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AOS Interview in Charlotte - Success!


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We had the AOS interview for my wife who came to the U.S. on a K-1 visa, and she was granted conditional legal permanent resident status! (Only here about 1 year since arrival/marriage.)

Here's some info from the interview, in case it is helpful to others (note, this is generally in order of occurrence, but relying on memory and the interviewer jumped around quick a bit, so probably not 100% exact):

We arrived about an hour early, having to drive 2.5 hours to get there, and wanted to have extra time in case of traffic delays. We checked in, and went to a waiting room. A number of people were being called, and I saw the same interviewers come back a couple of times, so it was apparent that interviews were running 20-30 minutes or so.

Our interviewer called us just a few minutes early from the scheduled appointment time, and we went back to his cubicle. I believe he was Korean, and he didn't have the best English, which was interesting.

The first thing he asked for was our IDs, to compare addresses to confirm joint residency. The next thing he asked for was the vaccination supplement form, which my fiance needed for a record of one additional immunization.

After that, he jumped around quite a bit, asking for some documents for proof of marriage, asking questions about the relationship (e.g., when/how we met), asking the list of questions about terrorism and communism, asking for passports, and typing information into the computer.

We provided a copy of our credit cards with the same account number, health insurance cards with the same account number, life insurance with my wife as beneficiary, auto insurance policy with both of us listed, and a letter from my employer saying wife is my claimed spouse, is my emergency contact, and is on my health insurance through work. We also provided a copy of our power of attorneys, which he looked at briefly but returned. We also provided photos of the wedding (us with family, and us alone) and other events (trips together, etc.), which he also returned. He asked for any other evidence of relationship, specifically asking for joint bank accounts, utility bills, etc. We have separate bank accounts, so nothing to provide (though he asked about this a couple times, and when he did, I reminded him of the joint credit card as at least *something*), and I have been in the house I bought, so no reason to add my wife to the utility bills, so nothing there either.

He also asked about her employment, gave some details, and said she was contract worker. He asked for an employment letter for her, but we noted again that she was a contractor, not employee, so nothing to provide. He asked about the translation for the birth certificate, probably just curious because Japan doesn't have a birth certificate for an individual, but is more a family roll.

He also asked for, and we provided, updated materials for the affidavit of support. I provided a copy of the last 2 months of paystubs and my 1040 income tax form from last year (filed 2005, for 2004, because we hadn't included it in the early 2005 submission of the affidavit of support with the I485/AOS form because that tax form wasn't ready at the time of submission). He also seemed to ask for my latest W2, but I didn't have it and said I hadn't yet filed for 2005 taxes yet, but it was unclear what he wanted due to his English, and he seemed fine with my response. Later he asked again for my 1040 income tax form from last year, but I reminded him I already gave it to him, and he found it momentarily thereafter. I did not bring a new affidavit of support (just a copy of the one I submitted a year ago), and was not asked for one.

He then went on to type a fair amount into the computer, printed off a form, cut it in half, and handed it over to read carefully - it was the notification of conditional permanent legal resident status, and what needed to be done to remove this (or get deported!). It was a bit anticlimatic almost. He then removed the I94 from her passport, asked for her EAD (no longer necessary), but did not ask for her AP documents, and stamped her visa, saying EAD and AP no longer necessary and the Green Card would come in a few weeks.

He said that was it, we were done, and my wife decided to ask if he had ever caught any fake relationships?! :wacko: He said "oh yeah, many!" and we talked about that for a minute or so where he mentioned having a sense about relationships after seeing so many people, and he said something like "but not you, right?" :lol: We asked a couple of other small questions (confirming no need for EAD/AP, etc.), and then left.

In summary, the most important things seemed to be:

1. IDs with the same address (likely essential, except in odd cases, e.g., a military person who is from ABC state but is stationed in XYZ state who still has their ABC state ID and address, while the spouse has only arrived in XYZ state and so would have an ID from there).

2. Medical documents in order (again, likely essential, simply a must).

3. Joint bank accounts (we didn't have, but I think they consider it pretty significant - we did have the joint credit card and other things, plus were legit and sincere, so that all probably resolved the concern over lacking this).

4. Wedding pictures with both sides of family in it (really shows are together, because if two people are going to fake it, they probably aren't involving both sides of the family).

5. Support documentation

6. Actual relationship! (Must pass the smell test ;) )

Hope this helps! And remember, just from memory, so I may have forgotten something, so don't take it as gospel!

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met on Hawaii in 2002

got engaged Dec. 19 2004 in Amsterdam

married Sep 15 2005 on Mackinaw Island, MI

AOS Timeline

10/19/2005 NOA1s for AOS and EAD

11/17/2005 fingerprints for EAD and AOS

12/20/2005 EAD approved!!!

03/23/2006 AOS interview in Detroit, MI...APPROVED!!

