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INTERVIEW SUCCESSFUL......visa in hand. Yeeeeehaaaa

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WOW......finally i can breathe. The visa interview was a breeze. When we got to the first window to check in and give our papers, the woman was very nice. I had met her and dealt with her before, so we had a rapport already. We were missing some documents that (were in the original packets) they wanted us to bring along. We had a couple extra "originals' thank God. I can't stress enough people. If USCIS or NVC asks for "certified copies or original copies" get at least two extra to hold on to. We didn't know until 4 days before our interview that NVC did not send originals that Costa Rica wanted. There is no way we could have had those papers from the Philippines without waiting another 3-4 weeks.

Anyway......they accepted our papers. While she is shuffling the papers she asked us how we met and when. We told her a brief summary, just thinking this was idle chit-chat. Then she told us to go sit down, she would submit the papers for further review and we would be called up to another window in about 45 minutes. 20 minutes later, Agnes was called up to do her fingerprints (digital, pretty cool). Then we waited another 40 and we were called up to another window. We assumed we would be brought into a separate room for our interview. So when the guy at the window had Agnes raise her right hand and swear that all the statements in the paperwork were true, it was strange. Then he had her sign her DS-230 part 2. While the guy was shuffling the papers, he asked me nonchalantly, "so..... what do you do for work". I told him and it was a quick chat about the poor economy and then he said,"well guys, that's it. come back on Thursday at 3 and get your passport". We were both stunned. It was so uneventful, that we didn't think it was over. There was no 'real" interview at all.

We walked away and Agnes was concerned that we were leaving too soon. Obviously the guy made a mistake and we still had to have our "interview". It took me quite a while to convince her that we were done. And the icing on the cake was today, when we actually have the visa in our hand. Now we both "really believe it". Had the interview on Tuesday and got the visa on Thursday.

We could not have done this with out this forum. I had an immigration attorney that wanted 10K to do all this for us so we would have no stress. What a crock of #######. I have to give so much credit to Agnes for reading and studying and learning so much here. I admit i didn't get into VJ as much as i should have, but i will be eternally grateful for everyones feedback, replies, best wishes and even some of the negative remarks. The negative ones probably helped more, because i had to work harder to prove them wrong and we did. Feel free to contact us anytime if we can help. I know that most of the credit goes to God, because without him, my two brain cells would never fire at the same time. I wish all of you still in process the very, very best. Good luck and never take "no" for an answer. Oh yeah.........if any of you file for an expedite and get denied........file an appeal, it seems to go right through. Something that was told to me by a guy at USCIS. I did and it worked.

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We had a couple extra "originals' thank God. I can't stress enough people. If USCIS or NVC asks for "certified copies or original copies" get at least two extra to hold on to. We didn't know until 4 days before our interview that NVC did not send originals that Costa Rica wanted. There is no way we could have had those papers from the Philippines without waiting another 3-4 weeks.

I agree with you 100%! This is one of the best advice given.

Congratulations to you and your wife! Good luck with the rest of your journey! :thumbs:

02/15/13 - Mailed N-400
02/19/13 - Received by Phoenix Lockbox (day 01)
02/21/13 - NOA1 issued (day 03)

02/18/12 - Eligible for Removal of Conditions on Residence
03/23/12 - Mailed I-751 to CSC
03/26/12 - Received by CSC (day 01)
03/31/12 - Received NOA1 (day 06)
05/02/12 - Biometrics done (day 38)
10/23/12 - Received approval email (day 212)
11/01/12 - Received green card (day 221)

06/01/10 - Mailed I-130 petition
06/03/10 - Package delivered to USCIS (day 01)
06/08/10 - NOA1 issued (day 06)
11/03/10 - Received approval email (day 154)
11/08/10 - Received approval notice in mail (day 159)

11/08/10 - NVC received case from USCIS
11/09/10 - NVC case # & IIN generated, email addresses given, DS-3032 sent via email & USPS (day 01)
11/16/10 - Received and paid AOS bill (day 08)
11/17/10 - AOS bill marked as PAID; AOS packet express mailed (day 09)
11/19/10 - Received and paid IV bill; DS-3032 accepted (day 11)
11/22/10 - IV bill marked as PAID; IV packet express mailed (day 14)
12/03/10 - Sign-in failed (day 25)
12/09/10 - INTERVIEW SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 10, 2011 @ 6:45AM
12/28/10 - Medical exam done at SLEC Manila - PASSED! (day 40)
01/10/11 - Interview at USEM Manila - APPROVED! (day 53)
01/21/11 - Stepdaughter received passport with IR-2 visa! (day 64)

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USCIS- (77 Days)
I-130 Sent : 04-05-2011
I-130 NOA1 : 04-08-2011
I-130 NOA2 : 06-24-2011

NVC- (29 Days)
NVC Received : 07-25-2011

NVC Case Closed: 08-23-2011
Interview Date Recieved: 09-02-2011
Medical Completed: 09-16-2011
VFS Fees Paid and Documents Submitted: 10-21-2011
Interview: 11-10-2011

Interview Status: Approved
Visa In Hand: 11-10-2011


P.O.E- Chicago, IL: 12-16-11
Recieved Welcome Letter: 01-03-2012
Received Green Card: 01-19-2012
Re-applied for SSN: 01-23-2012
Received SSN: 01-27-2012

Apply for Removal of Conditions: 09-17-13

ROC- (112 Days)

I-751 Sent (CSC): 11-22-13

Check Cashed: 11-27-13

I-751 NOA1: 11-30-13

Biometrics: 12-23-13
Case Status: Approved
Green Card Issued: 3-14-14

Green Card In Hand: 3-20-14


Apply For N-400: 1-28-15

Check Cashed: 02-5-15

NOA: 02-11-15

Biometrics: 03-2-15

In Line Interview: 06-10-15

Interview: 07-20-15

Interview Status: Approved

Oath Ceremony: 08-20-15

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Congrats on this happiness.

