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US Immigration from Nepal

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5:38 pm March 29, 2020


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hi everyone, I am staying in America For 3 years i have green card .I just laid off my job due to COVID -19.i am gonna for apply unemployment benifits ,but as well i am going for sponser mu mom for tourist visa in USA.Does this affect overall for getting visa to come overhere for my mom.And she already applied one time this january at that time everything good but she didnot get visa i don't know why

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Stimulus package for US Citizen and foreign spouse?
9:45 am March 26, 2020



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I am US Citizen married with foreign spouse and I filed taxes married filing jointly with my spouse ITIN number. Our joint income is less than $50,000. Will I get $1200 or $2400?

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N400 Online application status not submitted
3:43 am March 26, 2020

Thumps up

Thumps up

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Hello I submitted my N400 online application and paid online. There is no data with USCIS as I called and they could not find the data. The payment was taken out of my account. the message appears as

Your Drafts

Your application has not been submitted. Although we have received your payment, you or your representative needs to call USCIS at 1 (800) 375-5283 in order to finish submitting your application.

We could not complete your submission

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Cr1 visa expiration?
1:40 am March 20, 2020



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my CR1 visa was recently issued 1 week back. I am currently staying with my US citizen spouse in my home country but we now thinking of not traveling to US until Virus situation calms down. With current uncertainty, what will happen to our visa if we don t travel for at least 7-8 months? Do we have to start all over from i-130 again?

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Recently married abroad, wait to file?
12:13 pm March 19, 2020


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I returned home from our wedding in Nepal, and now I'm not sure if filing the first round of paperwork is wise. Should we wait until some smoke clears around this pandemic? I don't want to imagine our paperwork collecting dust on a big stack of non-essential visa requests.

Thank you

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