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I-130 Part 4 Q12, address in US where beneficiary intends to live - currently unknown.
9:56 pm yesterday


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I'm currently filling out my I-130 form to submit in a few weeks time. Looking for advice on Part 4 question 12. I live in the UK and my partner lives in the US, but when the visa is approved we will both be moving to a new city in the US, so don't have an address at the moment. Should I just use my partners current address?

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Approval Time Lag
8:34 pm yesterday


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Hey all!

So we're soon-to-be filers for the I-751. We've been noticing the lengthy time it's been taking for I-751 approvals. We were K-1 filers during the dreaded 2015 TSC season where it was taking an average of 250+ days just for a NOA2 (we are already prepared to know how it feels and wasn't expecting anything less). During that time period there were a lot of case transfers and reorganizations going on to help assist with the workload. I feel like something soon will be done - because 12 months is becoming just too long!

I see individuals are filing for their citizenship prior to even obtaining their ROC approval - this is definitely disadvantageous to the federal government as it is showing a lack of resources and employment (especially with the limited federal hiring that is going on with this administration). There are many federal workers retiring (baby boomers) and aren't being replaced quick enough.

I would assume the USCIS will take some sort of action soon to assist with the massive workload... perhaps open up the TSC for I-751's, transfer more cases to balance things out, open another service center, etc.? What are your thoughts on this?

Keep the faith! :)

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AOS overstay question
6:38 pm yesterday


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on form i-485 part 8 question 17 it asks 'have you ever violated the terms of your nonimmigrant visa'

my answer would be yes i have overstayed an esta. would i explain this in the additional information forms or leave it as they will already know i have overstayed?

also should i leave part 2 questions 3-9 blank as i am the principle applicant and dont have a receipt number of an underlying petition. questions 5a to 9 ask you to write about the principle applicant if you are the derivative, so should i leave this part blank as i am the principle applicant?

sorry for all the questions.

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Driving in the US
5:46 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this-

As I understand it, a valid UK drivers license is valid for 1 year and then I have to get a US driving license.

If I leave the US and re-enter does it become valid for another year again?

Any help would be great.

Thank you

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Passport question
1:41 pm yesterday


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Can anyone please tell me when the embassy in your home country (UK) returns your passport after the interview, do they mail it to your home or can you ask for it to be delivered to your work address?

Thanks in advance.

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