Oct 28,2006 Met online in Yahoo messenger
Dec 2,2007 Traveled to Morocco and decided to stay
Jan 7,2008 Got married in Zaio
Mar 2,2008 Got my Moroccan residency
Oct 23,2008 Direct Consular filed at consulate
Oct 31,2008 Got interview call for Dec 22nd
Nov 11,2008 Medical exam done
Dec 22,2008 Interview and got approved
Dec 23,2008 Visa issued, thanks to God
Jan 20,2009 Flew home to Texas.
Jan 21,2009 Living and working in Los Fresnos, Texas
Oct 30,2010 Filed I-751 Lifting of Conditions
Nov 2, 2010 NOA1
Dec 10,2010 Biometrics
Mar 23,2011 Approved Lifting of Conditions
Oct 28,2011 Filed N-400 Naturalization
Nov 02,2011 NOA 1
Nov 28,2011 Recd text/email placed inline for interview schedule
Dec 01,2011 Recd text/email interview scheduled,pending letter
Jan 10,2012 Interview Date
Jan 10,2012 Interview Cancelled and will be rescheduled per
USCIS as Farid can only interview after Jan 20th
Feb 23,2012 Citizenship Interview Date-Farid passed. Wohoo
July 6,2012 Oath Ceremony-McAllen Texas

March 20,2013 Petitioned for Momma

March 9, 2015 Momma arrives in Texas to live with us.

January 30, 2016 Momma leaves back to Morocco for a visit.

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Fantastic Craig...I have heard nothing but good things about the embassy there and we look forward to just as good an experience in a couple of months. We are having a preliminary meeting with them the week after next--they really seem to want us to succeed and are extremely helpful. They have answered every email within an hour or two, and are very encouraging. You, Agnes, I and Emma Rosa are blessed that we drew the Costa Rica straw so to speak.

Maybe our paths will cross at some point. The very best wishes in everything.

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Tell Agnes I said Hullo, and Congratulations !

*** moving to ' IR-1 / CR-1 Spouse Visa Case Filing and Progress Reports' forum ***

Edited by Darnell

Sometimes my language usage seems confusing - please feel free to 'read it twice', just in case !
Ya know, you can find the answer to your question with the advanced search tool, when using a PC? Ditch the handphone, come back later on a PC, and try again.

-=-=-=-=-=R E A D ! ! !=-=-=-=-=-

Whoa Nelly ! Want NVC Info? see http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php/NVC_Process

Congratulations on your approval ! We All Applaud your accomplishment with Most Wonderful Kissies !


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Great review! Congratulations. star_smile.gif


NOA1 08/19/08

NOA2 01/20/09


Received 01/26/09

Completed 02/13/09 (19 Days)

Interview Assigned 03/27/09 (6 weeks after NVC completion)


04/14/09 (Toronto)


Montreal 05/12/09 (88 days after NVC completion) **APPROVED**


06/16/09 Buffalo

07/02/09 Welcome Letter Received

07/07/09 Applied for SSN

07/10/09 "Card production ordered" email received

07/13/09 SSN received

07/14/09 "Approval notice sent" email received

07/17/09 GREEN CARD received

Removal of Conditions

03/21/11 I-751 mailed to VSC

03/23/11 I-751 received at VSC

03/29/11 Cheque Cashed

03/30/11 NOA1 received (3/24/11)

04/11/11 Biometrics appointment notice received

05/05/11 Biometric appointment

12/13/11 **Approval date** (5 days short of 9 months!)

12/19/11 Approval letter and green card received

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Met: 01/27/2010 in Haiti on an emergency medical team trip after the earthquake.

Married: 11/23/2010 in USA

USCIS Stage (144 Days):

I-130 Petition Sent: 11/24/2010

NOA1 Received: 12/03/2010, CSC

Touched: 3/23/2011

Went gray from stress of waiting: 4/23/2011

Senator Toomey-R getting in touch with USCIS: 4/26/2011

NOA2: 4/26/2011

NOA2 Hardcopy: 4/30/2011

NVC Stage (35 Days):

Case # and IIN Received: 05/06/2011

DS3032 E-mail sent: 05/06/2011

AOS Fee invoiced and paid: 05/10/2011

DS3032 E-mail accepted, and Name-Change e-mail accepted: 05/11/2011

AOS Shows Paid, AOS Packaged overnighted: 05/11/2011

IV Fee invoiced and paid: 05/13/201

IV Fee shows Paid, IV Package Sent overnight: 05/16/2011

IV Package Delivered: 05/17/2011

Recieved False RFE for both packages: 5/24/2011

Confirmed with operator that packages were received, AVR updates that checklist is 'received': 5/24/2011

Received False RFE for I-864 and marriage certificate from operator: 5/26/2011

Confirmed with operator that I-864 package was reviewed and complete, but marriage certificate had not been found yet. 5/31/2011

Recieved False RFE for entire IV package: 6/2/2011

AVR Updates Case Closed, SIF, Operator Confirmed: 6/4/2011

Interview Scheduled: 6/10/11

Medical / US Consulate / POE:

Medical Appointment: 6/8/2011

Interview: 07/25/2011


POE: Detroit, 8/8/11

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