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2 Quick I-864 Questions
9:59 pm yesterday


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Hello Every body!

Would you be kind to help me please with these two straight forward questions please?

1)- If I understand well, my Petitioning USC Wife has to fill the form through DCF London, even though she has neither income nor asset and will be using a joint sponsor, so:

The form asks the sponsor their mailing and their physical addresses. My wife has now moved to the United States ahead of me to prepare the house and other needed things, so she is now residing there, but we're doing a DCF, so I guess it would be assumed that she still is residing with me here in the UK, but she no longer is.

Should I put mailing address in the US and physical address in the UK, or both in the US please?

2)- Am I supposed to have an Alien Registration Number (A-Number) or a USCIS ELIS Account Number yet or I have these AFTER I have moved to the US?

Thank you so very much for your help! :)

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K1 AOS Interview to 2 year GC?
7:49 pm yesterday

Reggie B

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I've searched, I couldn;t find (I know it's here somewhere) so apologises in advance.

I've just received my AOS interview date for the 21st May. We filed my i-485 mid-Feb.

How long does it usually take (assuming I am approved) from the interview to receiving a 2 year GC?

Thanks - Reggie.

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Processing times for 221g
5:40 pm yesterday


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Hopefully someone can help, I know there is no way to know how long it takes for administrative processing under 221g to be completed as each case is different. However I have been checking with USCIS and can see that my case was received at the end of February (2018). Once we know USCIS has a case, does anyone know what the wait time could potentially be? It has been nearly 4 months since I received my notification of revocation from the US embassy in London.


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Travel ban k1
4:26 pm yesterday


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My k1 interview is on the 1st of may in London. I am a syrian citizan which is affected by the ban

should I defer my interview? Or attend it

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Leaving the UK - filling in the P85 form before or after I leave?
4:10 pm yesterday

Elliott & Nickey

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So I'm a little confused, because I went online to fill in the P85 form (below where it says "Before you leave" in bold writing) only to get part way through and find that I have to fill in when I left the UK, as if I'm filling this out after I've left. Do I fill this in when I get to the states? Also what information do they need from my P45? Thanks in advance.

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