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arrowUS Citizenship handbook and CD ?
May 5, 2015, 2:54 pm Last comment by huy_le

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I was told we can get a handbook and cd from USCIS for citizenship.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I didn't see anything in the guides on this site, and the only thing I see on the USCIS website is .pdfs and .mp3s and sample test questions.  Is there an actual handbook and cd that can be obtained, and how to get it?

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arrowAOS with Child still overseas
May 5, 2015, 11:41 am Last comment by Pitaya

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I'm currently filing for AOS for my K-1 spouse. We will be bringing her daughter to the US within the 1 year time limit but have yet started on the daughters visa process. My question is, since I'm already filing for my wife's AOS, do I include her daughter in it, or do I have to do a separate AOS for her daughter once she's here?  Also if I do include her daughter in the AOS, will the fee still be the $1070 or will it be double that?


Thanks in advance.

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arrowCENOMAR Quick Question
May 5, 2015, 9:52 am Last comment by sweet01

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My fiance obtained CENOMAR, but is worried because it says it was picked up and obtained by a friend of hers and it states that and it is for any legal purpose. It is printed on NSO security paper and states that she is single. Should she obtain a new one that states it is for visa purpose and obtained by her instead? Or is she okay with what she has? Personally I think she is okay because it shows she has never been married and it is on nso paper. But who knows what the embassy thinks or the CO.

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arrowCR-1 Docs at USEM
May 5, 2015, 6:17 am Last comment by Greenbaum

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This may be premature post because I don't have all the info... More to come later.


My asawa had CR-1 interview on May 5.  Haven't had an opportunity to Skype her yet, but did get an e-mail alert, as petitioner I guess, from USEM that they can't continue or I hope complete visa processing until they have CENOMAR on NSO paper.


No where on the interview scheduled letter from NVC did it mention that this was a required document.  To get our marriage license she had to show cenomar to the LCR before they would issue one.  So if you have to have cenomar to get marriage license and she chad the NSO marriage license with her wouldn't that be de facto proof of cenomar?


Don't fully understand the documentation process, not that I FULLY understood any of the process so far, haha.  Fortunately we are not under any time constraints, just another hoop to jump through or pot-hole in the road.


This is just a heads up for future CR-1 filers that you may get an interviewer that decides he wants a cenomar in the packet or it may actually be a requirement that is not specified on their welcome letter.  Better to get one ahead of time even if you don't need it than to have to obtain it later.


So anyway, does the 229 indicate she is conditionally approved pending receipt of the cenomar or that she will have to re-interview?  Can't wait to get her side of the story.


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arrowDS-261, Online Choice of Address and Agent
May 5, 2015, 3:30 am Last comment by guitarjam

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The packet 3 email states to visit this website,

and complete the DS260 & DS-261, Online Choice of Address and Agent


Which takes you to this website;


To login with your case number and you electronically fill out the DS-260. But at the end their is no mention of the DS-261.


Going back to the website at

Shows DS-261, Online Choice of Address and Agent

and DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application


Which both links take you to the same DS-260 sign in with case number and filling out the DS-260.


The final page when filling out the DS-260 is the CONFIRMATION PAGE

which only shows "print confirmation" "print DS-260" "back to review" "back Summary"

At the bottom of the page you are given your Confirmation No:


How do you access the DS-261 online?




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