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can I schedule my interview appointment in yerevan embassy during Suspension of Routine Visa Services cause of covid2019?
11:39 am March 26, 2020



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Hi, I am from Iran and on 4th march the yerevan embassy email me to register in their website and schedule my interview appointment. From then until now I could not schedule any appointment and every time it said there are no available appointment!!!!! Is there anybody in situation like me? I guess it is because of covid 19 but when I call embassy they say just try again and again until you find appointment!!!!!!! Is this right about this embassy ??? I guess the embassy give us specific date and time but now they said different. I am so worried and nervous now. I appreciate your help ?

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9:12 pm March 1, 2020

silver moon

Silver moon

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Hi everybody . Is there anyone who has already applied for F2A category ,or has information about the new processing time of this category? Since this category is CURRENT from the time when applicants file, I have no idea that what will be difference/processing time in comparison to what it used to be before July 2019. Thank you in advance to share your ideas.

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Ki visa
4:07 pm February 12, 2020



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my fianc was interviewed on February 10th and he was approved the visa and his passport was taken , one day after we received an email regarding that we have send your passport back and we need the form DS-5535 , we did submit the form right away . Today we got this email that state he has gotten the visa but his passport was already sent back empty , so our question is what we have to do now

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10:24 am February 11, 2020



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Hello everyone, we were asked to go to second interview yesterday for k1 visa , everything went great and they took my fianc passport, and congrats him on his visa and than today they send an email saying that they have returned the passport to the post office and we need to redo the form ds-5535 agin , which they never mentioned it in the email , the interview was in Ankara turkey , anyone know what will happen next ? We send the form right away

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N400 and Filing Taxes with no income
4:17 am November 24, 2019



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I was wondering for filing for the N400 (US citizenship) later on do we need to for sure have filed taxes over the past 5 years not to get denied even if my income is below the IRS threshold for filing taxes <1000?

Appreciate the responses.

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