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    Udella (Night Elf Druid) and I (Wizanerne, a Gnome Warlock) met in game in January 2005. A friend of mine from work played previously in Asherons call with a bunch of folks that she works with. I was playing Horizons at the time and was very fed up with the leveling aspects of the game even though it was a fun as all get out playing a dragon. This was after a long stint in DAoC and various forays into several other on-line games but none of them ever quite captured my attention enough to keep playing. She had never played a MMORPG and decided she had had enough of her friends plaguing her to try it. Well after several weeks we were completely addicted and spent many nights running around azeroth and many bleary eyed mornings trying to explain to coworkers what this was all about.

    Well an innocent comment about what book I was reading and an innocuous quote from Shakespeare turned into me meeting my soul mate. Thankfully she felt the same way. I always find it quite amazing that fate put us together at that time to meet each other.

    Well that's our story and now here we sit waiting on the system to allow us to start the next phase of this amazing journey.


    Udella - Female Night Elf
    Wizanerne - Male Gnome Warlock

    K1 process
    04/16/05 - Met playing World of Warcraft...a Gnome and a NightElf
    08/24/05 - Met for the first time in person :) - many monthly trips after this one
    07/24/06 - Got engaged! (Best birthday present ever!)
    01/23/07 - I129 Package sent to VSC
    02/01/07 - NOA1 - Waiting Begins !!!!!
    03/11/07 - RFE Packet received at VCS
    03/21/07 - NOA2 EMail - Application Approved!!!
    03/24/07 - NOA2 received by snail mail
    03/29/07 - Received NVC receipt notice
    04/07/07 - Consolate Received Packet
    04/10/07 - Packet 3 Received
    04/13/07 - Packet 3 Sent
    04/20/07 - Checklist sent back to Montreal
    10/10/07 - Montreal Interview - APPROVED
    11/24/07 - Marry the woman of my dreams. :) (yea, we share the account but I edited the sig)

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  1. Udella&Wiz

    Declaring Engagement ring (split)

    Am I the only person who didn't feel an ounce of guilt not declaring my engagement ring? My now husband asked me to marry him on one of my trips there. I came down ringless and returned home with a ring - how on earth would the Canadian border patrol have had any idea whether I left Canada with one a few days before? To be fair - i moved permanently to the US 10+ yrs ago so it all came full circle.
  2. Sounds like number of things are contributing and coming together at the same time which makes it all worse. You mention having more supportive family back home which I totally understand since I feel that way, but I think the shoe would just be on the other foot for your husband in Canada - how would he feel being away from family - he may say fine but we all know here how homesick you get when you can't see family? No way to tell until you do it of course- but there are no instant fixes in this situation. If it's 6-8 months to apply outside Canada, by that time your EAD will come through, you'll be able to find employment. Since seasonal or temporary employment (which undoubtedly doesn't include healthcare) isn't cutting it - what are the opportunities for permanent work - health care isn't necessarily as bad through your employer as you think. We personally pay the same premiums as I used to pay for supplementary care back in Canada for just myself and daughter...albeit we have deductibles, but we're able to handle those. Understanding healthcare is complicated and I work within HR and Benefits - took me a good couple of years to understand it solidly and we answer questions daily from American born employees trying to understand! You don't have to travel there, the internet has so many resources for investigating locations and figuring out cost of living in a new place....what about commuting an hour in either direction - where does that and him? Here in the DC area, and hour commute would be considered normal, in fact people might be excited.
  3. Perhaps a move to a different city would be worth it for your husband's work opportunities? Sounds like you're close to having your EAD also (judging by your timeline...do you know what the hold-up is?) If you think there are job opportunities for you than that will make life so much easier once you have 2 incomes....it was also rough for us when I'd been off since arriving on the K1 and we'd gone through most of the savings we planned to use while I was off but getting the EAD and being able to actually apply for jobs and work made it bearable. I'd consider - if you move back to Canada and apply for your husband's status from within - how long will he be unemployed while he can't work? Would you be able to find work immediately wherever you'd live - you would have a wait period of roughly 3 months without provincial healthcare after re-establishing residency, not sure how quickly your husband would have coverage too? Waiting on AOS can be a strain, I'd stick it out a little longer - once you're authorized to work you can make the decision about whether staying the 3 yrs to get citizenship is worth it for you.....it's a bit of a jump to wonder if it's worth it now when you haven't passed the first hurdle....after AOS its relatively peaceful for almost 2 yrs until ROC - you guys will be able to get back to 2 incomes, make some decisions about where you want to live etc.....
  4. Udella&Wiz

