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B2 visa and Adjustment of Status
4:37 am June 3, 2022



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I am in United State on B2 Visa. I applied Adjustment of Status (I-485) and it is accepted by USCIS, But the status is still in pending state. I just recently applied for Advance Parole (I-131) application for Travel document. I am planning to go back to my home country for couple of months. I was going over I-131 filling instruction and I saw one statement there- ' particular problem for people who had been unlawfully present in the U.S. for 180 days or more; and it remains a problem for anyone who is inadmissible'.

Now I am confuse, Can I make a travel to home country because my stay in US will be more than 180 days.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks


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Opt travel
12:50 am May 28, 2022



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I have recently graduated and filed OPT. Visa is about to expire couple of weeks. My wife back home is in EB3 skilled process as Registered Nurse. She is about to file Ds260 including detail of Spouse.
will it be safe for me to travel in OPT to face visa interview with here which would change my status immediately if accepted. I have been here at USA since 5 years, with legal F1 status.
Can anyone suggest me, what would be good

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Spouse living in third country
4:26 am May 27, 2022


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Hi everybody

I am from Nepal and Here in USA I am the permanent Resident.

Last month I go back Nepal and got married. I bring all of the documents which I need for applying I130.

But My question is My husband lives in Australia for study and hope he lives till next year there. What address do i mention in a form for my address( Like current address..home address..mailing address).

All the required documents are from Nepal Like Marriage birth relation certificate etc...

Later Do I need to schedule his interview from Nepal embassy or Australian embassy???

Is anybody here his/her spouse lives in third country and applying I130 from USA.???..

do I need any documents from australia or not.....Please help me with ur kind answer

thank you

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7:31 am May 24, 2022



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On march 2021 I applied for k1 visa and got approved on January 30 of 2022. My fiance went to interview and the officers said we were married. Which we were not. My fiance got refused. Officer said to my fiance to apply for spouse visa. My case has returned to USCIS for review.

On April 7 2022 I went back to my country and got married to my fiance and now I wanna apply for I-130 . I wrote a letter to USCIS to withdrawal my case. Should I wait for decision or should I apply for I-130. ?? Please help

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Is USPS required to hand deliver i797 for EAD?
9:52 pm May 23, 2022



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We knew that my husbands EAD i797 was going to be delivered on Saturday because I get the Informed Delivery email from USPS with photos of the pieces of mail to be delivered. We were excited, but not home on Saturday. My mother was home, but she has mobility issues and can't answer the door when home alone and someone knocks. When we came home that evening we were frustrated to find the i797 wasn't delivered. We found several other pieces of mail laying on our doormat (nowhere near the mailbox). My mom said someone knocked several times that day, but she couldn't answer the door. Today my husband was out walking with my mother and the USPS letter carrier came up to them several blocks from our house and asked if he knew the person named on a letter he showed them and it was my husbands i797. The letter carrier recognized them from our house, which is why he approached them. He said he was going to have to send the notice back to the National Benefits Center if he didn't find us and knew that would cause problems. I wasn't with them; if I was I would have asked the letter carrier a LOT of questions. Why didn't he leave the letter in the mailbox? Are they required to hand deliver? He didn't require a signature. Why was he going to send it back to NBS? Do we have to stay home the next time we know something, like the actual EAD card, is going to be delivered. I'm so confused. Does anyone have any insight into this? Is it as bizarre as it seems to me?

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