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AOS for k2 what is better way to apply
7:06 am today


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Hi guys, Just need some advice on filing the AOS.

So, here's our scenario.. We just got our NOA2 recently and we are just waiting for our NVC number. And while we are researching about the whole k1 visa process we looked into the AOS stage and we found out that kids who are under 13 years old will only have to pay like $750 instead of the hefty $1140 but it says we need to file it together. (Im not sure if Im reading it correctly though). The thing is that, I will be going to the US first and the kids will just follow me after 2 months. We really need your help on what is the best way to file the AOS for all of us in order for us to save some money too cause we have 3 kids under k2. Thank you so much in advance for your help and advice.

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Sharing B2-LPR AOS timeline
1:09 am today


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TIMELINE: as of FEB 24, 2018

Nov 22, 2017 - packet sent via USPS Chicago Lockbox (Concurrent Filing AOS)

Nov29 - Received via email and SMS 4 USCIS confirmation

Nov 30 - Checks cashed

Dec 4 - Received 4 x NOA1 via mail (PD Nov24) (NOA date Nov28)

Dec 9 - Received bio appt via mail

Dec 18 - Biometrics Sched/Done (IOWA USCIS)

Dec 28 - Courtesy letter received regarding i-693 (medical exam do not submit, submit on interview or as RFE)

Feb 13, 2018- First SR made online


Feb 22 - Travel Document APPROVED status

Feb 22 - CARD WAS MAILED TO ME status (EAD)

Feb 24 - EAD combo card received together with EAD and AP approval notices on separate envelopes

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January 2018 Filers
11:50 pm yesterday


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Good day! We received our noa1 on january 4, 2018 and waiting for the noa2 this has been the longest wait of our life. Anyone can tell the estimated date of receiving noa2 if we filed the case on january? Btw i am the beneficiary. Hope to hear from you! Thanks!


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Question on Letter of Intent from beneficiary for k1-visa.
11:45 pm yesterday


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My question is, how does one go about making a letter of intent from my beneficiary's perspective? Is it ok to email the form to her, have her fill it out, then email back to me? Reason why I am asking is because, I am wondering if USCIS cares or not wheather a signature from her is in ink or not.

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Interview was completed but my case must be reviewed
10:44 pm yesterday


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I had an GC interview through marriage 2/21 at Mt Laurel. Interview was great but not smooth, IO was really hard on us. She pressured us through her questions. (2 officer was interviewing us. I think the other one is under training) because my wife s ID are still in NY while our house is in Jersey. She explained it correctly that she needs to be with her son weekdays and weekends with me. As the school year has nt finish yet.

They asked us pressure questions after finding out that she s living with her son in NY. But every question was answer correctly and explained perfectly and she was amazed on how well we handle the interview.

We had bunch of evidences that she took from my packet such as, joint taxes, life insurance, house lease and bills, and joint acocunts, also our upcoming wedding in My home country is on Sept, handed over the invitation and contracts from the supplier to her. She never took photos from our album

She then asked me about my i485. At the end of the interview she said she might be needing the new w2 or 1040 of our sponsor. And just wait within 2 weeks and said dont worry we dont deny people here, you only get denied if you dont comply to the documents we needed from you just in case When going out I asked about my advance parole she told me I could use it but she said on May but it wont take that long

It lasted about 30 minutes Our marriag is Legit and our marriage is 101% real. We just over do the documents.

we don t have a lawyer and filed the paperworks by ourselves. Had an RFE before for my i865. Took me 8 months in total

1. What are your opinion about our case?

2. do anyone of you are in the same situtation?

3. Shall I be worried about being a red flag because of the ID

4. Does this mean an RFE for the tax of my employer.

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