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Maiden name on GC, SSN still married name
4:19 pm today


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Hi everyone! So when we filed for my ROC, my lawyer and I decided to use my maiden name since I'm already divorced. I will be going travelling international and is a little worried cause my Social and all documents is still under my married name. Will it impose any problem coming back here?? Is it ok if I just change my name after I come back from vacation? I went to SSA last year with my extension letter but they want the unexpired GC to do a name changed. And last week I filed for my taxes. Delays on refund can occur if names doesnt match with the SS.

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N400 Filing Question...
11:31 am today


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My wife will apply for naturalization based on the 5 year rule. Working on the documents we needed to submit together with the application.

I came upon the document check list in the USCIS website, and it looks like what's needed to be submitted together with the application is only the photocopy of the green card and payment.

Since she s living her in the US no photos are required. Am I right?

But I m planning to include these other documents as well.

Form N-400 (Application)

Form G-1145 (e-notification)

Form g-1450 (Authorization Credit Card)

Photocopy of Driver License

Marriage Certificate

Form 1040 ( She s unemployed buy she s on my tax report)

Do you think these is all whats needed? any response is much appreciated. Thank you.

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I-864 counting ex-wife as dependent
9:16 pm yesterday


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In a effort to complete the AOS process, I am filling out the I-864 for my 2nd wife from the Philippines. I petitioned my first Filipina wife in 2008 and she got her 10 year Green card in 2011 but we divorced in 2013. I met and petitioned another Filipina in 2016 and she is here in USA with me on a k-1 visa and her I-94 expires in April. We got married February 23, 2017.

Part 5, question 6 of the I-864 asks, "IF you have sponsored any other persons on an I-864 or I-864 EZ who are now lawful permanent residents, enter the number here"

This is to determine the household size and to see if I meet the income requirements. Since my ex-wife was put on a previous I-864 and I am responsible for her financially until death, counting her and our son (she has primary custody but I pay her child support and still have to count him as a dependent) puts my household number at 4. My income is $35,135 per year so I meet the required income for a family of 4.

My ex-wife is working and on her own but we are not on good terms due to the nature of our divorce. What is the affect of having an ex-spouse that was petitioned in a previous immigration case? Will USCIS have a problem with this? Will I have to depend on my ex for any cooperation in this AOS process? I know she will not cooperate in anyway i.e. providing income data, etc.

Thanks in advance

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Travel to another state
8:47 pm yesterday


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My fianc is finally coming this April, we'll get married on 3rd week May and will submit AOS and AED hopefully after a week or 2 after the wedding. Thinking of going to California, what travel docs does he needs other than his Philippine passport? Do we need to apply for a travel pass? I appreciate any help. Thanks?

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Can I bring hotdogs, sausages and bratts to the Philippines?
8:03 pm yesterday


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We are going to the Philippines for a short vacay. Can I bring hotdogs, sausages and bratts from here to the Philippines? I tried looking online but was unsuccessful in finding the info.

Thanks a bunch!

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