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Hello All,

I just wanted to first say THANK YOU for all your support and sound advice throughout this journey.

Second, I wanted to share my interview experience, especially for those going through DC, since there are few of us on the forum.

My interview was back on April 26th but I wanted to wait until I had my greencard in hand to post. I've been known to celebrate too quickly in the past (by the way, for those of you wondering, NOPE I still haven't received my EAD card).

Warning: this might be long so feel free to skip the details ok?

So, our interview was scheduled for 10.45 am. We caught the metro there (which is what I would suggest to anybody going through the DC office, for a morning interview). Anyhow, we got there at 10.15. Quickly went through security and they sent us to the second floor. When we got to the room, it was jam packed. Couples everywhere but we still found a sit. 2 minutes later, the lady at the reception desk walked in with a smile on her face. We gave her our interview notice and 5 minutes later, we were in the room. Our interview started at around 10.30.

Our interviewer was an older white gentleman, extremely kind. First thing he did was crak a joke.

Then he swore me(the beneficiary) in but not my husband, which I thought was weird.

Then we sat down and he told us that he was from Vermont and was in DC to help with the backlog. I will skip most of the small talk because there was a lot of it.

Anyhow, then he told us that his goal today was to make sure we remembered this as a positive experience, asn told us that he himself has been in our shoes because his wife (whom he spent most of the interview talking about) was from Romania and she just got her citizenship. He asked me for my passport and my husband for his ID.

Then he told us the procedure for removing conditions before anything else and insisted that my husband took a pen and paper to write down the exact dates that we would need to file for it.

Then he went over the different files in the package and explained the significance to us. And throughout he was making jokes about how my husband should feel free to bail out anytime during the interview.

Anyhow, then he asked me my parents names. Asked my husband if he knew who I was (and told him that if he saw a slap coming his way, he should know it came from me and not him. Told us a joke about a young couple he interviewed and the guy was so nervous that he forgot his wife's name. SHe slapped him in the face and that helped him remember and relax :P

He then asked me for my husband's birthday, the day we got married.Asked me where I was born (Kenya) and started reminiscing about a cruise he had taken to the coast there, and more small talk and stories.

Then he asked my husband where he works (and knew the company so more small talk there)

Anyhow, then he asked how we met (we both answered).

He then apologized for having to ask me a few "stupid questions" as he put it.

So he asked me the following:

- did I intend to become a spy while in the US?NO

-did I ever lie to get a visa?No

That was it, he checked the rest off as NO.

He then asked us for our 2005 taxes. We gave him.

THen asked if he had a copy of a lease together. My husband explained that he had purchased his condo b4 we got married, but he gave him a letter from our management office, stating me as an occupant.

He was thrilled with that.

THen asked if we had a copy of a credit card under our name. We gave him that, and my hubby was getting ready to give him the pile of other evidence but he said " oh no, you guys have only been married for 8 months, we can't expect you to have much more. Now, my wife and I, we've been married for 4 years bla bla bla".

He went over the lifting condition AGAIN, insisting, small talk.

THen told us he was going to recommend approval. As we were walking out he asked me if I had my I-94 by any chance, I did. Asked me for my EAD, told him I never got it. Said not to worry about that anymore and that who knows what happens to these things.

THat was it folks.

I have since received my greencard and I will include my timeline below.

Hope this helps and best of luck to all of you still waiting to be interviewed :thumbs:



AOS, EAD filed-09/22/05

NOA -09/29/05

Biometrics EAD-10/29/05

Biometrics AOS-11/08/05

EAD approved -11/28/05

EAD undeliverable-12/12/05 (NEVER RECEIVED)

AOS interview-04/26/05

AOS approval-05/01/06

Welcome letter- 05/03/06

Green card arrives-05/07/06

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Wonderful. Congrats! (F)

