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arrowDo you get interview waiver letter like with AOS?
January 23, 2017, 7:40 pm Last comment by QueenOfBlades

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Hi all,

As explained in a previous topic, I have anxiety disorder, ADHD and panic attacks. This process stresses me out beyond belief and the idea of an interview scares the ####### outta me.

I know with AOS if you don't get an interview, you receive a waiver letter (we did). Is this the same with ROC, or won't we know till it's adjudicated?


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arrowConfusion about I-864
January 23, 2017, 7:39 pm Last comment by allyrose

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Hi everyone. Some helpful people have already been messaging me about this issue but I'd like to get a majority opinion :)

We are in the process of filing for AOS. As the spouse of the intended immigrant, I have to fill out the I-864 affidavit of support. My mom needs to co-sponsor and because we are living with her, I was told she needs to file an I-864A to be a co-sponsor, not a regular I-864. But that form is really confusing because she is the head of household and claims me as a partial dependent on our taxes, and the forms verbage is confusing. Getting really stressed. Thanks guys.

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arrowJust received Permanent Residence - Do I need to file a tax return this year
January 23, 2017, 7:16 pm Last comment by rbromley17

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Hi everyone,

I just received my 2 year conditional green card (date on the card being January 12th 2017) having gone through the K1 visa and AOS route.

Do I need to complete a tax return now or would my first one be next year? From what I read I think I may not need to do one this time around

Also, whether or not I need to , will this affect my wife's tax return in anyway?

Many thanks,


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arrowUK Entry
January 23, 2017, 5:33 pm Last comment by LaurenAndBrent

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Hi Everyone!

I don't even know if this can be answered here because it's a US immigration site, but hoping a fellow Brit can tell me...

Basically, when I met my husband and got engaged, I went to the UK on a marriage visa, obtained it, and we got married in 2012. Shortly after, we made the decision to immigrate here, and after talking it over with my immigration lawyer, there wasn't really a process I had to follow, so I just let it expire.

We have a vacation planned to go back in February and visit family, but my passport (still says maiden name, but I'm bringing marriage certificate) still has the expired visa in it. I contacted my immigration lawyer from when I first went, and she said since it was just a visit and ten day vacation, they should let me in. But the "should" had me a little worried.

In my mind, it shouldn't be a big deal, as my husband has a current us permanent resident card, so that alone shows we have no intention of staying... along with our tickets that show a return flight the next week, and me assuring them I DO NOT want to move to England.... but since I've been held over at heathrow before, it scares me a bit as to if they are going to let me in?

Any advice or added evidence I should bring to ensure they don't give me too hard of a time??

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arrowHavent got children red health book! Is this a problem for London medical?
January 23, 2017, 2:05 pm Last comment by V&SP

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Hi, my 2 daughters and i have our medicals on monday, i no longer have their red health book given when they are born, i have vaccination records from GP is this ok? Will not having red books be a issue?

Many thanks in advance


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