I 751 Timeline

01/10/2008 I-751 send to NSC

01/14/2008 I-751 arrived at NSC

01/18/2008 check cleared

01/22/2008 recieved NOA1 dated 01/14 case got transfered to CSC

02/12/2008 biometric appointment

03/07/2008 APPROVED!!!

January 2011 BBG

08/01/2011 N400 send to Nebraska

08/04/2011 received by Nebraska

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Iran

Hi Slaughterj,

My wife had the interview with the same guy... Except ours was a K3 and yours a K1, which should not make much difference. However, he did not look at my wife's passport or mine... He did not ask for Affidavid of Support or tax returns. He said that our case is still pending and we will let you know soon.

01-01-2004 Married my wife in Iran 1-1-2004

01-14-2004 Filled out I-130 and sent to INS

01-21-2004 Sent I-129F with copy of NOA for I-130 for K3 visa

10-15-2004 My wife had a successful interview and received her K3 visa in Abu Dhabi, UAE

01-05-2005 My wife came to U.S. via Tennessee

01-14-2005 Approval NOA for I-130

02-25-2005 Sent I-485, EAD and I765 to Chicago Lockbox

04-01-2005 EAD andI-485 NOA for FPs arrived

04-20-2005 EAD and I-485 FPs done

06-01-2005 Received EAD card

01-07-2006 Received NOA for "Initial Interview Process" for adjustment for Permanent Residency

02-07-2006 Went for the I485 interview in Charlotte, NC.

03-25-2008 Received an email about production of Green Card

04-03-2008 My wife finally received her Green Card

12-20-2011 Applied for Naturalization N-400

05-10-2011 Naturalization Interview and Oath Ceremony (Yeah my wife is a citizen)

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: India

Yeah i remember seeing him on Fri when we had been for our interview, but didnt interview us, Anyways Congrats


1/12/08 - sent I-751 to TSC

2/7/08 - money order cashed

1/24/08 - Transferred to VERMONT

1/26/2008 - NOA

2/23/2008 -Biometrics

12/16/2008 finally Approved


12/03/08 Eligible to file N400

10/03/09 Mailed N-400

10/07/09 NOA

10/13/09 Check cashed

10/30/09 FP appointment

11/07/09 Case sent to Local office for interview

11/23/2009 Received interview letter with an as of date of 11/18/2009

12/15/2009 Interview scheduled ---Approved

01/06/2010 Oath Ceremony

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Congrats guys

<a href="http://daisypath.com/"><img src="http://dwdf.daisypath.com/TikiPic.php/PshYLK5.jpg" width="60" height="80" border="0" alt="Daisypath - Personal picture" /><img src="http://dwdf.daisypath.com/PshYm6.png" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Daisypath Wedding tickers" /></a>

April 25,06 started working.

Aug. 18,06 passed the colorado driving test

Sept. 28,06 got my own car

Aug. 28,12 7th year wedding anniversary

July 11,2011 became a Citizen of US

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Pakistan

congrats guys, that was an excellent post with a lot of details in it...


"For with God nothing shall be impossible - Luke 1:37"

Details of older petition timelines are in "Our Story" section

May 28, 2009 - Filed N-400 application for Naturalization

June 08, 2009 - NOA 1 received in the mail dated June 01,2009

June 15, 2009 - Biometrics Appt Letter received for July 02, 2009

July 02, 2009 - Biometrics Done - awaiting interview letter

July 13, 2009 - Interview Letter Received for Sept 09, 2009

Sept 09, 2009 - Interview Passed - Thank you Lord Jesus !!!

Sept 17, 2009 - Oath Ceremony - COBO Hall Detroit, MI - Done, registered to vote + updated Social Security record

Sept 18, 2009 - Applied for US Passport

Oct 06, 2009 - New Social Security card received in the mail

Oct 08, 2009 - US Passport received in the mail

Oct 09, 2009 - Naturalization Certificate received in the mail

Oct 20, 2009 - Received Voter's Registration Card

Oct 20, 2009 - Our Visa Journey Completed - Thank you Lord Jesus !!!

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That's great! Congratulations :)(F)

3dflags_fin0001-0001a.gifSanna and Daniel's journey3dflags_usa0001-0001a.gif

December 13, 2007 - I-751 submitted to NSC (removing of conditions fun begins...)

December 22 - Received a rejection notice because the form was not "properly signed". Package itself was not returned.

January 1, 2008 - Received packet back from CSC. They are requesting we resubmit the packet (which is already organized by CSC) with a properly signed form.

January 2 - Packet resubmitted to California.

January 12 - NOA1 received (dated 01/07/2008)

January 19 - Biometrics appointment notice received (dated 01/15/2008)

February 1 - Biometrics

March 11 - Approved! Card production ordered (notified via e-mail).

