my packed up boxes in my 1 bedroom apartment in Greenwood NS!! Left my dream job with the Cdn Air Force, but we all make sacrifices--I know my wife has made plenty for me. Its a very surreal feeling as the process feels long--but in my opinion we Cdns have it pretty easy compared to many other countries, but it still feels long. It was a very odd feeling loading up my Uhaul on Dec 17 and by noon hitting the road!! I don't think it truly hit me until I got the the POE!! I'm very fortunate to have a spouse that understands that yes Canada/USA are neighbors, but we are two different countries! She understands my need to go back to Canada, my need to get my Canadian Tattoos re-inked!! I have truly been blessed, she is more than I deserve. But that still does not miss me missing Canada, but at the same time I love the USA, but Canada will always be my home country!!

Canadians Visiting the USA while undergoing the visa process, my free advice:

1) Always tell the TRUTH. never lie to the POE officer

2) Be confident in ur replies

3) keep ur response short and to the point, don't tell ur life story!!

4) look the POE officer in the eye when speaking to them. They are looking for people lieing and have been trained to find them!

5) Pack light! No job resumes with you

6) Bring ties to Canada (letter from employer when ur expected back at work, lease, etc etc)

7) Always be polite, being rude isn't going to get ya anywhere, and could make things worse!!

8) Have a plan in case u do get denied (be polite) It wont harm ur visa application if ur denied,that is if ur polite and didn't lie! Refer to #1

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My last night in Canada was rough, I won't lie. My fiance was there with me, which both helped and made it worse at the same time. :lol: Helped because I was a mess, made it worse because it made him feel guilty for "taking me away" from everything/everyone.

I was stressed beyond belief with the packing and the upcoming 18 hour drive in a UHAUL with my fiance and my 100lb dog. I made my "rounds", said goodbye to everyone important. My best friend since I was 13. My brother and his three little girls that I used to see on a nearly daily basis. That was the worst. Having them cling to me while I told them that it was getting late and I really, really had to go. Ugh, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I haven't seen them since, and won't see them until Christmas.

But it does get better. The first few months were crazy difficult. I didn't have a car I could drive, didn't have a job to go to, didn't have friends to go out with. I spent all my time in the house, alone with my dog, surrounded by boxes that held my "old life" ... and it sucked, to be honest.

But we got married, paperwork was filed, I got my EAD and AP, and I was finally starting to feel like a human being again. I was able to work, eventually bought by own car, found my independence again. It takes time, and I miss Canada on a nearly daily basis, but I've made a home here that I would not give up.

You'll be just fine. And we're all here if you need someone to talk to, because we know how it is. :) Good luck with everything.

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I kept a journal of the last days which helped just get all of my emotions out. It was hard at first because everything just seems different, it will get better!

Worst part for me on my way to the ferry and 'Life is a Highway' came on the radio, BAWLING!

Officially a citizen. My journey took 6 years, 6 months, and 29 days


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Wishing you the best!

CR1 / CR2 Visa:

(Day 1) 12/16/11: I-130 Application sent

(Day 283) 09/24/12: Interview at US Consulate – Approved!

(Day 287) 09/28/12: Visa Received & Immediately entered US using Visa

(Day 290) 10/01/12: Social Security Card sent automatically

Removal of Conditions CR1 / CR2
(Day 1) 07/28/14: Application sent.
(Day 135) 12/10/14: ROC Approved!
(Day 143) 12/18/14: 10 year GC received (IR1 / IR2)

(Day 1) 06/30/15: Application sent.
(Day 210) 01/26/16: Interview and Oath Ceremony. DONE!

***Son and I became US Citizens 01/26/16***

(Day 1) 01/27/16: Applied for my U.S. Passport
(Day 14) 02/10/16: Passport Book & Cert of Naturalization received

(Day 1) 03/16/16: Applied for U.S. Passport for son

(Day 22) 04/07/16: Passport book and original docs received...(Card rec'd 04/16/16)

N-600 for child age 9
(Day 1) 01/27/16: Application sent

(Day 12) 02/08/16: NOA received

(Day 23) 02/19/16: Case received at local office

(Day 88) 04/23/16: In line for oath scheduling *Called USCIS to inquire about why there is an oath required for a child under 14. They sent a service request to the field office.

(Day 95) 04/30/16: Received letter from field office to say no oath necessary and that they would mail the certificate.
(Day 106) 05/11/16: Cert of Citizenship received by registered mail (they never sent tracking. case status was never updated either)

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