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arrowMoving - Cost of Utilities
December 10, 2016, 10:51 pm Last comment by Ash.1101

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Hey guys; so its been a while since I last posted but I was hoping for some insight. My husband, son, and I are planning a move mid-May 2017. From Northwest GA to Everett, WA. We're looking at getting a rough cost of living idea for major things, most importantly utilities. So if anyone can comment with costs that would be so appreciated. We're looking for costs ranging from as far as Seattle up to Everett if anyone lives there or has lived there and could give us an idea of the following, thanks!!


1. Water/Sewage per month?

2. Gas per month?

3. Electricity per month?

4. Trash per month?

5. Internet per month?


If this post is in the wrong place feel free to move it :)



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arrowK1 visa age difference & health issue
December 9, 2016, 6:41 pm Last comment by lost_at_sea

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Hi I'm new to the group and wanted to ask a couple of questions. Background FYI, my boyfriend is 30 years older than me. We met on a dating website in 2007 and have been in communication ever since. I've been to the US to see him twice; 2013 the trip lasting 2 weeks and my last trip there in 2015 lasting 3 weeks. I'm due to be coming for another visit in March for another 3 weeks. I'm in the UK.
My number one question is does the big age difference not raise Red flags?
And secondly, does having an underlying health issue be cause for admissibility?

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arrowCEAS status
December 9, 2016, 6:10 pm Last comment by JFH

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Hey all,


Just wondering if anyone knows how long it usually takes before the CEAS site updates to say it is being processed (after your interview)


Also, Even though they say at the end of the interview it is approved, is there still a chance you can get something from them to say they require more information or anything like that?

I was just reading different peoples posts and i do read things that i didn't think were possible, like the on i have just mentioned above.

I also read that people are collecting their passports but I thought i had read that you could not collect your passport and this had to be delivered.  :unsure:


I don't know i get really confused the more i read.

Either way they said at the embassy my visa was approved and i could expect to receive it within a couple of weeks.

Just wanting to check those things i have mentioned already.




PS - This would be London! :)

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arrowHi we got the I130 aproved and have a marrige visa
December 9, 2016, 4:20 pm Last comment by EM_Vandaveer

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Hi we got the I130 aproved and have a marrige visa! but as of a week ago she ran off with our two yold and left the other children she adopted with myself... she stole money and broke law by taking the child out of state?... Im worried because ive been married almost 4 years and I don't want to be deported out the usa or I will never see my daughter again !! please please help thanks

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arrowCivil Surgeon requiring a second exam?
December 9, 2016, 3:13 pm Last comment by LionessDeon

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I hope this is where I need to post. We are a K-1 Visa going through the Adjustment of Status. We just called a Civil Surgeon to make an appointment to fill out the I-693. My husband had his medical in London just a month and a half ago. He didn't have his medical records to show what vaccines he needed at the time, so the doctor said he could just get it done in the US.


We have his medical records now, so we just need to have a vaccine or two done and the doctor to fill out the paperwork. However, the office we just called said the doctor will not sign off unless he does the entire physical exam. This wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't another $200. Another office said it would be $375. So, my question is, is that allowed? It was my understanding that they could just give us the vaccines without having to do the full exam.

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