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Expedition (contact info?)
4:23 pm today


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Morning all,

we requested yo be expedited and we're sent an email asking for a few documents to be faxed.

we faxed them but would like to make sure the fax was received.

on the email to fax the papers, no contact info was left to reach the department for expedition and the rep at USCIS told us he has no idea if they fax came through.

there is also no timeframe given on the email from USCIS for how to proceed after you fax the additional documents they need.

i feel like I'm completely in the dark.


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Biometrics question
4:07 pm today


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I filed to adjust my status from a K1 visa and received a biometrics appointment. On all prior forms I had my eye color as brown.

Anyways at the biometrics I go to get my picture taken and the lady says I forgot to tick eye color and I say brown, but ask her (I have light brown/hazelnut color) but she looks and says its more hazel so checks the hazel box.

I didn't think anything of it really at the time since it was a person at the biometrics place who confirmed it. Though with previous paperwork being brown eye colour it won't cause a issue in the future with i-751 removal of conditions or n400 citizenship???

I spoke to a lawyer who said the whole brown vs hazel issue is fine and its okay I changed it to make it more specific. For future, select one and use on all future documents.

Should I just continue and select hazel on all future forms and biometrics or brown as I did before.

My wife thinks I'm a nut and over thinks completely, she says my eyes are hazel and went to Target and the guy said they look hazel to him lol. I just basically dont want it to affect citizenship down the line.

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Moving State whilst waiting for interview
2:56 pm today


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Hi All,

Quick question I cannot seem to find an answer for. I am waiting on my AoS interview however in the mean time I am moving to a new state. Does my application follow me when I file the change of address or will my interview still be handled at the office in the original state?

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lack of evidence for I-751. please help!
3:51 am today


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What can I do when I have a lack of evidence for I-751?

We never had a joint bank account or filed a tax return. We don't have any kids. We always lived with his family so we never really had a lease agreement. The only thing I have is a lease agreement his family wrote up when I needed it to get some kind of document. (I can't even remember what that was now) so I'm scared they're going to just decline my application to remove conditions. What can I do in this kind of situation?

I don't file until next year but I'm worrying about it now, I'd like to get myself as prepared as possible.

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Specific Dates Required for AP?
12:36 am today


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Hi everyone!

So we didn't file for AP when we filed for my husband's AOS in February, because we don't need to leave the country until December for Christmas. Anyway, we didn't think we would need AP because we thought we'd have his green card by November at the latest. Recently, we called USCIS because it's been 6 months since we filed, and they said a) it was too early to call because it needs to be 6 months since anything has progressed with the case, which would be March/April when he got his EAD, and b) the Orlando office is still processing cases from October 31st. We filed Feb 13th, so it's going to be a WHILE before they get to us.

We need to go to England for Christmas, since my husband has not seen his family since January. But we can't book tickets yet and don't have specific dates, is that okay? Do we need specific dates for the AP? And also if anyone has any suggestions about how to handle this frustration or if this is normal (which is probs is) please let me know :)


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