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US Immigration from Iran

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CAEC status changed to expiring soon
9:11 am


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i had my interview for F2b immigration visa about 1 year ago,from that time whenever i checked my status in CAEC it says that my case is in administrative process,a few days ago i checked my status again and it says my visa application in canceled because i take no action on it for about one year!!!the title of my new status was "expiring soon"(attached is the message that i got).any one has any idea of what is going on and what should i do?


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Family in Immigration Ban Countries
8:40 pm


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I am a US citizen, born in america.

My wife is on a 2 year conditional green card; I believe we apply for lifting conditions in about 1 year.

Her family is in Iran with only Iranian citizenship.

However, my wife is pregnant; and it would be nice for her sister or her mother to come when the baby is born to help out for a few weeks; is there any Visa pathway to get her family temporarily in the US, and anything I can effectuate within the next six months or so?

any ideas would be appreciated.

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visiting Iran before starting naturalization process (split topic)
7:39 pm


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I know that people haven't written on this thread in a while, however, I need some help. My husband is Iranian and he has his 10 year visa here in the US. We are currently applying for his citizenship. He wants to go to Iran to visit his family in the next few months but is concerned about either being detained over there or not being allowed back into the states. Has anyone gone to Iran lately?

Thank you!

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iranian fiance waiting for k1 visa
8:08 pm


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hi , anybody in iranian fiance had interview for K1 visa and got the visa with viewer ?

i'm waiting for invitation from embassy , i dont know if they even invite me for interview but i'm wondering if my visa is going on or not ?

i'll appreciate if some body gives me any information help full about his/her case after interview so far ?

me and my fiance suffered about this long distance ...

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Question about AOS interview
12:28 pm


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Hi, everyone!

My husband had the AOS interview last week. The interview itself went well enough. The IO barely asked us any questions about our relationship and spent most of the interview going through those standard questions ("will you conspire to commit crimes", "will you engage in prostitution", etc). Towards the end of the interview, the IO asked us if we filed for the EAD and AOS simultaneously (which we did). He then said that he could not make a decision about his case because he is waiting for a form related to my husband's EAD to arrive from their office in Missouri. When I expressed my confusion about this since my husband has had his EAD since March, the IO again stated that we have to wait for this form to come and that a final decision cannot be made without it.

I've read through a lot of interview experiences on this forum, and I have yet to come across a story similar to ours. Can anyone offer some insight into this form? Should we be worried? Thank you all in advance for your help! :)

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