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Aos interview is different state to residence
10:41 pm yesterday


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Can you have your interview in a different state to which you live?

Our interview was rescheduled as we moved from VT to MA but when they rescheduled the interview they wrongly kept it in VT. Can I just go to this interview or will it need to take place in the state I live?

Ive heard a lot of mixed opinions on this and just don't know what to believe! Some people say you have to do it in your jurisdiction, and others say jurisdiction is only relevant for naturalization.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Thank you!

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Interview Documents (Final check)
4:01 pm yesterday


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Hey Folks,

I know there are summary topics for the London embassy, and links to their 'required documents' but I keep reading posts and seeing different things that people are bringing that are not mentioned on any of these lists.

l would love a little peace of mind if you lovely people could spare me a quick second and check over my list.

I have, ready for my interview:

  • Passport - expires in 2026 - as well looked after as I could keep it (it lives in an empty CD case, especially when travelling)
  • Old passport - contains a previous trip to America and some other international trips
  • Police certificate - x2
  • Birth certificate - 2 versions both with photo copies
  • Medical appointment documents - including confirmation to use during AOS
  • US Passport photos - x2 - left over from when we initially sent in the application in February (4 and a bit months old)
  • Original letter from Embassy informing me of my case number - with attached photo copy of i-129f
  • Printed confirmation page from DS-160 - both pages
  • Printed confirmation email for scheduled interview
  • Printed confirmation of payment for both interview and courier
  • Fianc e's I-134 - including letter from employer, letters from bank & previous bank statements
  • Fianc e's mom's I-134 - including letter from employer, letters from bank & previous bank statements
  • Typed letter confirming our intent to marry - mine and hers
  • Fianc e's birth certificate & passport

Now. I've also seen mentioned (in a post from May) something about a Sworn Statement? From friends and family? Do I need that!? That wasn't mentioned anywhere I could see. Certainly not on the official list (which helpfully omits the requirement of the confirmation letters too! :P)

Am I missing anything else? Other evidence? Photos? I heard they weren't necessary and although useful, my fianc e will be there with me to prove that we've met recently! (side question, do I need to let the Embassy know in advance that she will be joining me? She'd just be waiting in the waiting room with me, correct?)

I would really super appreciate a quick look over! Thank you so much. Again. All of you are great.

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K1 visa.... US embassy
3:30 pm yesterday


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Hey guys, I need some advice.

I received my letter of transfer to the US embassy in the U.K. On the 11th May. I still have not heard from the US embassy to state it has arrived. I have been checking on the tracker and still states it is "in transit". I have heard from a few people who have received their package already and they got the letter of transfer way after mine. I have also emailed the embassy and have waited for a reply for over a week but no reply back!

Im going to call the Embassy tomorrow morning sharp! But what is the reason for this?! Should I be worried? Please help!

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Just curious on creditscores...
10:44 am yesterday


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Hey all.

I know i am thinking a bit far ahead as i've not even received our NOA2 but I was wondering does our creditscore follow us from our country (I'm from UK) or do we rebuild in the US? I'm curious as in a few years id like to buy a home.



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Visit boyfriend on esta/vwp? How long until it is safe and legal to get married?
4:33 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone.

i need help!

I met my boyfriend this time last year whilst i was doing a Disney program, so I was on a Q1 visa (a visa specifically for foreigners to work at Disneyworld, Florida). We've basically been inseparable ever since and the only time we were apart was when i went traveling with some of my work friends. I then flew home (the UK) for a month to visit friends and family who i hadn't seen for 15 months with already having booked a flight back to the US for a months time (June 7th) (which the boyfriend made me do lol) to visit my boyfriend plus all my friends still working in Orlando. I originally had a return flight book for June 14th, but decided to stay longer. I've now been in the country for just over 2 weeks, and me and my boyfriend have been discussing our future as we don't want to be going back and forth without one of us having a substantial job. We have loosely discussed marriage since I've arrived back in the states and whilst doing a lot of research think this is our best option. I have done a bit of research into marriage/AOS/AP/green card and all the different visas but as I'm already in the country i think the best route is to stay and do everything whilst I'm here. However this is where I need help; some websites I've looked at says theres a 30/60 day rule about marriage and AOS. This suggests that for me to look like I haven't committed visa fraud i have to wait like 60 days before we get married and start filing? This sounds very daunting to me as even though I've visited friends, looked into volunteer work and tried to make the most out of my time, the thought of me not doing anything for another 6 weeks plus several months whilst the application is getting processed sounds very depressing. Just wondered if anyone entered the country and got married after 30 days or 60 days?? Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks :)

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