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arrowVaccination records
August 30, 2015, 4:29 pm Last comment by Nich-Nick

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Hi everyone,


I'm currently trying to get ahead with getting my vaccination records, considering that we have a very uncooperative doctor's surgery. I am trying to figure out what exactly Knightsbridge will accept as a vaccination record.


I have managed to obtain a print out of my vaccination history from 2000 to 2011, but there are some records missing in terms of details of vaccinations received (e.g. in some cases it simply says: Infectious dis:prevent/control - I suspect these are things like Rabies jabs done at a different practice) and of course there is no record on there of childhood vaccines - likely they only computerised things from 2000. It is also just a list printed list - it has my NHS number, GP details and surgery address, and date printed, but nothing like a signature


I have asked for them to dig out the paper records. I also have my vaccination booklets which have records for 2011-2013.


I have a few questions:


- is the simple print out adequate? If not, what do I need to ask them to do

- are there any specific requirements for the document when they write up the paper records (if they do find them...) e.g. does it need to be signed?

- are the vaccination booklets a sufficient record - these are fold out booklets that have the date of each vaccination and a signature of the nurse, and in some cases the sticker from the bottle. Or do I need to get in touch with the practice that did those and get a different record?


Apprehensive to get this right as I probably have one or two chances to request things from them and then they will probably refuse to help further


Thanks everyone. I can upload a scan of the printout if this helps, just not sure if that is wise on a public forum


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arrowRenewing ESTA ?
August 30, 2015, 10:09 am Last comment by AmAjjD

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may be a silly question but bear with me :) 


I have my interview on the 15th for K1, now Im hoping to be flying on the 3rd October, but my ESTA has expired. So if for some strange circumstance I fail the interview would I  :


a) a still be able to fly on and ESTA 

b) Can I apply for an ESTA now and not interfere with the K1 ?


Any help or thoughts appreciated




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arrowDrug/Alcohol Abuse History
August 29, 2015, 12:15 pm Last comment by mrswalker15

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Greetings from Chicago! I am new to the site, so forgive me if this has been asked in the past. 


My husband and I are going to try to apply for the I-130/I-129F visa for America. He lives in England currently, and we have been in a LDR for 4.5 years(married for 3 months.)


We have everything that we need to get the visa going and we are really excited, but have hit a bit of a snag. My husband has a small history of alcohol/drug abuse from 4 years ago. While he has only been to the doctor for it once, it is on his medical record. We are extremely worried this will hinder our process for him to move here and for us to finally be together. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, how did it work out for you? What was the process like? How long did it take? 


We are slightly freaking out and need some advice. Your help is appreciated! Enjoy your day!


Mrs. Walker (L)

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arrowI-134 What will London accept?
August 28, 2015, 11:48 pm Last comment by Marcieannm

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   My fiancee and I are in the final stages of the application process but I am stuck on Question 11 of form I-134.  Can anyone tell me what has worked for them at the London Consulate?  Are you supposed to check I intend or I do not intend to provide specific contributions?  I have also heard you can check neither and simply write N/A.  What has worked for everyone else?  Any help is appreciated!!

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arrowGC Received: I'm Legit!
August 28, 2015, 8:57 pm Last comment by Jameson78

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Hi all - 


This is my first post in a while as I haven't needed to be on here recently.  I got to the US on a K1 last July and filed AOS in Sep 2014.  Well this morning I finally received my Green Card welcome letter and it feels great so I had to share!


I'm here not just to be smug: I do have specific circumstances around historic UK police cautions that could have easily derailed this whole endeavour, and so I post here perhaps to give some hope to those in similar situations.  Over the past year I have received a whole lot of direct messages from some of those people, so let me say this post is for them.


If you're interested in the long story, here is the thread:




And a little more detail on my case since arriving last summer:


I had my interview 16 days ago, despite initially receiving a letter stating I was unlikely to be interviewed.  I attended with my wife and armed with a bag full of evidence of our co-mingling, our finances, our wedding, even wedding ring receipts and signed affidavits from our family and friends stating we are the real thing.  We took everything, because why not.  The interviewing officer asked for none of these things and simply took copies of some of our wedding photographs.  We also faced no further questions about the legitimacy of our relationship, and instead the interview was taken up by my repeating answers to those questions we've all faced on the i-485 and the landing card about whether you've ever been a murderer or a pimp or a nazi.  It all seemed a little strange to me but of course very easy to answer a clear NO to everything.


The interview seemed to be plain sailing when suddenly a supervising officer entered the room and explained that he needed further detail from the file regarding my UK police history.  Whilst thumbing through the paperwork this second guy was very apologetic about interrupting but that he required further clarification on what constitutes a caution in the UK since there is no comparable charge under US law.  I politely offered them a copy of the subject access report which expands further on the police certificate; worryingly they had not seen this despite it being in my application.  Lesson learned: be thorough, and speak up if you have information supporting your case, even if its evidenced already!  They are human and may have missed it!


I'm surprised the supervising officer was not already knowledgeable on UK police cautions, but its possible these situations don't come through very often.  I appreciated his candor and also his apologies for delaying the situation; he could not have been more understanding and supportive even as I started to think the worst. 


The interviewing officer concluded the interview and stated a decision would be pending further investigation but that I would receive notification anywhere between 14 - 90 days.  I was gutted.  It felt horrible to have come this far, to have uprooted my life and started over, only to have this whole fuss come to bite me at the last hurdle.  I stressed and stressed all over again for days afterwards.


Well, 16 days later I got my welcome letter, so i'm now officially a legal permanent resident!  


Despite the ebb and flow of expectations for coming on two years now, with rattled nerves based on some poor choices in my past, things turned out ok for me after all, and my wife and I can carry on with our blissful lives together in sunny California.  Thank you America, and I owe even bigger thank you's to visajourney.com for seeing me through this whole process.  Everything here from the guides to the reviews to the timelines and of course all the helpful feedback in the forums has carried us through this grueling process.  I honestly do not know if we would have made it without this website.  Hooray for the internet, and hooray for all the good people who stick around to pass on their invaluable knowledge.





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