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arrowCurrent wait time between filing and NOA1?
April 23, 2014, 11:07 am Last comment by Natonstan

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Hey guys, my package was marked as "Delivered" on wednesday the 16th (7 days ago), what's the current wait time for NOA1 email/letter, am I right in thinking it's 5-10 days average?

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arrowReschedule my interview date after payment?
April 23, 2014, 6:19 am Last comment by phem0r

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Hello VJ'ers


Does anyone know if i can reschedule my interview date if i have already signed up on and payed my visa fee?


My boss wants me to reschedule it..  :ranting:


Thank you


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arrowi-864 sponsor co sponsor conflicting opinions
April 23, 2014, 4:44 am Last comment by CanGirl

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Hi all


I just wondered if someone knowledgable can clear up a few things..


we have interview next week


my wife is USC here in uk and has filled out a i-864 as the main sponsor/petitioner but obviously doesnt meet the poverty line so we have my brother in law as my co sponsor.


He earns $$$,$$$ a year and has provided his 2013 return which would be 2012 tax year (form 1040) aswell as ssn card, drivers lic, marriage cert, pass port etc...He has only just submitted his tax return for this year so dont think we will have it yet...problem? do i need his w2?


He has completed his i864 form..stating only joint sponsor...


now people are saying his wife should fill out a i864a, but when i read the guidelines that is only required if he didnt make the poverty line.


Am i incorrect? she doesnt work so has no income.


Also we are staying with my inlaws for a month until we get into a place and i then read that my inlaws need to do i-864 aswell?


I have a signed letter from them stating temporary residence.


Thanks for your help....

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arrowCR-1 Evidence of Relationship Supporting Documents
April 23, 2014, 3:26 am Last comment by shippingforecast

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Hello everyone, just need some support with our proof of relationship documents. My wife lives in Texas, and I'm still in the UK. We have never lived together, so I can't provide any evidence of co-habitation/shared financial resources, and we do not have children together (yet).


I'm really worried about our proof of relationship documentation, so I'm trying to amass as much as humanly possible - at present, I have;



Photos (in different locations, times, and at our wedding ceremony)

Web chat history - I condensed this down to excerpts around 300 pages as the document is 4,000 pages long

ATM transactions from her time spent here

Travel money receipts from my time spent there

E-tickets for flights to the US, and her e-tickets to flights to the UK

E-tickets for flights taken by both of us to Belgium/Madrid for a city break

Third party affidavits (5 from immediate family members, 3 from close friends) 

E-mails detailing gifts bought for one another

Letter from my employer detailing my wife as my emergency contact, clearly displaying both of our addresses


Is this sufficient? Can anyone assist me in thinking of anything else I can include? I've searched around Google prior to posting and can't find further suggestions. Any help that could be offered would be great - I really need to make sure my application goes off without a hitch.

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arrowBiometrics Notice Rcvd Question
April 22, 2014, 9:43 pm Last comment by cazzers

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Hello Fellow VJ's 


Question 1: We sent our documents on 04/09/14 rcvd on 04/10/14 Notice Date for all 3 AOS I-485 I-131 & I-765 04/14/14; is this the date we use on the Timeline for NOA Date? 


Question 2: Also we rcvd the biometrics notice today in the mall Notice Date 04/17/14 in conjunction with the I-765 because in the bottom & top it says Application one & two I-485 & I-765. Will I get one like this for the I-131 as well? We are scheduled for May 15. Is the biometrics for I-485 and I-765 or just one?


Is EAD the I-765 on Timeline? 


Is this time frame normal to rcv biometrics...


Depending on Question 2; Does this mean we are approved and we don't have to worry about RFE for the employment & aos?


What normally happens after the biometrics? 


Thanks VJ's 

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