Our K1 Journey Click Here
K1 Interview in Jakarta Click Here
AOS Journey:
May 02, 2006 :AOS Sent to Chicago...Let the couting begin
May 03, 2006 :AOS received in Chicago
May 12, 2006 :Received NOA1 dated 05/09/2006
May 22, 2006 Biometrics Notice Rcvd dated 05/17/2006
May 30, 2006 :Biometrics done in ASC Birmingham
July 01, 2006 :Interview Letter received
Aug 30, 2006 :Interview in Atlanta & got RFE for I-693A! OUCH!!!
November, 2006 :I-693A Sent. The waiting goes on...
April 4, 2007: Infopass & it doesn't help at all!!!
April 18, 2007 :Contacting our Congressman.
May 18, 2007 : E-mail rcvd, Welcome Notice Sent! Finally!!!
April 22, 2007 : E-mail rcvd, GC has been ordered
April 24, 2007 : Welcome Notice Rvcd. Yeeehaaa!!!!
June 1, 2007: GC arrived! Yippy! USCIS Free for 2 years!
2008: Moved to China
2009: Conditional GC Expired and Husband has been having affairs since 2008 in China. Can't file for ROC since he got laid off. He came to Jakarta to live with me and my parents. He got a new job. Life resume to normal or so I thought.
March 2010: Officially separated after yet more affairs exposed just a day after my birthday!

February 2011: Officially divorced.
June 18, 2011: He married the girl he had the last affair with.

August 2014: I am engaged with my real soulmate. Not an American.

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K-1 Journey*

Nov 2004 Met in Recife

02-01-06 I-129F Sent to VSC

04-26-06 Interview APPROVED!!!!!!!

05-18-06 Eliana arrived in New York

07-22-06 Married in Las Vegas!!!!!

AOS/AP Journey*

07-25-06 I-485 and I-131 Sent to Chicago

08-18-06 Biometrics Appointment (Completed)

10-06-06 AP Approved

10-11-06 AOS Approved (without interview)

10-20-06 Green Card Received!! Done until July 2008

01-27-07 Second Wedding (in Brazil)

I-751 Journey*

07-09-08 I-751 Sent to VSC

09-16-08 Biometrics Appointment (Completed)

02-25-09 Transferred to CSC

03-20-09 Approved (without interview)

03-27-09 Emily is born!!!

04-07-09 Green Card Received!!

11-18-11 Lucas is born!!!

N-400 Journey*

12-15-11 N-400 Sent to Texas

02-09-12 Biometrics Appointmnet (Completed)

03-21-12 Interview (Approved)

03-21-12 Oath Ceremony


*See Profile for detailed list of all dates

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08/17/08: Mailed N400 to TSC

08/19/08: USPS attempted delivery

08/20/08: TSC received N400

08/21/08: TSC cashed check

09/02/08: Received NOA...........Priority date: 08/20/08

..............................................Notice date : 08/22/08

09/02/08: Received Biometrics Notification

09/18/08: Biometrics completed - Charlotte DO

10/24/08: Received Interview Letter

12/08/08: Interview @ 1:00pm. APPROVED!

01/05/09: Oath Ceremony 10:00AM. Now officially a USC!!!


01/17/09: Applied for US Passport and passport card

01/28/09: Received US Passport

01/29/09: Received US passport card

01/29/09: Received naturalization certificate back from passport office

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Congratulations on your approval and receiving the green card!!! :thumbs::dance:


09/24/04: Entered US as CDN visitor

11/20/04: Married in Las Vegas

03/10/06: Filed AOS

03/20/06: NOA 1 / I-130

03/21/06: NOA 1 / I-485

04/03/06: AOS Interview notice...05/11/06

04/05/06: Biometrics

05/11/06: AOS Interview....approved, pending FBI name check

05/12/06: I-130 approved

05/18/06: NOA 2 / I-130 approval

08/15/06: Email: 'Welcome to America' letter mailed (Day 151)!!!!

08/17/06: Email: I-485 approved & GC ordered

08/19/06: 'Welcome to America' letter rec'd

08/22/06: Email: Notice of approval mailed

08/25/06: GC Finally Received!!

