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arrowCan I do K2 after K1?
December 6, 2016, 7:56 am Last comment by A'n'L

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Is it okay if we fill out the DS160 for the K2 applicant after my fiance (the K1 applicant) has her interview? Both names are listed in the letter we received with in the K notification letter. 

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arrowk1 process and still in a.p
December 6, 2016, 7:28 am Last comment by DpSoon2BJones

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im in administrative processing after my interview last nov3 and until now my status havent change.
i got my 221g letter by email and did respond right away the day after my interview.


nov3 - USEM Interview day and recieved 221g letter by email.

nov4 - send documents by 2go courier
nov7 - documents delivered to USEM Manila
nov9 - case status date UPDATED
nov14- case status updated (under a.p)
nov15- case status updated (stil under a.p and got an email of request letter to bring at nbi manila)

nov17- went to nbi manila with request letter to filed for USEM.

nov25- NBI letter sent to USEM (I call nbi manila to confirm this)

dec1 - case status date updated after 15days ..woooh! .

dec2 - case status date updated again but still on a.p.

dec5 - case status date updated ... again.

today, dec6, it didnt update.
im worried if this means not good or indeed more time waiting game ?
its been more than a month after my interview. they said , will expidite cases who has medical expiring sooner.

its very frustrating.

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December 6, 2016, 6:34 am Last comment by inloveVEN
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My wife has come to US on K1 visa . We hired immigration lawyer and all went smooth. I want to take her to Turks & Caicos with me . I've bee 10 times. Can she use her Philippines passport or will she have problems going or coming back

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arrowAdmission of drug use at SLEC Med Exam
December 6, 2016, 5:58 am Last comment by Gjch23

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I'm a beneficiary for K1 visa. I just had my medical exam this morning. All was well until I admitted that I used marijuana in 2014. The doctor didn't ask any other information. She just pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote something down on it. Eventually, I learned that it was a referral for a personality evaluation. At first, I wasn't worried cause I didn't think it was a big deal since I've done it 2 years ago in Washington (where marijuana is legal), and I never did it again cause I didn't like the effect on me. It was all just out of curiosity.

When I told my fiancé, he looked stuff up and said that this is serious and a lot of people got ban because of admission to use of drugs even if they just tried it once too.

I am very scared, anxious and emotional because we thought we were almost there, close to being finally together. And this suddenly happened. 😿

I just wanted to be completely honest to avoid future problems. But I feel like I made a mistake.

Can anyone who had the same experience please give me tips about the personality evaluation? Do I still have a chance to be approved and travel to my fiancé in January 2017 (our target date)?

My Personality Eval will be on December 16th 😿

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arrowIs it okay?
December 6, 2016, 3:41 am Last comment by NuestraUnion
Bryan & Luke

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My SSN card does not have the "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" line. I'm came in on a K1 and is waiting for interview of my AOS I-485. I already have my EAD tho.

Is it okay that that line isn't showing in the card?

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