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Moving after Noa2
3:45 pm yesterday


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Do I need to update my address anywhere after NOA2 if I move ? I am waiting for my case number from NVC. I'll be moving to different city in 2 weeks and I am not sure if I need to fill out the form that's in USCIS case status page. OR do I need to update the address with NVC?? any info is appreciated ..Thanks

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I-864 Part 3 Question 1 & 2
8:57 pm yesterday

Ashok Dhakal

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Im a US citizen. Im trying to bring my parents to USA. I filed 2 forms i-130. It got approved and Im waiting for NVC to respond and in the meantime Im filling out the affidavit of Support I-864.

Here are my questions.

1. Like I-130, do i need to file 2 forms for I-864, each for my father & my mother.

2. On PART 3 Item 2 I mentioned my mother as family member #1. Does this mean I don't need another I864 ?

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K1 Visa and Weird Circumstances
12:53 am yesterday


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Hey Everyone! I have a a few circumstances which are all connected that I need help with to receive clarity on what I should do to properly prepare my K1 Visa form.

1. My fiance was born in Assam, India with a birth certificate that says he is two years younger than he really is.

All his documents from his childhood to even his Nepali citizenship are connected to this birth certificate.

I know there isn't much you can do, but will this cause any issues?

2. When my fiance became a Nepali citizen, his last name changed due to caste/social systems.

He was able to get paperwork from his village (where his family is from) to prove he is the same person and had it notarized with a picture of himself attached, but

will this be enough evidence?

3. After proving his identity, he applied and eventually received his Nepali passport, but his place of birth on the passport does not say Assam, but rather the village where his family is from.

My concern is that he will be flagged for inconsistency. Should this be something to be worried about, or is this normal?

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Filing soon question about evidence
2:38 am yesterday


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Hi everyone, so I m ready to send my package tmrw ahhh. I didn t provide affadivits of people who know us so is that okay or is it really required? I did provide cards, pics, birth certificate, joint utility bills, tax returns, leases, bank statement and letter from bank saying it s joint, and of course green card

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choose one
11:24 pm yesterday


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I am filling out DS 260 for my wife. I live in USA. it asks for spouse address that's me . there are so many option what to choose

-Same as present address

- Same as intended U.S. address

- Don't know

- Other (specify address)

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