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arrowRFE - Circumstances of Meeting (met in 2008)
August 31, 2015, 11:11 pm Last comment by tbearz

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Hello All,


I just got an RFE asking for more detailed information about how I met my fiance.  On the supplimentary page used to expand on question 34a in form I-129f I thought they were looking for information and proof of having met within the last two years, and we have been together since February of 2008.  Apparently I understood that wrong and it seems they are concerned that we may have met through an International Marriage Broker....so, I guess I didn't give enough information about how we met initially.  I really didn't think I would have to get into all of the details of meeting, some of which I am not completly sure about, considering it was online and eight years ago.  I ran into Eden in a chat room - the name of which I don't remember, but it wasn't one that I would really care to share if I did - after I saw her angel smile in her avatar and had to say hello.  We shared a couple words there and then she gave me her messenger contact information. It wasn't long after that I found I was developing feelings for her.  And, after a couple of months I was pretty sure there was something real there and so I went to the Philippines the first time.  After that I knew...


The questions I end up with is, how to explain the meeting and whether the name of the site is really important.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts or insite you all have to offer!

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arrowNvc process
August 31, 2015, 11:09 pm Last comment by Kathy and Jesse
Kathy and Jesse

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Regarding my daughters I-130 petition. Are there any delays w NVC? My daughters petition has been approved on June. My atty sent a packet to NVC 3rd week of July and filed ds-260 August 8. We haven't heard again so far and we cant get a hold of NVC. School year has been started. I am so eager to get our tickets since it is getting more expensive. I am hoping to have my daughter here for Christmas. Its been a long waiting for us. Can anybody give me some insight here and tell me what to do to get this process a little faster?

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arrowQuestion about e-verify self check
August 31, 2015, 10:46 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I got my EAD combo card last week, waiting for my new ssn card and a call back from dmv regarding my learner's permit, apparently they have to verify my combo card first before they can issue me anything.

My question is, anyone here having issues with e-verify self check? Or does anyone here got hired and already started working even though they're unable to check their eligibility to work through e-verify?

Thanks everyone

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arrowthanks to all, passed interview this morning!
August 31, 2015, 9:31 pm Last comment by calain0425

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thank you soo much for all the help everyone, my fiance and I passed the interview this morning, we were out by 8:30am! my biggest worry was about co sponsoring my father but NO I134 was asked whatso ever. we got a 221g for the japanese police clearance ( we applied a month ago so should be soon) but were told after receiving the clearance they will issue the visa right away given my fiance is 5months pregnant. thanks again everyone!!

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arrowk-1 letter of eligibility problem
August 31, 2015, 9:21 pm Last comment by tenshin27

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I have been trying to find out where our letter of eligiblity will arrive to my fiance home town dear Davao City.
Our case has been ready to go for 2-3 weeks now.. I have called the Manila Embassy several times and cant get a real answer.

They do tell me that she will need the eligibility letter for the interview and the medical exam..


Has someone had a similar problem with this letter?


I would appreciate any advice.





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