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US Immigration from Iran

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Should I wait?
12:28 am September 16, 2019



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Hey guys,

My husband and I recently moved to an area that is not so in the middle of nowhere so I'm gathering my paperwork to file for my citizenship, however I am from a country that was included in the travel ban. Everything I've read about the topic points to the travel ban not being an issue for permanent residents, but I've been out of the immigration game for so long, I honestly just want to double check and make sure.


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Visa Approved and Hubby Arrives on Monday!!
11:24 pm August 30, 2019


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Sooo happy!!! I cannot wait to pick him up at the airport and bring him home! It took almost exactly two years from the time we filed our petition. We had been so worried about the travel ban and we both feel incredibly blessed!!!

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AP Finished...Time to go get the Visa!!!!!
1:07 am August 10, 2019


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Hi Everyone! I have not been on Visa journey in a LONG time! But, I wanted to share some positive news and spread a little hope!

My husband & I received an email Monday that he can now come to Ankara to get his Visa!!!!! This is 6 months after his interview. We had previously applied for the Fiance Visa but were denied so we have been waiting almost 5 years to be together! The happiness is mind numbing and we both have cried from joy.

There is hope....try to stay positive!!!!

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Moving during ROC (split)
6:49 pm August 6, 2019



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Hey guys ,

for some reason we have to move to San Antonio Texas from las vegas.

Im so nervous Im going to wait longer as Im going to the end of the interview waiting line.

I still have my Vegas apartment for another 4 month.

Do you guys suggest I inform uscis that I moved or let them know by the end of my lease contract? Ty

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Living abroad while on AP status
1:58 pm June 22, 2019



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i am a US citizen and got married to an Iranian man a few months ago . If I move to Iran after his interview while he will be placed in AP., will it hurt our case? I don t own a house in US but I do have my bank account and my retirement account in US. Will that be enough to satisfy the domicile requirements?

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