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RFE Received: Asking for Advice
3:01 pm June 18, 2024


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Hi everyone,

I just received an RFE from USCIS (Texas Processing Center). Our PD is May 23, 2023 and we are filing an I-130 (consular processing). Essentially, my partner goes by a nickname and all of his friends and family call him by this name. All of his text messages are shown to also be under nickname which was used as evidence. His legal nickname is completely different from his nickname however. We didn't think much of this issue as his last name is the same.

Unfortunately, the RFE we received (as attached) stated that they cannot confirm that the names used all belong to the same person and they want us to provide proof that these two names used are for the same person. They want this through legal documents. However, we are perplexed on how we can prove this as his nickname doesn't show up on any legal documents (rightly so). They wrote that if we don't have any primary or secondary evidence to show that we can ask people to write affidavits, but that these affidavits will only have minimal weight if we can't accompany it by any independent or objective evidence to corroborate the name differences.

We are at a loss on how to proceed at this point. Has anyone had a similar experience in regards to this matter and if so, what did you do? Any advice or input would be much appreciated! I am suspecting that we may need to speak with a lawyer, but hoping that there is a straightforward answer.

Many thanks in advance.



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Sponsoring Ex Husband To Visit US
5:38 am May 22, 2024


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I understand this is a strange situation. So me and my ex split up around 4 years ago. Things were very mutual and we are still very close friends. When we split, he moved back to his home country ( Turkey ). Unfortunately that was right before he was supposed to get his 10 year green card. He hasn't come back to visit since. He is still close with both me and my family and now that my older brother is having a kid, he really wants to come visit often. How would he go about visiting? Keep in mind, we never actually got divorced cause we've been quite lazy about it. I feel like the embassy will just think this situation is too weird and deny him. Any advice/ideas?

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I am a US citizen petitioning for my spouse seeking clarification regarding the scheduling visa interview on the ceac site, it say  ''Ready''
8:04 pm May 8, 2024


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Our case is an i130 petition and I am a US citizen petitioning for my spouse. I am writing to seek clarification regarding the scheduling of an immigrant visa interview

Recently, we received communication from the National Visa Center (NVC) confirming the approval of our request for expedited processing. As per the notification, it was stated that the embassy would be responsible for booking our appointment. However, the email we received from the embassy request us to book the appointment ourselves and upon attempting to schedule the appointment through the online portal we keep seeing notification that there no available appointments

on the ceac site, it say ''Ready'' Your case is ready for your interview when scheduled at the U.S. Consular section. If you have already scheduled an appointment for an interview, please prepare your documents as directed in your appointment letter and appear at the consulate on the appointed date and time.

I am really confused. We are reaching out to seek clarification on this matter as it seems contradictory to the expedited processing request approved by the embassy based on the email with received NVC. We believe there may be an error or misunderstanding in the process, as self-booking appointments would defeat the purpose of our expedited request.

please advise




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Marriage fraud
11:29 am April 9, 2024



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I petitioned for my spouse from Nigeria. He came on a spousal visa in February 2020. In 2022, I discovered many things including a fake divorce decree that he provided to USCIS when I petitioned for him. He is still married in Nigeria. He applied for N-400 unbeknownst to me and got it in 2023 and left the marriage. After lying about his whereabouts, I discovered he s in Nigeria with wife and their child. Divorce decree has been confirmed that it is counterfeit. What are my next steps.

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12:38 am April 2, 2024



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I wanted to share this for those of you that have been asking "how long until x...". Our AOS package had a priority date of 2/22/24 and we received an RFE a few days later, on 2/29. I sent the RFE response (an entirely new Affidavit of Support package) on 3/12 and afterwards checked the online account for updates on a daily basis. Even this afternoon (4/1) I checked and it only changed the status of step 2 (biometrics) as completed for the I-765 EAD and the I-485, but not for the I-131 AP application, but nothing showed "complete." Also, the estimated time for EAD completion was at 2 weeks, which has been the same since 3 weeks ago.

Well, TODAY 4/1, USPS dropped an envelope from the NBC with a I-797 approving the EAD. All in under a month -with the RFE delay.

I must say I am impressed.

Technically, USCIS approved my wife's EAD in TWO weeks since they had to wait for my RFE response for the remainder two weeks to continue the process. WOW.

Anyway, keep up the hope.

Cheers. Saludos. ok Ya a.

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