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Wrong place of birth on passport
9:21 pm today


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I recently applied for and received my US passport. Unfortunately the place of birth says California instead of United kingdom.

They didn't need my birth certificate just my Naturalization Cert. Which clearly states country of former nationality as United Kingdom.

Will this be an issue if I used this passport to travel?

I have contacted the department of state and they tell me now they need a copy of my birth certificate, the passport and a statement explaining the correction needed. Why do they now need my birth certificate if they didn't need it in the first place to issue the passport.

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Building my Credit Score
8:59 pm today


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So I've been in the US a few months now, and admittedly I should have perhaps looked into this earlier, but better late than never. My wife has a high credit score, we're fairly sure it's "excellent". As far as I'm aware, I don't have a credit score. I tried to check via credit karma, but I don't think i've been in the country long enough for the database to find me.

So, my wife has a credit card with USBank. Can I get added to this in some way that I can be building my credit score up on the sidelines?


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Does anyone have NVC Document Cover Sheet samples?
2:17 pm today


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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could possibly post a scan of their recent NVC Document Cover sheet that came along with their welcome packet - the one listing all the financial and civil documents required. I saw a recent screenshot from another post and it seemed like the order of the documents had been switched around recently with civil documents listed first. Wasn't sure if this is a permanent update from last year or if the individual perhaps had a one-off.

I'm working on preparing my documents for the next stage so wanted to make sure I had the right order.

If anyone can share a copy of their recent document cover sheets from February or March 2017, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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AOS step by step
12:01 pm today


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So I have downloaded all the forms, sponsors found, husband put money aside for the process...

i would like to ask you lovely folks where to start. I know that about 4 forms are to be filed simultaneously, which are I-130, 485, the one regarding work permit and also advance parole to leave the country if need be. Are they all filed to the same department? And as far as medical examination is concerned did you guys schedule the appointment before you actually entertained filing all of the above forms? Or can the result of medical examination be filed at a later stage or alongside I-485?

if there is anyone of you patient enough to list the steps and write them here or link we with a post that explains it in detail I would be thrilled.

Every good wish wish and hope to hear from you.


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submitting substitute document instead of birth certificate I-485
8:21 pm yesterday


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Hello Folks,

I have a question. As it seems I haven't got a copy of my Polish birth certificate to hand. I know that obtaining one would take lots of time and possibly money since a translation will be required. However I have a national ID card which states all the information that is needed from a birth certificate. The ID is in both Polish and English and is government issued so I hope a copy of this document , say certified would be good enough? Or is it an obligation to submit a birth certificate without exceptions? Please let me know.


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