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  1. most definitely! 🩵 that would be the best route and then we can also save up and do our big Indian reception after
  2. I agree. I was just saying we had June 2025 in mind as the processing times show 16 months. I understand the unpredictability of the visa so we aren’t setting any dates.
  3. Thanks for your insights! It’ll be exciting if this tracker does estimate correctly and my fiancé and I can be together sooner! Thank you so much for your info! We were anticipating 2025 as his arrival here and were planning a June 2025 wedding lol a little worried now if this does speed up like that 😂 Congratulations on your approval! I will def keep T m v n in mind.
  4. Thanks guys! I was just trying to keep a false hope that it was right alive 😂 That’s better than 16 months! 🥲
  5. Hey guys! Sorry if this isn’t the right forum for this but a general question of track my visa now is accurate or somewhat accurate? I just submitted my K1 petition last week and it’s anticipating I will get approved in May… 🫣
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