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Visa package came ripped for 2nd time
2:38 pm yesterday


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I don't know if any of you remember my post from two weeks ago but my fianc 's package was ripped the entire length of one side. We had to send it back and he just got the new one today and it also has a rip in it but it's only about 3 1/2 inches. Clearly no papers could've come in or out of that rip and we are running out of time now to keep sending it back. His POE is San Francisco SFO

How many of you have had no trouble getting through customs and immigration with a rip in your envelope? Will they really deny him entry? The envelopes that Ankara uses are very crappy.

And there is a lot of moisture in the air in turkey and I think this is aiding to the ripping He does not live close to Ankara. so he cannot just walk into the embassy.

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Plane Ticket - I booked two separate flights and also which spelling do I use??
12:59 am yesterday


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Hi guys.... I hope you can help me. I'm freaking out again LOL!

I booked my fiance's flight from Istanbul to SFO, direct. I booked a separate flight from SFO to Spokane, WA. Will this be a problem - the separately booked flights??

I'm freaking out now thinking maybe I was supposed to book it from Istanbul to Spokane in one purchase!

Also, the Turkish language - and my fiance's name - has an "?" in it that is converted to English "i" and that is what the embassy used for his K-1 Visa. But of course his passport has the "?" in his name. So when I book the flight do I use the K-1 Visa spelling, English "i" or the Passport spelling?


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Visa came - Package ravaged! Help
11:22 am yesterday


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So we picked up the visa today's and the yellow envelope with all the papers inside looks like a *** damn dog got a hold of it!!

Is this normal?

ita not just a little rip.... like every side is ripped open !


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Weirdest aos interview November 1st 2018 from K1
9:21 pm yesterday


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We had an interview today. It was interesting.

The IO only called my wife not both of us . Isnt that strange? I said my wife doesn t speak English and he said with smiling face I speak Turkish. She went to the room by herself. He only asked some questions like are you terrorist etc and address and my mother names date of birth.

The interview took only 7 minutes and she was out. He did not say anything. Thank you very much and have a good day.

Is it normal? Usually both married couples go to the interview room. If it was stoke interview I should be called too that what I was expecting but I was not called either.

My my wife doesn t speak good English and she came here with K1 visa. Our application was with uscis since June 1th 2017. 17 months.

Also so he did not look at ANY photos bank statements etc. Only passport and original of the marriage license. They already have some photos in the file. I have sent them while working on aos 2017.

What do you guys think?

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What if Employer doesn't accept i-751 extension letter and denies to hire me
1:29 am yesterday


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I just got hired by this big company but i think they have no idea about extension letters. i have social security card that says "valid with DHS authorization only". i have orientation this Monday and what do i do if they doesn't accept the extension letter and don't have any idea about it... i really need this job, it is very hard to get hired and cannot loose it over this kind of issue..

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