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  1. Does your husband have a driver's licence or state ID? A loan? Is he only getting errors with one background check provider, or multiple?
  2. Best of luck - I have nothing to gain, or lose, with your decision - but really feel it's better for you and your family to have a clear legal status asap.
  3. Still no pro in waiting and most states have similar rules/limits on how long residents have to switch to a local licence and police officers have their own interpretation (not necessarily correct) of what is allowed. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-woman-arrested-jailed-in-u-s-for-driving-with-a-canadian-licence-1.4648561 If you live less than 100 miles from the border, the ocean, or an international airport, you can also encounter a checkpoint. Used to be in Southern states, but we have seen them more and more in some very quiet areas of New England. Being detained, even if only for a few minutes, is not a fun experience - why risk it?
  4. Which extension letter did you receive? The time letter is usually sent once, when you file. Otherwise, anything special that could delay your application - waiver, loss of residency, or such?
  5. Lemonslice

    Waver of medical mental issues veteran

    You have signed Nick; your signature says Dominic is in the process of bringing his girl Truc from HCM city to Las Vegas Nevada. I think for yourself, and to prepare your waiver, you should prepare a list of all your previous fiancées/spouses - visa and what happened. Organize the information and bring it to a lawyer and ask for their help.
  6. Lemonslice

    Waver of medical mental issues veteran

    Ok - and Arianjoy, twice the same person or did they make another error in your history?
  7. Lemonslice

    Waver of medical mental issues veteran

    Is your signature current, or for a former visa process? I am getting confused.
  8. Global entry can still be approved - you just can't use it fully. Still get TSA pre check and what not.
  9. Most airlines will put you on a domestic/restricted schedule until you receive your extension letter (I know some airlines do not fly domestic, if that is your case, then you might have to take a leave until you receive the letter); it is done by crew scheduling, or yourself while you put your bid in - check in with your base manager. It is done not only for ROC, but for US citizens crew members losing /renewing their passport. Good luck.
  10. And how would they filter out hypothetical future cheaters?
  11. If you want to waste $7, sure. Airlines verify the eTA at boarding, CBSA does not.
  12. eTA is only required when flying a commercial airline. @bbf3562 Only green card is required to enter Canada and come back to the USA by land. Always a good idea to bring her passport though. Travel safe!
  13. Love and caring are not visa requirements. The officer might have wondered about how much do you really know you fiancée - with so little facetime, they might have found something in the background check that you don't know. Next time, I suggest you be present at her interview to show your support and that this relationship is important to you.