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arrowSubmitting documents to NVC as 'ONE package'
September 19, 2014, 7:28 am Last comment by Ryan E

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I have a question for fellow NVC fillers, I have read over and over to submit the AOS package and then wait for the IV fee to be available pay and  and then send the IV package. 


Browsing on the State website and I saw the below, my question is do I submit the IV documents together with AOS or individually?


Step 6: Submit Documents to the NVC

After you collect your Affidavit of Support form(s) and financial evidence in Step 4, and supporting documents in Step 5, you must submit all of the documents in ONE package to the NVC. Your case may be significantly delayed if you fail to submit all of your documents in one package.

Review the methods below, and choose the one that applies to your case.


I have been told the submit all in 'ONE' is a new system for September on wards, I wanted to know from anyone that has done it, do I need to wait for IV Fee to become available before sending the 'one package' ?


How soon does the IV fee become available after the AOS is paid? Our AOS fee was paid 18tth Sept and today 19th Sept is has appeared as PAID.


Thanks in Advance. 

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arrowRFE, Intent to Marry
September 18, 2014, 5:33 pm Last comment by Bakemma

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We got an RFE today in the mail today that say the letter that we submitted regarding intent to marry was insufficient because it did not properly  "convey the beneficiary's understanding that the marriage must take place within 90 days of his admission to the U.S." The applicable evidence that we can submit is either a statement from the beneficiary, evidence of the beneficiary's involvement in the wedding preparations, or evidence that clearly establishes the couple's intent to marry within the 90 day time farm. MY question is, Ollie is happy to send me another statement, but to speed things up can he type it up. Print it out, sign it, and then scan it to me or does the signature have to be "wet" so to speak. I also have a receipt that states I have placed a deposit on our venue for the wedding on 5/1/14 and that my deposit is paid in full. Would that be sufficient? I called USCIS to ask and the lady on the phone told me to call an immigration lawyer if I was unsure what to submit. I then asked her if she meant an immigration lawyer that got information directly from USCIS and she told me yes ma'am. I'm like freaking seriously, why can't you just tell me what is acceptable or not. It says on my freaking email that I can call this number to find out what is acceptable!!! ARGH!!!! I am so frustrated. Today has been an awful day, only to find out my RFE was because we left out saying 90 days on his intent letter :'( I hope things get better.

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arrowQuick Co-Sponsor Q for the good old I-864
September 18, 2014, 3:36 pm Last comment by dwheels76

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Hi Guys,


A quick question I am hoping some light could be shed on.


Our application was recently approved and received by the NVC, so we are scrambling to get the next steps fully ready.  The key ingredient here is the I-864 form:


My wife (the US citizen) is a student, so we dont fulfull the income requirements.


Therefore if i read form I-864 correctly, we need to add a household member as a co-sponsor.  This is slightly confusing because when we move to the US our household will only be me and her?


That household member then completes form I-864A which we file with my wifes I-864 and we are all good.  Hopefully this sounds correct to now.


Key question: Our preferred co-sponsor is not a relative (Godfather), is this permissible for the form/application.  If so they would seem to fall under the 'other dependant' category when specifying the relationship - though this doesnt really make sense, since they are not a dependant.


Assistance much appreciated,



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arrowRequest For More Information- Delay?
September 18, 2014, 2:36 pm Last comment by NLR

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Just wondering if anyone in a similar situation could give me their time frame. We just received (this morning) a request for more information for our I-864, pertaining to my 2013 taxes. We will have the papers overnighted and arriving tomorrow. Does any one know what kind of delay we should expect from this?

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arrowEffects on travelling after Divorce
September 18, 2014, 12:42 pm Last comment by JohnR!

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Thank you in advance to everyone who responds to my question, I appreciate your help through this difficult time. After 3 years of marriage me and my husband are divorcing, its an amicable split in which both of us want the best for one another.


I have my permanent 10 year green card in my married name as well as a UK passport in my married name. Our divorce will be finalized late October/early November and I am reverting back to my maiden name. I plan to fly back to England for the holidays in December - as there isn't a lot of time between the divorce being finalized and me updating my documents will I be safe travelling with documents (resident card and passport) that are in my married name, if my name has been changed by the courts back to my maiden name?


I'm sorry if this question has been answered time and time again, my head is all over the place at the moment.


Thank you!

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