March 20, 2008 - New card arrived in the mail :)

Done until 2018 :)

For more details including K1 and AOS journies check out "Our story" in my profile =)

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Turkey

Congratulations :star:

12/30/1999 -marriage to a US Citizen

01/31/2005 - applied for AOS (sent documents to Chicago lockbox)

03/21/2005 - Biometrics and fingerprinting done in Norfolk

11/14/2005 - Interview letter dated November 7th is received

01/23/2006 - Interview at Washington DC - APPROVED


10/31/2008 - Filed N400 at TSC

11/04/2008 - Application Received

11/28/2008 - Fingerprinting done in Norfolk VA

02/23/2009 - Interview in Dallas TX - not enough evidence on marriage -given till 03/23/2009 to submit all the necessary documents

2009 - CITIZEN

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Nepal

Congratulations!! :dance:

Thank you for your detailed report! We are not going through Charlotte, but it is still helpful to hear how the whole thing goes. Best wishes, and enjoy your break from USCIS!



Many thanks to the Visajourney community for all the help!

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Thanks, that was really good! It's interesting because we are preparing for our AOS interview ourselves, and I am trying to find as much as possible to show Ben, so that he knows what to expect!

Also, your situation is pretty much similar to our - we don't have and won't be getting a joint account, since we want to keep ourselves financially exclusive and build up really good credit over a period of time that way.

We won't therefore be having a credit card either, but WILL be on joint insurance policies, have ID's at the same address, junk mail at same address etc. Don't have photos of both the family sides in the wedding because well, it was spur of the moment and nobody from England could come :( But we do have some wedding photos, to show we both made a good effort and got dressed up :P

Am getting photos from Walgreens today actually - they do a "upload your photos onto our site and we'll print 20 for free!" deal from the Walgreens site - if you pick 'em up, they're totally free...so I just got 20 free pics for my little photo album I'm making :)

Anyway congrats again! (F)


3/29/06 - AOS Approved!

3/3/08 - Check cashed for ROC at CSC...

Feb 2009 - Called USCIS to see what the heck was goin' on...

FEB 20th 2009 - Received email - GC on the way!

I am APPROVED for the 10 year PR Card!




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Great news!


01-30-06 2-Year Green Card Approved

02-11-06 2-Year Green Card Arrival

11-05-07 I-751 Petition MAILED To TSC

11-08-07 I-751 Petition RECEIVED At TSC

11-26-07 I-751 Petition Transferred to CSC and Check Cashed

12-01-07 NOA For 1-Year Extention RECEIVED from CSC

12-17-07 Biometrics Letter Received / Scheduled for 1/8/08

01-08-08 Biometrics Completed At ASC

01-08-08 Touched

01-09-08 Touched

03-26-08 10-Year GC APPROVED!!!! HOORAY!!!

04-03-08 10-Year GC ARRIVES! GC Journey Over For Another 10-Years~On To Citizenship

N-400 Application

10-15-2009 Application Filed

10-16-2009 Application Received / Lewisville, TX

10-21-2009 NOA I-797 Receipt for Application

11-10-2009 Electronic Notice of RFE For Biometrics

11-12-2009 Biometrics Letter Received

12-04-2009 Biometrics

12-17-2009 Notice That File Has Been Transferred To Local Office For Standard Interview

01-19-2010 Interview - PASSED! HOORAY!

01-20-2010 Oath for NEW U.S. Citizen! FINISHED AND DONE!

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Wow....great new.

Goodluck for future ahead

I'm my hubby's Sweety


Feb. 15, 2004------NOA1

Dec. 06, 2004------NOA2


March 4, 2004-----NOA1

Sept 8, 2004-------NOA2

Dec. 30, 2004------Visa Interview and its approved

Jan. 06, 2005------POE


Jan. 25, 2005-------AOS & EAD sent to MSC

Feb. 8, 2005--------Receipt for AOS & EAD (RD--Feb. 1 & ND--Feb. 8)

Feb. 26, 2005-------Biometrics and fingerprinting completed

March 17, 2005-----EAD online approval

March 23, 2005-----EAD received

May 13, 2005-------AP sent to MSC

June 6, 2005--------Receipt for AP (RD--May 16 & ND--June 7)

July 12, 2005-------AP online approval

July 16, 2005-------AP received

Sept 20, 2005------EAD renewal e-file

Nov. 02, 2005------Biometrics for EAD renewal

Nov. 12, 2005------Interview letter received for 01/23/06

Jan. 23, 2006------Interview APPROVED and got I-551 stamped on passport

Jan. 26, 2006------Approval email from USCIS

Jan. 28, 2006------1st Welcome letter received (post mark 01/25/06)

Jan. 30, 2006------2nd Welcome letter received (post mark 01/26/06)

Feb. 02, 2006------Green Card received (10 yrs. validity)

06/xx/2006--------our first baby born

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