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  1. Flames9_RN

    RRSP redemption

    This used to be a good USA/Canada tax forum https://forums.serbinski.com/viewforum.php?f=2 Gentleman that answers most of the questions is Nelsona.....always best to consult a pro though
  2. where were u on dec 31 of 2018?? Living in Canada or the USA? If its Canada, you should just be filing as per normal as you were a Cdn resident the whole year........then for 2019, you would do your Exit return for Canadian taxes....Im a RN, not an accountant though,lol You could ask on Serbinksi tax forums https://forums.serbinski.com/viewforum.php?f=2
  3. There used to be a part on the front of the Cdn tax forms that asked when you ceased to be a Cdn resident....I put the day down that I crossed the border into the USA on my CR-1 visa....but that was in 2004......
  4. I know thy said a zillion times during my ceremony that the certificate cant be used in place of a passport and they strongly recommended that 1 not travel out of the USA without a passport.....
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