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Affidavit of support
12:28 am yesterday



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My income in 2017 was $31504, 2018 $ 27712 and 2019 $ 32544 so my question is Do I need a co- sponsor?

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Citizenship - Job Address Info
10:34 pm July 19, 2020


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Hi All,

While filing the form they want 5 years info of my work address. Do i put in the address for registered office or the local office?

Example: I worked for ABC company who had local office in my work and worked there but my pay stub and company registered address is in different state. Do I put local address of the company or the registered office address?


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USCIS Online Account Number
4:05 am July 16, 2020


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Hi Guys,

As i am starting to file, I saw the requirement for USCIS Online Account Number.


When we went through CR1/IR1, we did have account with USCIS to get the forms submitted etc. I do not remember that user name or password. Tried to reset and realized it was associated with domain address that got expired and i never renewed it.


  • Are they asking about the USCIS Online Account Number from cr1/ir1 or the USCIS account that we just created to start they form?
  • Do they absolutely need that number?
  • Do you think that this number might be in some paper form they sent us while we were going through CR1/IR1 process?


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When to apply for Expedite processing?
2:44 am July 12, 2020



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My NOA1 was received on 11th July for F2A, online submission. Now should i wait certain time to request for expedite processing or i can apply right now, please help. It was California service center.

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Choosing USCIS Service Center!
2:30 pm July 9, 2020



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While filing an I-130, F2A can we choose the service center ourselves or they will assign in any other basis? Please share your ideas.

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