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Worried about K1

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Hello Everyone,

I can't believe I have found such a wonderful site, and to think I was planning on preparing everything for the K1 visa without any assistance. I am currently gathering all the required information and filling out all the forms. My fiance has mailed me all of her information and I should be receiving it shortly. I am not too worried about this phase of the process. I have read the enormous amount of information here and I feel confident that I am going to supply the USCIS with everything they need. I know it might take a while, but the ultimate goal of this whole process will be well worth the wait. My nervousness stems from reading over some of the factors that could lead to ineligibility. Mainly the part about mental illness. My fiance is bipolar. The part I read that is troubling was:

"to have a physical or mental disorder and behavior associated with

the disorder that may pose, or has posed, a threat to the property, safety, or welfare of the alien or others"

My fiance has no violent history or anything like that and has a clean police record. She is actually quite normal and in many ways more normal than I am. She is a kind and loving women which is the reason why we are going through this process in the first place. I am just concerned about it and what difficulties we may encounter during the process. If need be we can collect information from doctors, employers, family, and friends to confirm her mental stability and the fact that she doesn't pose a threat to anyone.

Any comments on our situation would be greatly appreciated.


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All the best to you!

I am sure some people on here have advice/insight!

My 1st thoughts are that as long as she has a clean police record, and is maybe controlling her condition under a doc's care with meds....it should really be OK--but I am no expert, either so I will leave the advice to the others :)

Best wishes


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I don't think your fiancee will have any problems being denied on medical grounds. It might be a good idea though to have her bring a statement from her psychiatrist to her medical so that the embassy approved physican has proof that she does not fall into the category you cite above.

Good luck!

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:thumbs: I agree they are more concerned with the transmission of contagious diseases and STD's.


> Texas have received out application and cashed the cheque!

We got our NOA1 as at 26 Oct 2005!

Sent to CSC 26 Oct 2005

NOA2 26 Jan 2006

Sent to Embassy 9 Feb 2006

Embassy sent pk3 21 feb 2006

Recd and return pk3 27 feb

Medical 8 March

recd pk4 11 April

Interview 10 May

Visa Approved 10 May

Visa Received 13 May

Fly to Memphis 21 june

Married 1 September

AOS NOA1 23 Jan 2007

Case transferred to Missourri

Case transferred back to CSC feb 01

Card in the mail March 05

Case approved March 005

Welcome to America Letters received March 08

Filed for lifting of conditions - received in Vermont Jan 20 2009

I-797C NOA received Jan 26 2009

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Patrick - It may be a good idea to investigate more about the consulate you're trying to go through... I have heard stories of some folks going through (I'm not %100 sure, but Vietnam or the Phillipines?) who had a fiancé that had some old scars from accidents, but the consular officer or doctor tried to say it was self-inflicted from mental illness... This may be a good thing to research. Wishing you the best luck and come back to post often (F)

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Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme changes in mood from mania to depression. Between these mood swings, a person with Bipolar disorder can have totally normal moods. It is controlled by medication. It is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. A person with Bipolar disorder can live a totally normal life if they are taking their meds as prescribed. They do not tend to be a threat to others but some have tendencies to hurt themself. I am talking about suicide attempts. Again, if she is faithfully taking her meds it should not be a problem. Get all the documentation from her regular doctors to show the Dr. at her visa medical exam and to the embassy. If the doctors agree that she is not a threat to others and herself and faithfully takes her meds. then I hope you would not have any trouble getting your visa. Good Luck :thumbs:

Meriem (F)


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Hello Patrick79

I agree with everyone else on here. Just wanted to suggest that you might want to provide them with proof that she will continue to has access to medical care when she arrives in the US. Such as, if she will have medical coverage and someone who can provide medical care in your area.

Just a thought,


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01/19/07 NOA1

02/05/07 Biometrics

2/6/07 Touch on EAD

02/07 Received RFE and returned information within 2 days

2/24/07 Transferred to California

2/26/07 Received letter (Transfer to California)

3/1/07 AOS email confirmation that case was received in California

3/2/07 AOS Touched again today but no update.

3/5/07 AOS another touch but no update.

4/5/07 EAD Touched again

4/9/07 EAD Touched.

4/10/07 EAD card ordered.

Removal of Conditions

6/8/2009 Sent I-751.

6/12/2009 Check Cashed

6/15/2009 NOA1 Received

6/25/2009 Received biometrics letter

7/13/2009 Biometrics appointment at Indianapolis Indiana

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Thank you everyone for your amazingly quick responses and helpful advice. I am going to tell my fiance about all of this and make sure she gets a letter from her psychiatrist as well as possibly some other statements from family and/or friends. I was very worried about our situation and at the very least your encouraging words have given us hope. My health care benefits at work are very good and I can add my fiance to my plan once we get married. I wonder how I could prove that? Perhaps a letter from my employer or a copy of my health care benefits.

I know that this site is going to be a very helpful asset during our journey and I look forward to keeping everyone posted in regards to how things are progressing. Once again thanks to all of the kind and generous people that responded to my post.

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I would think that bipolar being so prevalent (incidence in USA reported 4.3% have bipolar or sub-threshold bipolar) is not a cause for inadmissibility. Now if an alien has a chronic history of struggling with it and resorting to self harm, then that might be cause for concern.

