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Feb 2018 NOA2 ---> NVC thread
7:25 pm yesterday


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Hi, everyone!

This thread is for everyone who got their NOA2 during the month of February 2018 - and all of those who are around to cheer us on and offer helpful input!

I am also copying and pasting important links from my signature into this post just in case anyone needs them for reference:

There are lots of NOA2s coming in mail without an update on case tracker.

Please register for informed delivery if it is applicable in your region

USPS INFORMED DELIVERY - https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action

NVC - (603)-334-0700

What to do after NOA2 Approval? How to contact NVC? Click here for info - https://goo.gl/KggThF

If you cannot get NVC on the phone try this - https://secureforms.travel.state.gov/ask-nvc.php

USCIS - 800-375-5283

How to talk to a live person at USCIS? https://goo.gl/54z5bZ

I-129F NOA2 to NVC Receive Time Tracker - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k57PdywNRpUqytomJxMzz6_7DsMqpi52DgnaYt9FyC8/edit?usp=sharing

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What information is available to the immigration officer at port of entry?
5:59 pm yesterday


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This might be a long shot but if anyone can provide some information that would be great. When the officer scans your passport at the port of entry are they able to see your US travel history? My passport is missing a stamp from a previous visit because the officer forgot. Also, can they see when you have previously visited the US embassy in your home country to get your US visa? Are previous visa denials/approvals visible to them?

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Cr1 vis to H visa help
5:06 pm yesterday


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Hello. I wonder if anyone knows?

I am am currently going through the spousal visa. And while I was in the USA last year I was inquiring about sport coaching jobs for when I arrive in the USA after the visa has been approved. Anyway the sports centre said they look forward to working with me when I arrive. I just thought can I apply for a work visa H1 as they offered me to coach there when I arrive while my cr1 visa is in process

I wasn t sure how long it took to get a work visa


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1:30 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

We have just received our NOA2 and are looking to get started with the rest of the process. Could someone please direct me to a vaccination list as I can't seem to see it on here. Thanks!

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Uscis ref number
1:15 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone

do you know if our ref number isn t coming up for our case tracking because it hasn t been looked at yet? We got our NOA1 on the 19th dec 2017. I have been checking the processing months. And noticed within the last 7 days Texas jumped from March petitions to July which was great as I hate the wait.

Do do I need to call the uscis number to find out why our ref number isn t working yet or just wait?


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