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US Immigration from Turkey

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E2 Visa interview date at Ankara in 2023
9:25 pm May 19, 2023


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Hi everyone,

I am waiting for an interview date from Ankara cosulate since March 2023. I applied to EB-2 NIW and do not have any idea about waiting time?

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Oath ceremony date
3:19 am April 27, 2023



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Hi everyone, here.

My wife passed the citizenship test on March 6. Since then, we didn't hear anything from USCIS. Last week there was an oath ceremony where we live but they didn't call my wife. It is almost 2 months and still no mail, no date for oath ceremony. Shall we call USCIS or just wait a few more weeks?

Thank you.

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Getting Schengen Tourist Visa while Waiting for CR-1 Interview
2:02 am April 20, 2023



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Hi all,

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum! I am a USC petitioning for a CR-1 visa for my husband, who is a Turkish citizen and living in Turkey. His brother living in Germany just had a baby and my husband really wants to visit him before he leaves Turkey (they haven't seen each other for 5 years). Does anyone have experience with getting a tourist visa for the Schengen area while waiting for their CR-1/IR-1 interview? It's looking like his interview will be sometime in late August/September, and I'm afraid if we wait to go to Germany until after his interview, we won't have time since I have to be back in the US by mid-September for work. Any thoughts or experiences on applying for tourist visas to other countries prior to the interview for the US visa? My main concern is that the additional travel history would cause delays in issuing the visa.


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I-864 Questions [merged threads]
5:43 am April 19, 2023


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Hello everyone, we just received the welcome letter from NVC. My brother is USA citizen and will be my joint sponsor. My wife's income is $1000 under the limit. My brother is living with his wife and 2 kids and meets the requirements. My brother paid my NVC fee's. They're working together in same restaurant for 6 years. What documents they have to fill? As I know, My brother and my wife has to file I-864 and my brothers W-2 is will be enough or 1040 and 1099 are necessary too? Thanks in advance.


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Any FOREIGNER attended interview from ANKARA?
11:48 pm April 9, 2023


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I'm a foreigner residing in Izmir , Turkey. My wife petitioned for me. Most likely my petition will be approved soon. Now I'm worried about consular processing. Does it take too long for interview after DQed in Ankara? Does anyone have experience?


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