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arrowBirth certificate with I129f
August 28, 2016, 1:31 pm Last comment by SwedishLondoner

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I am a Swedish citizen living in London Uk, my fiancé who lives in USA will soon send in our I-129f will all our documents.

Question is do we have to send my birthcertificate?
As born in Sweden we don't really get issued a birthcertificate, but we have something similar with all mine and parents birth dates etc.

It also said that I emigrated to uk last year but the dates that states is the dates it was registered. But I actually moved the year before.

Does anyone know if this will be a problem? As that won't match with the addresses on the form G325a. HELP PLEASE!

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arrowWhat living situation did you immigrate into? How has your life turned out?
August 28, 2016, 9:34 am Last comment by heartmango

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Hi, this is something I'm just curious to ask since it feels reassuring to hear other people's very varied experiences with immigration. I maybe worry just a bit too much that I'm not someone who's marrying someone who has a really high paying job they've been in for years and a nice home and all the life security you could ever want or something like that, lol. Though then again I have also seen some really awful stories of rich guys marrying foreign women and them ending up in a very unfulfilling or abusive relationship with nowhere to go, so it's not necessarily the great thing that sets your life up for good for everyone...

Me and my fiance (22 and 20/21) haven't actually started yet but we're pretty well set up to do it whenever we're ready. I'm in a job right now and saving up again (I've done lots of visits with different work inbetween before we decided I really should marry and live with them rather than be in this limbo and actually seriously start on our life together, which I guess has also only been a recent opportunity) and they are living in an apartment nearby his family and working for his Dad.

He has done a bit of Uni but his life circumstances changed to move from Kentucky to California in the past year, at first he tried to continue studies at college but then his Dad wanted him to work for his company and live in his own apartment for now. He should make a salary of about 21 - 25k part time (depends how much work there is) and there is a bit of paycheck to paycheck living with few savings. Having all this living with his Dad nearby makes a huge difference than having these circumstances living entirely on your own unsupported.

I'm someone who lives at home, did a year's community college course after school but then decided I didn't want to continue since I wasn't sure if I was on the right path or generally what I wanted to do (was doing Digital Art and Design but also constantly had wanting to live with and visit my boyfriend on the mind, lol) and wanted to do work for a bit, took ages to get my first job and I made visits to see my partner when I could. Saw him in Kentucky twice and visited twice on long trips recently to California (it was only going to be once but then I got invited for a wedding) to California and we essentially lived together in his apartment both times. It went really well and that was the deciding point that we should really start our lives together. No more screwing around in short term jobs to just scrounge together money for trips and not going to college!

I'm doing what temp/high turnover type jobs I can to save up again, generally keeping our lives on track while we move towards this. When I get there I can maybe expect to work with his Dad if they get an opening but if not I guess I'll have to work at entry level jobs til it becomes a possibility to start on community college. That's just how it is I guess. Makes me wish I had just completed something already in 4 years after I left school, but what can you do...

How about you? Or anyone else you know, or any other stories you've heard? I like hearing about how different immigration can be for everyone.

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arrowCase ready for interview
August 28, 2016, 6:03 am Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Check my case and saying ready to be schedule for a interview does this mean I get the work permit or travel parole before or after. Pls help

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arrowBringing employers letter for AOS interview necessary?
August 28, 2016, 1:43 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hi everyone,


I have everything ready for the AOS interview except my husband's employer letter. Is it absolutely necessary to have that? I mean we have the 3 years tax return including this years one plus his pay stubs and W2. We have also previously submitted this prior the interview....

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arrowCan't open a joint bank account!
August 27, 2016, 12:28 pm Last comment by MsCompE

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We've been to a bank 3 times (Chase) and still can not open up a jiont savings account together!.


One year temporary work and travel card  - did not help (married name)


Both names on utility bill - did not help (married name)


Pass port with K1 visa insert - did not help(maiden name) 


I-94 - did not help (maiden name)


Certified copy of marriage certificate - did not help (married name)


I-797C action of notice states that I-485 (for AOS) has been received and is in progress (married name)


The man finely said that we need our official green card to open a bank account in both our names.


So if my wife finds a job, how is she going to cash her check?


I know it is proper to have a joint bank account for your interview for the AOS to show but how do you open one up without the official 2 year green card that you get after the interview, What else can we do??????



Going to try to add her to my bank account on Monday but don't know if that will work either!





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