    Work Opportunities

    I really think it's industry specific and area of the country specific. I live outside DC and there are literally thousands of positions unfilled in IT (hundreds at my company for example) which don't require citizenship (of course some do as well). The pay for me is better than anything I would ever get back home doing the same IT role. My starting salary at my first US position 9 yrs ago was instantly almost 15K higher (in US dollars) than my exact same position in Waterloo ON. I don't think I've lucked out, it's just the industry and the demand.
  5. Udella&Wiz

    Pension, rrsp savings, and bank account funds

    Really - it's less complicated than it sounds. I filed my Canadian as usual (used to do it had written because it was simple). Yes....I had to state married on my Canadian return (I got married in late Nov here in the US after arriving on a K1) and then of course he had no Canadian social....so his income (totally NOT Canadian) etc.....was NOT involved in my Canadian return....just his name. Turbo Tax literally asked every intelligent question and we reported my Canadian income as my World wide income on the his US return. I was not taxed twice and he claimed me as a dependent. Reminder - you have to present co mingled finances and tax returns in future USCIS stages....doesn't hurt to start filing taxes jointly from the get-go. For me this was how I did it - I'm sure others may have other opinions. We tried filling out the US taxes both ways (with and without me...but we were married and had to note it 'I think" )and it was no less advantageous to include me so away we went. 10 yrs later I can confirm no negative impacts from doing that.....Uncle Sam has successfully taken my money for the last 9 :|
  6. Udella&Wiz

    Pension, rrsp savings, and bank account funds

    I moved in Nov a few years back - I filed Canadian as expected since I'd worked 11/12 of the year in Canada and had Canadian income - my US husband also claimed me on his US taxes that year (using Turbo tax - it asked all the right questions) and included my World wide income (aka - my Canadian income converted to US dollars, which was a wash due to tax treaties). We didn't pay taxes twice.
  7. Udella&Wiz

    Most advantageous bank for Canadian Expats?

    This is the single biggest sticking point many of us find.....being able to open a credit card when you have no US credit. It may be advantageous to your future if you do. presumably you'll need to write checks for rent or other items...and Canadian checks won't be easily accepted, if at all. Hands down - US banks in my experience have fewer fees (or rather none depending on your situation) and you can use debit literally everywhere (hello $1 egg mcmuffin!)....so ATM flexibility may not be as huge as you think (depending on how you bank). I deposit checks online with a banking app - literally never set foot in a physical bank.
  8. Oh good - glad you're one of the ones 'bringing the average down'!
  9. Pretty normal - assuming you'd get it in a week was perhaps overly hopeful in hindsight. Nothing sounds off though.
  10. Asking for an individual and her husband who are both sending in their N400 pkgs.....can they/ should they file both applications together in the same envelope or keep them entirely separate? Thanks
  11. Udella&Wiz

    Dual Citizenship? Or you lose citizenship?

    All you need to do is apply for US citizenship when you're eligible. 'Dual' means you have both, but there is nothing to do on the Canadian side, you just continue to have what you already had. There's no guide because its is just applying for US citizenship - use that guide. Good luck if you decide to.
  12. Udella&Wiz

    Got my Canadian tax return today, QUESTION!

    What makes you think you need to do anything, they're just telling you that you have credits in those areas which can be contributed to in the future, which you likely won't because you've moved here and won't be filing Canadian tax returns if that was your exit return. You don't have to file a Canadian return unless you have Canadian income, which you likely won't.
  13. Udella&Wiz

    Us debts

    I would call your creditors, some may allow you to continue paying, some may not and want you to pay off the loans prior to moving out of the country - then you'll know what you're looking at. Are you a Canadian citizen? How long have you been gone? You may want to consider that you may not have any Canadian credit in order to obtain a loan. While you may have had credit when you lived there before, my understanding is that over a period of time and financial inactivity (the types of things which report to credit bureaus) you no longer have any credit - or rather you're a noob again Someone here I'm sure could confirm that length of time or whether they experienced issues on returning to Canada initially.
  14. Udella&Wiz

    Canadian moving to America - K1 or CR1?

    Its no difficult at all to change your name when you come on a K1 - you simply file your AOS (Adjustment of status) in your new married name,(your marriage certificate is your proof of change). Everything you receive after that from USCIS is in your new married name. I applied for my SSN in my married name (marriage cert as proof) and every piece of US id I've ever had is in my married name.
  15. Udella&Wiz

    It's almost time! Questions about point of entry

    All I had was a list on a spreadsheet , 3 suitcases of clothing, Kitchen - 4 boxes, 2 tvs, 1 computer, Linens - 2 box etc......... Just have the list of what she has, they don't care how you're getting to Seattle, they just care about your point of entry into the US. I'm sure it will go smoothly.