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What documents to send for evidence for a bona fide relationship?
12:42 am today


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Like where can we get the documents for the health insurance stuff?

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I-129F Returned to USCIS for review for bogus reason
11:40 pm yesterday


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I apologize in advance if I am not following proper procedure here. I have poked around on here but never posted.

I will try to make a long story short and am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction... I am a US citizen and my fiancee is from the Philippines. She was married once when she was a teenager and they were only together for a few months before permanently separating many years ago. We met online early in 2015 and in person later that year. She informed me of the prior marriage and we were concerned it might be a problem so spent the next year trying to make sure all was in order before I filed for her visa. When I filed we had her divorce decree included in the I-129F packet and when she went to the embassy for her interview she also had another legal document form singed by a judge confirming that all was in order for the divorce.

She eventually cleared her medical and interview and after the interview they kept her passport leading us to believe that they were processing her visa. The next thing we know she receives a letter informing us that our packet was being returned to USCIS for review because she had "an un-terminated marriage", which is blatantly false. The embassy should have given us a chance to help resolve the issue but did not. I tried everything I could think of to work with USCIS including; calling them multiple times, writing emails, snail mails, contacting my lawyer, my congressman and the processing center... Obviously to no avail... Today my congressman's office finally got back to me to inform me that USCIS had obviously sat on it till it was expired and won't allow any further action on that petition.

So in summation, the embassy screwed up are petition by falsely claiming she was still married, didn't give us a chance to try to resolve that. Then kicked it back to USCIS who refused to do anything with it other than sit on it till they could claim that it was expired and we have no recourse other than to start over again... We did everything we were supposed to. Filed all the forms, paid all the ridiculously high fees, waited all the stupidly long wait times, jumped through all their hoops and then we are rewarded with the fact that they refuse to even do the review they were supposed to do and make us start all over again from square one.

I am sorry this is so long but wanted to try to make sure all the necessary info was here. Now I have a couple of questions. Is there any way to get them to review this since they did not and it was sent for review because of incorrect information from the Manila embassy? If so how would I go about doing that because everything I have tried has failed. And what other options do we have? If I have to start over does that mean EVERYTHING has to be redone, refiled and repaid? Also if we do have to start over is it better to go with a fiancee visa again or a spousal visa?

We are both very frustrated and upset and my poor fiancee is stuck waiting in a strange city with no family or friends and all her belongings packed, just waiting to get her visa and come here so we can start out life together... We have been in limbo for months...

Any and all info or suggestions are greatly welcome...

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Re-schedule N400 interview to new location
11:21 pm yesterday


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I need some info or share they're experience if they have been in the same situation like mine. We moved to different states and did my change of address yet they schedule my Interview to the field office where I live before. 3 months after I changed my address. So I called USCIS about my situation, they advice me to do the info pass and send a letter along with my original interview notice to my old field office. 30 days passed since I did my infopass and sent the letter didnt recieve any reply from them so I called again, the second person I was talking too just told me to wait for the letter of "no show" in my mail box and follow the instructions in there. Now I'm worried whether my applications is already been transferred to Dallas field office or not? Should I send them another letter and do infopass again?

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How to file W7 for filing taxes?
8:36 pm yesterday


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According to the above link, my overseas wife can apply for an ITIN at a local acceptance agent. My wife lives in Thailand, where she teaches english (She's from the Philippines, however).

I want to file Jointly, since I will owe money if I file Separately... but they will refund me, if I file Jointly.

So my question is... how does this all work? I heard some people say that you submit your W-7 along with the 1040?
If we have to mail the W7 along with the 1040... and she goes to the Acceptance agency overseas, does that mean she would take my filled out 1040 with her and the acceptance agent will mail both from Thailand?

OR do you have to wait for the W7 to be processed, and then mail your 1040 from the US?

Just confused as to how this all works.,

Local tax agents haven't been very helpful. One turned me away... and the other didn't seem aware of the fact that you can go to a local acceptance agent... and told me my only option was to have my wife mail her Passport in with the W7.

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Drivers Licence from Country of Origin
12:57 pm yesterday


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Does anyone knows if there is any value in having a Drivers Licence from the country of origin (Philippines) when moving to USA (Florida) on a K1 visa, I read some post where some frustration regarding time to get a Florida Drivers Licence is expressed.

Is there a International Drivers Licence that can mediate the problem with waiting and getting short expiration dates on US Drivers Licence?


Van Der

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