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  1. Flames9_RN

    obtaining long birth certificate (split topic)

    yep contact the agency that issued it.....every province probably calls it something else....I just googled Saskatchewan birth certificates and found the info. I think they sent it to be wrong twice!! I was fortunate they responded to emails very quickly.
  2. Flames9_RN

    obtaining long birth certificate (split topic)

    make sure its correct,lol When I ordered mine from Sask...my mothers name was incorrectly spelled.....TWICE!!
  3. Flames9_RN

    POE with U-Haul full of fiance's stuff? (K1)

    Yes those that use a moving company, or theoretically shipping boxes..... have to cross first then fax (scan/email) paperwork back to the moving company.....U haul now offers a service where u rent the truck and then goto https://www.uhaul.com/MovingHelp/ and u can choose the help....We did it for a local move....packed everything up ourselves.....then hired the moving help from that link.....worked out well.......I detest moving,lol I dont offer to help others move, and in return I dont ask friends to help me,lol
  4. https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/after-green-card-granted/renew-green-card#apply and if u do a search here on VJ..renewing green card....you will get plenty of hits
  5. Flames9_RN

    Renewing your Canadian Passport

    I usually fly back a few times a year (Have not yet in 2018) and have had no issues traveling on my USA Passport. They do ask Nationality and I do say Canadian.....as it does state ones place of Birth....and I do have a Cdn Military card (retired) as further proof, but have never had to show it.
  6. Flames9_RN

    POE with U-Haul full of fiance's stuff? (K1)

    just because 1 gets away with it the first time, doesnt make it right. Going by the regulations, one has to wait until they have the visa in hand....and then one has a fair # of years to bring stuff over. When one does cross, with personal belongings, it should be listed out......And in many occasions they don't even care....but as you found out.....some officers do go by the regulations, so it best to be prepared
  7. Flames9_RN

    Medisys Montreal review

    Nice write up! Hopefully more time on next visit to enjoy some Poutine!! Was so much easier when i went thru this process as they had more Dr doing the physicals, almost 1 in each province.
  8. Flames9_RN

    Canadian Mom visiting USA

    If it were I..I would say visiting my son who is a brand new father and seeing my new grandchild......nothing wrong with that. I dont believe by the books a Cdn needs a return ticket, but it sure does look better and builds a stronger case that 1 is returning. In her favor, I'm sure POE officers are used to older Cdns heading to the USA as many spend the winters in the warmer climates
  9. Tried those....Wegmans or another grocery store sells the ground coffee as well.....still doesnt taste the same......used to have Tim Hortons in the Rhode Island area.....again didnt taste the same, and then they all closed. Now the 1 Timmies in Middleton Ri is a Dunkin,lol
  10. I never was a huge fan of the donuts or foiod items....but coffee....quite often when I am back home, 3 XL coffees a day is quite often the norm,lol
  11. I reside in Maryland.....closets Tim Hortons is like 2 hrs away.....and its not a real Tim Hortons, just a Exxon gas stn that has a coffee bar that is Tim hortons and has donuts! Drove my bike there last yr just for a coffee. Back in 2010 When we lived in VA, my dog and I drove 4.5 hrs 1 way to wheeling WV to a Timmies..had a coffee...turned around and went back home,lol I was married once before..sure it sucked at first.......but it gets better
  12. No, your allowed to keep ur cdn passport and of course still be a Canadian Citizen....The USA just sees you as a USA citizen.....And when u enter the USA as a citizen you have to use ur USA Passport. I do believe you have to keep ur Green card valid to enter the USA and still have status.
  13. on the bright side....Tim Hortons,lol Life is an adventure, ful of twists and turns...good luck
  14. Flames9_RN

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    yep....Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the W. Hemisphere, so not so pretty on the eyes at times......We loved the beaches...hours drive from Managua.....miles of beaches and would be just us and our 2 dogs......1 which we brought back with us...Sure CR was prettier, but more $$$$,lol Don't miss the hot weather though.
  15. Flames9_RN

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    It is nice, enjoyed my nearly 2 yrs there......Preferred Nicaragua over it to be honest....cheaper....close beaches..cheaper beer,lol