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US name change not accepted by home country
1:17 pm yesterday


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I'm a Portuguese citizen and got my permanent residence under my first name and husband's last name, as US naming conventions go.

While trying to obtain a passport in my new name, Portugal has told me I have to follow naming conventions in Portugal meaning I have to maintain a parent's name. With this change, it does mean new green card, SS card and driver's license right?

I'm basically having to add another last name.

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Issuing CR1/IR1 Visa after Medical Delay - Timeframe
2:39 pm January 9, 2019


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Hi all!

Ugh this process is almost done! Just a quick question for those of you that had a delay because your medical hadn't arrived to the embassy before your interview - how soon after the UK Embassy had everything did you receive your visa back?

Here's our timeline - we are just trying to figure out when to (usually) expect it...

11/7 - Medical

11/8 - Knightsbridge called to tell us there was a shadow on X-ray, 6-8 week TB test

11/13 - Interview - Approved, pending medical

1/4 - TB test negative - Medical results finally sent to Embassy

1/7 - Embassy confirmed medical results were received

So now they have everything - we are in AP, and on the CEAC page it says if everything is approved they should issue the visa within two business days. Is that accurate at all? We are hoping that the status changes to Issued this week and then the visa is received next week... fingers crossed! I would love to hear other experiences like this, although I know there aren't many that have to go through the TB test and such a long wait.

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visiting while I-129F is pending
10:26 am January 9, 2019


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Hello everyone!

I have a question, after been searching if whether I could travel to the US while we are waiting for the I-129F approval or not.

We got the NOA1 a couple months ago (September filers!!) and I already had the ESTA (the travel eletronic authorization) beforehand which I used to travel to the US previously.

I heard I must bring some documentation proving I have bonds back home - which I do.

I am planning on bringing : pay slips, bank stub and car insurance registration and insurance under my name.

My main question is, should I translate the documents? They are all in Portuguese.

Thank you in advance.

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Sending Passport Back to Embassy - DX Question
3:06 pm December 28, 2018


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Hi all!

My husband had his medical on November 7, and his interview on November 13. At his medical, they found a shadow on his x-ray, so he had to go through the TB test ?, but we are at the 7th week after the test now, so hoping that is cleared in the next couple of days. He passed the interview on the 13th and he asked for his passport back since it was going to be a 6-8 week wait. They gave instructions on how to send the passport back to the Embassy and all was well. Last Friday he sent his passport back to the Embassy via the DX Delivery in Edinburgh, and today it says "Your package is due to be or has been returned. Please contact your service provider." Alarmed at this, he called the DX office and they first told him it had been returned to the DX office and they were re-sending it to the Embassy, and then he called back about an hour later and another woman told him it was at the Embassy since yesterday. She said "It has been returned, as in it has been returned to the Embassy" This wording seems off to me. Has anyone else experienced this when returning a document to the US Embassy in London? We just want to make sure it is at the Embassy ready for medical approval! He contacted the Embassy via the email link, but no answer yet.

Any help is appreciated, we are in the final stages and this is the worst part!!

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What to expect at POE with CR-1
4:28 pm December 17, 2018


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i know here is discussion for port of entry but i still feel its not enough to asure me for non stress travel next week :D

two years ago i was denied ESTA at San diego airport for travelling too often at that time my fiance. I was taken for secondary inspection and it was terrible experience + interview.

now i am arriving at the same airport on Cr-1.

I feel sick to my stomach about what to expect... last time they grilled me (though i did not do anything bad and i think it was totally unecesary) and i just dont want to feel Deja vu again.

is here anyone who knows how it goes with CR1 at airport? Or SAN DIEGO/LAX experiences? should i worry especially having already great experience with 2ndary inspection there?

Thank yuu for sharing

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