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  1. where were u on dec 31 of 2018?? Living in Canada or the USA? If its Canada, you should just be filing as per normal as you were a Cdn resident the whole year........then for 2019, you would do your Exit return for Canadian taxes....Im a RN, not an accountant though,lol You could ask on Serbinksi tax forums https://forums.serbinski.com/viewforum.php?f=2
  2. There used to be a part on the front of the Cdn tax forms that asked when you ceased to be a Cdn resident....I put the day down that I crossed the border into the USA on my CR-1 visa....but that was in 2004......
  3. I know thy said a zillion times during my ceremony that the certificate cant be used in place of a passport and they strongly recommended that 1 not travel out of the USA without a passport.....
  4. back in 2004..rented a Uhaul to go from NS to DC, think it was $800 Cdn then......Got a whopping 10 mpg,lol Not many car rental places such as Hertz/Avis do 1 way rentals to another country. Uhaul tends to be the cheapest you drive route. Also factor in in selling/giving away and just buying new stuff. Personally I like to drive so enjoyed the experience..My wife was suppose to join me, but lucky her had to have emergency dental surgery. 1 thing to keep in mind with U haul.....You may have to drive a bit to pick up the Uhaul..that was the case in 2015 when We moved my dad from Saskatoon to Kamloops. We booked it online..and expected to pick it up in saskatoon.....nope....had to drive 1.5 hours just to pick it up!! The lady at the uhaul pick up place stated that happens a fair bit. All depends on the size of truck you need and where its located.
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