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When to ask for consulate transfer
12:09 pm August 8, 2022



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Hello. I got the email from NVC that my case was created for CR1 visa. I noticed however that they have appointed a consulate for my interview which is different from my original request (which was anticipated). The cases from my country get sent to three different consulates, and now I want to change it to one of the other posts. So my question is, can I send an inquiry to NVC and ask for a consulate change and upload the documents and pay fees at the same time, or should I make the inquiry and wait for the approval and then upload the documents and pay the fees. Any help would be appreciated.

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(K1 Visa) Getting a B1/B2 while waiting for Fiancé (Iran)
4:04 pm August 4, 2022



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Greetings all,

I know the topic has been debated 100 of times on here but I haven t seen any middle eastern centric posts about this (specifically from Iran spouses). But I was wondering whether or not I should even waste my time with considering this as an alternative so I m posting this here for feedback. My fianc is from Iran and It s been a while since we have seen eachother, but either way, I was curious as to while we wait for the I-129F / K1 proceadure to make its way, is it a waste of time to try and get B1/B2 visa for her to wait here while we wait for the form to make its way. Is it worth any attempt? If it s no I m just going to move on and try other options. Thanks

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Anyone with an NOA1 date around 5/26/2021 get NOA2 yet?
5:45 pm July 29, 2022

Will Schu

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We filed our petition last May, and got our receipt date as 5/17/2021, and our NOA1 date as 5/26/2021.

I'm checking to see if my case is getting "special treatment," or if others are still waiting for their NOA2.

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Arminian Embassy Interview Appointments
11:57 pm July 11, 2022

Rezvan and Steven

Rezvan and Steven

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Hello all,

We were wondering if anyone is dealing with trying to get an appointment at the U.S. embassy in Arminian, or any embassy for that matter. My fianc e received her invitation packet, we completed our DS - 160, and signed up to pay for and schedule an embassy appointment. For the last two weeks we have been checking the site every 30 minutes to an hour, day and night (me, in the United States, during my waking hours, and my fianc e, in Iran, during her waking hours), and the site does not let us pay the MVR fee and states that there are currently no appointments and to check back in a few days because the consulate will add more appointments. We have tried emailing the embassy and calling the pay and scheduling help line and we keep getting the same unhelpful response, "keep checking the site every few days."

We are wondering if anyone here can help with any information on the following questions, which the embassy either cannot, could care not to, or will not answer:

1.) When does the consulate open up new appointments? After the complete a case, once they have completed a case, once a week, once a month?

2.) How many appointments do they typically offer? One, five, fifteen?

3.) Is there a general optimal time to check for open appointments? When they open for business, midday, before they close for the day? (Obviously on Yerevan, Arminian time.)

4.) Is the inability to not pay the MRV fee causing us not to be able to see the appointment schedule? (I believe this one is a no, but I cannot get anyone to answer the question.)

5.) When interview appointments open up how far out are they? Are they for that week, one week away, one month away, six months away?

6.) Does anyone know how I can get ahold of the consulate beyond email? Maybe a direct phone number? (I have called the embassy, during Arminian business hours, through the Arminian number, but could not get anywhere.)

The Marine in me knows that the government loves "hurry up and wait," but the lack of any clear information is maddening.

Any help would be much appreciated. And if you are going through this pain, know you are not alone.


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Post NVC DQ - Changing Assigned Embassy
6:33 pm July 5, 2022



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Hello Everyone,

PLEASE HELP me to determine whether I should contact NVC to chance the assigned embassy for my wife's CR1 Interview.

I am a USC and she is from Iran and residing there. Her case was DQ'd in March of 2022 and NVC has assigned the case to the Abu Dhabi US Embassy (by default). For Iranian residents, the three choices for US embassies are, Ankara, Yerevan and Abu Dhabi.

Ankara is severely backlogged and they do not process non Turkish residents at the moment and Abu Dhabi seems to be the default choice when NVC assigns cases for Iranians. Based on feedback I heard from others waiting for an appointment, Abu Dhabi is discriminating when it comes to assigning interview dates for non UAE residents. Some Iranians, Iraqi, and Kurdish nationalities are waiting without any update on an interview letter for 12-18 months already. However, if you are a UAE resident the waiting time is about 6 months.

Yerevan (Armenia) is the last option and it seems they are not as backlogged.

Question that I have:

  • If I call NVC and ask them to assign my wife's case to Yerevan, would that set me back again and I start from day zero for Yerevan? I already waited 4 months past DQ in the Abu Dhabi queue

I would appreciate any other advise you can share with me regarding changing embassies.

Thanks you!

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