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  1. NO! MOST POSTERS SAID YOU MUST AMEND YOUR TAXES TO MARRIED!!!! So that means filling out a PAPER tax return amendment, and MAILING it in with NRA written in the SSN spot for the spouse. This is NOT something you can do online or with an online program most of the time. You do not need an ITIN, however since your I-485 was denied, then so was the EAD so there likely will not be an SSN coming for your spouse so you CAN file for one if you choose.
  2. Canadian on TN status married to greencard holder

    No you file the I-130, wait for it to be approved.. then when your priority date is current you can AOS if you're currently in the USA or ask the USCIS to send it to the NVC so you can do consular processing if you're not.
  3. Yes your legal status does not change even if the green card is expired. Once the NOA1 letter is received, combined with your green card, you have proof of your valid status for 1 more year. After that you can obtain an I-551 stamp at a local office.
  4. Lifting Conditions Event Date CIS Office : California Service Center Date Filed : 2015-04-27 NOA Date : 2015-04-30 RFE(s) : Bio. Appt. : 2015-06-09 Interview Date : Approval / Denial Date : 2015-10-07 Approved : Yes Got I551 Stamp : No Green Card Received : 2015-10-14 Comments : A local office adjudicated and sent a typed letter for the approval vs official letterhead. Yes I'm eligible for citizenship based on 5 years right now. No i have no intentions on filing for citizenship at this point in time.
  5. MFS = married filing separately IMHO = in my humble opinion I would print out whatever you did not send with the I-130 moving forward, monthly, as long as you were both ACTIVELY using the account. the I-751 instructions do state that BUT they also seem to assume the foreign spouse to have adjusted status vs entering via CR1 visa. I didn't send anything from before moving except some bank statements, because we didn't have much joint anything before that point. So there was nothing to show! So in my opinion, you don't have to. However you may choose to, which many people do, especially in your situation where you lived together before immigration. Your choice. I can suggest what is or isn't necessary, but you still have the choice to send something or not. For instance people send their marriage certificates. I think it's completely pointless to do so and would suggest it's irrelevant, but you can make that choice to do it regardless.
  6. Canadians Awaiting NVC Case Numbers

    There are only specific dates available. Not every day will be open and I believe starting in June, people were reporting that Montreal again was switching to K1 interviews on Wednesdays only.
  7. Your spouse still needed to file taxes for 2015 as married. I didn't include my husband's filing of MFS our first year of marriage. Many people suggest sending things from before moving. While the joint bank account, if used by your US spouse, would be beneficial, IMHO, you don't have to include anything from before immigrating to the USA. You sent that information for the I-130.
  8. Okay thanks for answering. I agree with JFH. You need to find out Jamaican law on the subject.
  9. We're Canadian. We don't needs visas or use ESTA to visit. Until 911 we didnt even need passports. The CBP officer wanted proof that the 15 year old was in Hawaii, alone and was legally attending school You made my point... it comes down to the CBP officer that day that you deal with and if they choose to believe you about your intent. If they don't they will deny entry. For people who need visas or have to use ESTA, obviously that creates an issue.
  10. Sorry that you expect to be spoon fed. There is a link at the top of the page for the guides. There is a link on the right on mobile for the guides. You can google the NVC website and look at the IV fee. You can use the search function. I am NOT mocking you, I'm making you do you own work. If you have an issue with that, I apologize for asking you to look for yourself, but it's not less than I would do for my kid, my mom, my husband... Sorry you have an issue. Actually you only pay one AOS fee if all the cases are at the NVC at the same time.
  11. So your mom has physical custody right now. Why were the children not petitioned at the same time as you out of curiosity? regardless do you have court ordered proof of your custody of them?
  12. of course you weren't. But you could have said, i am planning on settling down with my wife and kids, and THEN you would have been denied entry and your ability to enter without a visa would have been over. So how you say something and if the CBP officer in front of you believes you and your intentions is another story. My ex SIL was denied entry with her 15 year old daughter sitting in their house in Hawaii. She needed to bring the paperwork proving the children were attending a private school, had the appropriate visas, to do so and that she hadn't spent too much time in the USA. (of course she had, but that's besides the point atm.) The next day the CBP officer didn't even ask for any of this paperwork and waved her through. Not everyone can afford to buy a ticket for the next day though.
  13. Proving domicile when not living in the U.S.

    Have you read any of this thread? Can be anywhere between 2-12 weeks or more.
  14. Try these guys too https://serbinski.com/
  15. Doesnt matter if marriage equality is a thing in Lebanon, the OP is getting married in the USA.