05/15/08: Apply to remove conditions

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Removal of Conditions (I-751)

August 16/08: VSC received I-751

August 22/08: check cashed (certainly did not waste any time)

September 11/08: Received NOA 1

September 15/08: Rec'd Biometrics Appointment Letter

October 02/08: Biometrics Completed

March 04/09: File transferred to CSC

June 01/09: Letter stating Petition Approved and Card Production ordered

July 12/09: Card Production ordered e-mail

July 13/09: Received card in the mail


March 27/06: Sent I-485

March 31/06: NOA 1

April 4/06: Rec'd NOA 1

April 5&6/06: Touched

May 4/06: Rec'd Biometrics Appointment Letter

May 23/06: Biometrics Appointment

May 26/06: Touched

July 22/06: Rec'd Appointment for Interview

Sept 12/06: Interview

Sept 18/06: Rec'd Welcome to USA letter

Sept 26/06: Rec'd Green Card

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SUpa, trust me, I know exaclty what you mean. I couldn't sleep the night b4 the interview, nor could I eat anything. So, I sorta zoned out for a second in the middle of the interview but I'm sure you'll be ok. Just tkae as much prrof with you as you can get your hands on and try to relax.

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That guy sounds really nice! Congratulations!!

4.21.06 - Married!

5.2.06 - Mailed AOS and EAD to Chicago

5.4.06 - Application arrives in lockbox

5.9.06 - NOA 1 for AOS and EAD

5.11.06 - NOA 1 rec'd!

5.17.06 - Touched (AOS, EAD)

5.19.06 - Touched (AOS, EAD)

5.20.06 - Biometrics notice for AOS and EAD

5.30.06 - Biometrics!

6.1.06 - Touched (AOS)

6.3.06 - Touched (AOS, EAD)

6.26.06 - Interview notice!!! (Aug. 9 at 10 a.m.)

7.6.06 - Touched (EAD)

7.8.06 - Touched (EAD)

7.10.06 - Touched (EAD)

7.11.06 - EAD approval notice!!!

7.15.06 - EAD card rec'd!

8.9.06 - Interview - APPROVED!!!


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Congratulations on your approval

02/06/08 - Mailed I-751 to TSC

02/11/08 - Rec'd by TSC

02/26/08 - package returned for signature

02/26/08 - Re-sent package to TSC

03/06/08 - Check cashed

04/14/08 - Got Stamp in Passport

01/13/09 - Touched

01/31/09 - Rec'd Approval Notice

01/31/09 - Rec'd 10yr. Permanent Resident Card

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wow. congrats! :thumbs:

who is that guy? can i reserve him for whenever we get our AOS interview?

i will gladly pay his way to philly! :lol:

Adjustment of Status

July 1 2006 - Sent EAD & AOS packet

Sept 19 2006 - EAD APPROVED

Sept 22 2006 - AOS APPROVED

Sept 23 2006 - EAD card arrived

Sept 29 2006 - GC arrived!!!

Removal of Conditions

Jul 9 2008 - Filed @ VSC

Feb 25 2009 - Transferred to CSC

June 20 2009 - Card production ordered


Aug 24 2009 - Mailed N-400 priority mail

Aug 26 2009 - rec'd at TX Lockbox

Aug 27 2009 - NOA1 (rec'd 8/31)

Aug 28 2009 - check cashed

Sept 4 2009 - biometrics notice [rec'd Sept 9]

Sept 25 2009 - Biometrics

Oct 17 2009 - Email about file transfer for interview

Oct 21 2009 - Interview Letter Rec'd

Dec 8 2009 - Interview - PASSED!!!!!!

Dec 19 2009 - Oath Letter rec'd

Jan 14 2010 - OATH CEREMONY!!!!

Jan 15 2010 - Passport app.

Jan 21 2010 - Nat. cert. returned

Jan 22 2010 - Passport rec'd

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