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I agree, there should be no reason for her to be denied for Bipolar disorder as long as she is taking her medication as prescribed and sees her psychiatrist on a regular basis. People lead normal lives every day that have this disorder, me being one of them, as long as they do what they are supposed to do. Just make sure she brings all of her documentation from her psychiatrist stating she is compliant with his/her recommendations, takes her meds, and has no history of violence towards herself or others and there really should be no problem that I can see. Good Luck to you Patrick :luv:

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8/14/06- NVC sent petition to Consulate

8/17/06 - Korean Consulate rec'd Petition

8/23/06 - rec'd packet 3 from Consulate

8/25/06 - sent packet 3 back to Consulate

8/27/06 - got confirmation email from Consulate, they rec'd packet three

8/27/06 - requested interview date via Consulate internet site.

9/1/06 - Checked internet site for interveiw date, it was there

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4/02/07 - "touched"

4/20/07 - had biometrics appt.

4/21/07 - rec'd letter stating case was transferred to CSC

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7/7/07 - AOS "touched"

8-6-07 - Rec'd EAD Card in the Mail


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Are all physical or mental disorders considered “medically-related grounds of ineligibility”?

No. The Civil Surgeon or Panel Physician must determine that there is no harmful behavior associated with the disorder in question. If you have a history of a physical or a mental disorder, there must be a harmful behavior that is likely to recur in order for it to make you ineligible. If your condition has no associated harmful behavior, then you can proceed with your application process

What happens if I have a physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior?

If you have a physical or mental condition with associated harmful behavior, you may still be eligible for adjustment of status. You may apply for a waiver according to the terms and conditions established by USCIS, in consultation with the CDC. If you are applying for adjustment of status in the United States, you must file Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Excludability, including fee payment, with the USCIS office considering your adjustment of status application. If you are applying for an immigrant visa at a U.S. Consular post abroad, you must submit your waiver application to the Consular post that is considering your immigrant visa application. The Consular post will send your waiver application to the overseas USCIS office in that jurisdiction for a decision. If you are applying for admission as a refugee, or for adjustment of status 1 year following your initial admission as a refugee or the grant of asylum, you may be granted a waiver for humanitarian reasons, to assure family unity, or when it is otherwise in the public interest. You must file Form I-602, Application by Refugee for Waiver of Ground of Excludability, but you are not required to pay a fee

Source: http://www.uscis.gov/graphics/Medical_Exam.htm

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September 15 - 2005: NOA1

October: Waiting

November: Waiting

December: In Security checks

January 2006: Waiting

February: Waiting..Contacted Congress

March 4th: APPROVED

March 17th: NVC posted file to London

March 20th: London Receives file

March 29th: Receive package 3

April 13th: London Receives package

April 19th: Medical - June 13th: INTERVIEW......APPROVED!!!!

June 20th: ARRIVE IN USA

Time taken for whole process 9 Months

~~~~~ * ~~~~~


October: 13th: Sent off AOS Package

November 3rd: NOA1

November 14th: Snail mail ~ NOA1 ~ Case moved to the CSC for faster processing.

November 14th : CSC has petition for me and my daughter.

December 14th: Biometrics completed.

January 17th: APPROVED AOS!

January 22nd: Green card arrives in the mail:))

Time taken for AOS - 3.5 Months

Finished for 2 years.


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You'll have to have letters from her doctor/s showing that her condition is well-controlled by medication and that they think she'll be able to cope with the move... you'll probably have to show arrangements for her continuing care in the US (like medical insurance or plenty of money to pay for her meds) and they'll probably ask her about how she's going to get her meds and see a psychiatrist etc.

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STAGE 2A - Arriving in US (4 Nov 2004) to AOS Application (16 April 2005) - 5 months, 13 days (164 days)

STAGE 2B - Applying for AOS to GC Approval - 9 months, 4 days (279 days)

STAGE 3 - Lifting Conditions. Filing (19 Dec 2007) to Approval (December 11 2008)

STAGE 4 - CITIZENSHIP (filing under 5-year rule - residency start date on green card Jan 11th, 2006)

*N400 filed December 15, 2011

*Interview March 12, 2012

*Oath Ceremony March 23, 2012.

ALL DONE!!!!!!!!

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I wish all the best for you and your fiancée (F)

* K1 Timeline *
* 04/07/06: I-129F Sent to NSC
* 10/02/06: Interview date - APPROVED!
* 10/10/06: POE Houston
* 11/25/06: Wedding day!!!

* AOS/EAD/AP Timeline *
*01/05/07: AOS/EAD/AP sent
*02/19/08: AOS approved
*02/27/08: Permanent Resident Card received

* LOC Timeline *
*12/31/09: Applied Lifting of Condition
*01/04/10: NOA
*02/12/10: Biometrics
*03/03/10: LOC approved
*03/11/10: 10 years green card received

* Naturalization Timeline *
*12/17/10: package sent
*12/29/10: NOA date
*01/19/11: biometrics
*04/12/11: interview
*04/15/11: approval letter
*05/13/11: Oath Ceremony - Officially done with Immigration.

Complete Timeline

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