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US Immigration from Iran

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San Fernando Field Office - Same Day Oath?
6:15 pm June 8, 2021



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Hello All,

Does anyone know if the San Fernando Valley, CA field office still offer the same day oath?

Thank you.

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How can one determine which embassies schedule IR1/CR1 case interviews faster?
6:37 pm May 6, 2021



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My wife is from Iran and there is no US embassy in Iran. Usually, the choices for embassies are Ankara/Turkey, Yervan/Armenia or Abu Dhabi/UAE.

Based on feedback from people on the forums, Ankara is extremely backlogged and very slow in scheduling interviews. People are waiting 9 months already and still have not heard anything after being DQd.

My question is 1. Can we pick which embassy we prefer at NVC stage (or does NVC assign the embassy)? 2. Can one determine what the approximate wait time is for scheduling interviews at various embassies?

I totally understand that there is a huge backlog of people waiting to be scheduled and there is a wait period. However, it appears certain embassies are faster than others due to volume or COVID shutdowns in those respective countries.

lastly, once an embassy location is picked, how difficult is it to transfer the case to another country given the backlog situation?

Appreciate your feedback.

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Timeline for Iranians?
6:56 am May 3, 2021



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Do anyone know what the current (average) timelines are for Iranians in Administrative Processing? I know each case is different, but looking through old posts I'm seeing that some people are in AP for over a year! My Iranian husband had his interview in Ankara in mid-March. They requested a copy of his CV and then, a few weeks later, the DS-5535. Is there anyone else who has done this recently or is going through it now?

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I-130 Sent to Texas - Transferred to Nebraska After 27 Days
10:16 pm March 30, 2021



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Hi, I sent my I-130 to the Texas SC on 03/02 and was waiting for my delayed receipt notice. Last night (03/29), all of a sudden, I received a text message that it has been received and is now being processed at the Nebraska SC. I assume this is my NOA1 after 27 days.

Looking at the USCIS processing times, it seems Nebraska is processing IR1/CR1 cases much faster these days. This is in stark contrast to what everyone is complaining about extended delays at the NSC. Should I be worried? It seems there are all sorts of bad feedback about NSC processing times.

Also, what is everyone's thoughts about applying for the K3 now that I got my receipt notice? The goal is not so much getting the K3 approved, however, using it as a leverage to ensure my I-130 does not get stuck in Nebraska?

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Dallas lockbox
12:30 am March 9, 2021


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I sent my application on Jan 2021 and have not received any receipt yet (check has not been cashed yet). I only know my document was delivered via usps to:

P.O. Box 660151
Dallas, TX 75266

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