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Any body file 212&601A together?
10:59 am March 31, 2022



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I have deportation order removed and my lawyer filed 212 and my 212 is approved he wants file 601A provisonal waiver

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4:13 pm March 27, 2022


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I am about to submit our AoS and I still have not done my tax return for 2021 since its not due yet. If I use 2020 as my latest tax transcript, will that be okay? Or should I hold off on sending the I-485 packet until after I do my tax return.

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Receipt date for case inquiry/outside of normal times
1:17 am March 22, 2022


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Hi all, i filed for my dad and mom on August 11th 2021. One changed to actively reviewing dec 15th the other one on sept 14th. The processing times shows at Nebraska Center for cases from Aug 24th now but everytime i try to put an inquiry it says my cases are within normal times. Does anybody have this issue with putting an inquiry that passed the normal processing times but it says normal when submit it? Thanks.

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Will uploading additional documents to NVC delay my processing time?
7:32 am March 19, 2022


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Hello everyone. We submitted our documents to CEAC (IR-1/CR-1) on January 19th, but yesterday (March 18th) after reading some posts about required financial documents, we uploaded additional pay stubs and some other financial supporting documents, and submitted them. My question is; Would this delay or reset our processing time for NVC? There was no warning or anything that states any delay on CEAC, and we couldn t find any information on this matter online, so I wanted to start a new topic and ask my VJ friends.

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Will I need a waiver?
2:50 pm March 8, 2022


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Hello everyone. I overstayed my F1 visa / stamped D/S but left the US willingly without any immigration problems. It s been 7,5 years since I left. Now I m waiting for my IR1 interview in my country and wondering if they will require a waiver. I tried to find people that are similar to my case but I couldn t yet. I would like to hear your opinions, please. Do you guys think they will ask for a waiver?

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