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Knightsbridge - TB?
2:48 pm


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Hi all,

My husband went yesterday for his medical at Knightsbridge - everything went well but he has chronic bronchitis, and so the doctor called today and said he has to go for his sputnum test to check that it's not TB ? Our interview is next week, so we are worried this will of course delay everything!! The doctor told him to go to his GP in Edinburgh and ask for antibiotics to help clear up the infection - has anyone had any experience with this? They told us it might take 6-8 weeks for the test results!!!!!! We were hoping after his interview next week we'd only have another week or so to go!

Has anyone had any luck re-taking the xrays at Knightsbridge and having those results approved??? Or has anyone been through this??? We are so close to the end!!!

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Is it weird that I wasn't asked for the affidavid of support at the interview? 0 .0
10:25 pm


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I dunno...I might just be overthinking it lol

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Interview today...Approved :)
9:43 pm


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Just wanted to share...ahah

I was crazy nervous but everyone from security to all the processing personnel was super nice, friendly and polite.

It took 1h30min to get it done but the interview itself was only 5-10mins.

Questions I was asked:

- Tell me about your husband

- Have you ever had any troubles with law?

- Do you have some pictures with you? Show me your favorite one

- Have you met your in-laws?

BOOM AND DONE! They didn't even ask for the affidavid ? (Mail didn't came on time so I had to print a copy... lol)

Pleasantly surprised with the Paris embassy! ?


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So...mistakes were made
2:26 pm


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I put the wrong place of birth on the I-129F !! How screwed am I?

My interview is in a week and I'm taking my birth certificate which contradicts the information on the I-129F!!

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Paris Embassy: Do I need to take the xray with me to the interview?
4:28 pm


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