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arrowAOS and Work Authorization have wrong last name
November 25, 2015, 11:56 pm Last comment by Kevin&Jackie

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I submitted the forms for the Work Authorization and Adjustment of Status after getting married.  The Work Authorization was approved and card already issued.  The AOS has been delayed 6 months.  While applying for her SS Card with our married last name realized the Work Authorization Card and AOS application only have her last name, NOT the married last name, mistake on my part.


What can we do to correct this issue; refile the forms, or call?

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arrowCeac Date updating but status stuck on ready for interview
November 25, 2015, 11:05 pm Last comment by Crazely

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Does anyone here experience what i am experiencing? Im done with my interview last Oct 28. Consul said my visa is approved just submit NBI with aka which i did last Nov 4. But what im worried about is... my ceac status never changed still ready for interview. Though they keep on updating the date..

Oct 28
Oct 30
Nov 2
Nov 5
Nov 10
Nov 12
Nov 13
Nov 16-20 Holidays
Nov 24

I wonder if they already start reviewing the case.. just hoping the status change soon.

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November 25, 2015, 8:44 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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Me and my husband was planning to apply for our 9 months old daughter for CRBA. I would like to ask if how long to receive a reply from us embassy for our appointment date after we will mail the documents?Is it ok to use postal ID the new one?My husband will only stay here for 1 month im worried if the embassy will set us appointment after 1 month after we mail the documents.


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arrowpermanent residency--- @ 2 year period??
November 25, 2015, 6:02 pm Last comment by Shauneg
Matt & Freche

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Question?? I need an actual official answer?? We are coming up on  wifes 2 year here anniversary. What im curious about is this--- She tells me she has a 2 year window -since her "Green card" was issued date-to then apply for permanent resident. I believe that period is from the date she actually landed in the usa !! Which is correct?? Landing in usa is earlier than  the green card date! She also tells me she has a 90 day window to file? what form? costs? Thanx,matt

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arrowConditional Green Card Interview (K1 Visa)
November 25, 2015, 12:30 pm Last comment by Pitaya
Yuri S

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A few weeks ago we had our conditional green card interview.  I am a K1 visa holder and now I am a green card holder!  The questions were intense but all the questions came from the i129f submitted by my husband and the i485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status package.  The USCIS immigration officer also asked my husband some questions.  He gave us a lot of information on how to remove the conditions of the conditional green card using i751 and more info on become a citizen using N-400.


We want to give info back to this awesome forum.  thank you to whoever created it.  it helped us a lot.



We recorded this right after the experience:


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