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US Immigration from Portugal

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Am I legally able to change my name and gender while on K-1 Visa?
10:28 am October 15, 2019


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I'm a transgirl, and I have a few questions in relation to K-1 visa...
After I am given the K-1 Visa by the US consulate and arrive in the U.S. and marry my fianc , is it possible to go to therapists/psychologists and legally change my name and gender while waiting for the Green Card?

If not, is it possible to do so when I get the Green Card? And what are the documents needed to show proof of said change?

Is it perhaps better to transition prior to moving to the U.S. and then move in, or is it possible to transition in the U.S. as an immigrant?

tl;dr: Can I change my name and gender as an immigrant, or is it better to transition before?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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i 751 pending joint and filing separation
10:47 pm October 12, 2019



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good evening i filed since February 2019 i did my bio metric everything went well

i have all evidence bonafide marriage i have even the miscarriage record of my wife and all document of our lives together we been married for 4 years

but now we separated and i am planning to file divorce if no possibility of reconciliation

can i file for citizenship while i have a pending i 751

if i am called interview can i go by myself because i have all evidence of her cheating lies and abused and threatened that trump gonna get me .

i still have those emotional hurts i am still leaving with

what happening at vermint after my biomteric its been 187 days no updates

thats very slow center .

i am not stressing out about any outcome because i have justifications and saved on record all evidence .


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Paris Consulate K-1 Interview Scheduling WAIT TIME? - Portugal applicants
12:24 am October 9, 2019


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Hi. I am a Portuguese citizen and I have been waiting to book my K-1 interview at the Paris consulate (that's where they send us, as they don't do these interviews in Portugal anymore). After over a week of "no available appointments" online, finally managed to book an appointment today (8th Sep 2019), but the earliest date that I could book was JANUARY 2020!! Has anyone else from Portugal been given an appointment date 4 MONTHS away?? Is this normal?

My lawyer has asked to reschedule...has anyone else been able to successfully re-schedule their interview for an earlier date?

Thank you in advance for any feedback, comments, etc

Panicking that I have to put my life on hold for another 4 months! was not anticipating this...

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Processing Time
1:44 pm October 4, 2019



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What is the current processing time for the CR-1? 10 to 16 months?

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SSN Card Upon Entry
11:26 pm October 2, 2019



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Do I still need to apply for a SSN card after I enter the US if I already have one from previous years? I worked with an H-2B visa in the past.

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