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  1. Howdy, hope all is well. I am asking this question on the behalf of someone else and thought maybe someone had some helpful info. The Question: An American lady that was married to a Cdn.....living legally in Canada. He past away so she is moving back to the USA. She want so keep his Honda Motorcycle and bring it back to the USA with her. Guessing she needs a letter of compliance, but HONDA Canada and Honda USA have been no help. Any advice? I sold my car and bike prior to my move in 2004. Thanks
  2. Flames9_RN

    RRSP redemption

    This used to be a good USA/Canada tax forum https://forums.serbinski.com/viewforum.php?f=2 Gentleman that answers most of the questions is Nelsona.....always best to consult a pro though
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