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US Immigration from Nepal

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Is there any reason to not travel before interview?
6:10 pm January 22, 2019


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I have my N400 interview scheduled for Feb 25 and I may need to travel out of the country before then. Does anything happen between now and the interview that would require me to be in the country? This has been such a long process I'm worried I'm missing something...

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another question about Income
5:40 pm January 19, 2019


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On 1/17/2019 at 11:43 AM, pushbrk said:

For two people, that income is sufficient. No affidavit of support or income documentation is sent with the I-130. That all comes at the NVC stage after the I-130 is approved.

Hi, I have a question. My spouse has an annual income of 30,000$ but his recent w2 from employer shows his income as 24,000$ since he got ill and could not work for several weeks as he was advised rest. Would 24,000$ in his w2 be enough?? Also he has 10,000$ savings in bank account. There are just two of us,no kids. Do you think the CO would ask for a joint sponsor? We already have an interview date next month.

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We are taking longer than expected to process your case
2:33 am January 16, 2019


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My Estimated wait time on my.uscis.gov (for the interview) was doing a steady countdown starting at 30 days and after it hit "1 day" it's been saying "Estimated wait time: We are taking longer than expected to process your case. You do not need to do anything at this time" since last week. Has anyone seen this or know what it means?

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Anyone Planing to Submit N-400 to speed up I-751 process
5:44 pm January 15, 2019


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Is there Anyone Planing to Submit N-400 to speed up I-751 process?

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Engagement ceremony
6:20 pm November 26, 2018


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So I am freaking out ATM. I keep seeing these denials due to engagement pictures for K1 visa and its in Indian sub continent region.. I did sent like 5 pics of having small engagement ceremony with our initial petition. The pic includes ring exchange and pic with family. We did sent a pic of our engagement cake that says Congratulation your are engaged.

Does this mean our case is bound to be denied at consulate?

Or are there any other cases where they granted visa successfully with engagement ceremony pictures? SO far I have seen once couple in from Nepal having succeeded with ceremony pictures at interview level. They however, didn't submitted those pictures with initial petition but gave to IO at the interview.

Any info is appreciated...

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