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Permanent Green Card Holder marrying overstayer
5:08 am today


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Hi Visa Journeyers, I am hoping someone would chip in with valuable information for my cousin. She is an overstayer and has asked me if she can marry a permanent resident to adjust her stay. Unsure I told her I will ask on her behalf. Will her visa overstay be forgiven?

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11:57 pm yesterday


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Hi I entered on a K1 visa got married. Haven't yet filed i 485 will shortly, can I apply for a i 94 to go to Canada by car for a week ,or will I be denied re entry because k1 is a single entry visa.

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No i797c for i485
11:48 pm yesterday


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Hey can anyone help me, I am so confused and very annoyed. I don't have the paper copy of the i797c to say that they receieved my i485. The only thing I can find that they sent me was the biometrics i797c which states the receipt numbers and that it's for the i485-i765.

I need to reapply for my work and travel but I am told by them that I can't renew it for free without the i797c for i485. I contacted the number a few weeks ago, they put me to teir 2, they called me back and said I had to write an email to lockbox. I waited and waited until I finally receieved an email back that said they dont keep the records longer than 6 months and I need to contact the uscis call center. The ones who gave me the email in the first place. My EAD is going to run out before I can even apply at this rate.

What does everyone's first copy of the i797c look like for their i485?

I can not view anything online because when I put my number in its says its invalid.

Grrrr sorry guys but I am really losing my patients. I'm upset that this is taking so long to correct things. When I called back they said they have emailed my states facility and I should hear something within 30 days. It's too long, they said I can book an info pass appointment but they dont have any available since you can only get one on like a Wednesday or something stupid.

Please help me.

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filing but have lost 2 yr green card...can i travel?
8:00 pm yesterday


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Ok question. I lost my green card but instead of paying $600 for a new one I want to just use that $600 to file my removal of conditions (why waste money I don't have?)

I need to travel back to the UK next month though and I know I won't have my new green card in time. Is there anything I can do, without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money?

I am eligible as of next week to file for removal of conditions and so I plan to do that...

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Affividat of support - Tax return.
1:19 pm yesterday

Todd L F

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I have my interview in a few days and I ve just realized the tax return my sponsor sent me is a photo copy or print out from her pc. Is this going to be an issue? Panicking here! ?


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