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  1. ~~Duplicate threads merged. Please do not start more then one thread for the same or similar topic.~~
  2. ~~2 year old thread locked to further replies.~~
  3. Ontarkie

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    With the Tornado it will be more challenging. When we moved here I ended up homeschooling the older 4 and they did very well. The Hillbilly was thinking it wouldn't bee too bad for her as she wouldn't know any different like the older 4. The schools here suck, I'm told if we were in just about any other part of the State it would be better but we are stuck here and I'm done after last year. The school and the Superintendent's lack of action made it clear they do not care about the safety of these kids.
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  6. ~~Thread locked to further replies. The OP has received all the advice he can get from from members. As he has unfollowed his own thread this thread is not to be restarted in any shape.~~
  7. Ontarkie

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    First day of homeschool went better then I thought. I figured for sure the Tornado would fight me all day long. We were done all lessons in about 3 hours and that was with her being her usual self.
  8. Ontarkie

    Amerasian citizenship

    ~~Moved to US Citizenship Discussion, from Progress Reports~~
  9. Ontarkie

    K-2 child taking my sir name?

    ~~Moved to the Regional forum, from Effect of Major Family Changes - As the OP is asking about name changes and adoption. As the PI gives unmarried mothers sole custody and the fathers have no parental rights. This discussion is best handled with members familiar with both countries.~~
  10. Actually you can ask for your passport back. They will ask for it when AP is over, the only other issue is whether they already canceled your B2. If they didn't it's not likely you will gain entry while in AP.
  11. ~~Moved to Working and Traveling, from AOS family Progress Reports~~
  12. ~~As you may have noticed this Mega thread is for posting all your questions about your case. Multiple threads have already been merged. This thread is not to be turned into a political bashing nightmare. Keep it strictly for helping members understand what is happening and how or if it will impact their case. There is to be no bashing of members who are worried and confused. We are a forum to help others not tear them down. There will be a ZERO tolerance of attacks in this thread.~~
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