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Ds 160
11:31 am today


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I have a question re: DS160 about surnames, given names, maiden names and etc.....

I was once legally married and my marriage got annulled in 2015. But when i went abroad i never used my husband surname just my name, maiden name and my surname as it shows in my passport. So my question is do i have to include my ex-husband surname in the application column like other surnames used ( maiden, religious,, professional, aliases etc) and how about the other given names used is it still required to indicate my ex-husband surname, too. Help me please. Thank you.

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APRIL filers
7:11 am today


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i would like to know if any of you here from April filers who got approved?

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New form of K1 visa 2017
6:35 am today


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Hi,everyone..I read some questions ,answrs ,comments here,but still confused ,some said there's a form before that not applied anymore ,I don't remember what is that...We are gathering all documents now and proof of relationship.,but I dont know what form to be included,.My fiance wants to hire a lawyer to do this,but I said I think we dont need to hire,because some are couple here didnt hire a immigration lawyer to file k1 visa.They do it by themselves thru this forum.Hope you can help us also .

..Is there New form of I-129f 2017?what others form to be included?What is cover letter?What are the list that im going to ask to my fiance?so that he will bring it to me,because I'll be the one to arrange the packet?how to make k1 packet?it will be folder,paperclips,clearbook,big envelope?Do we need to include all original documents?,such bc,annulment ,or divorced paper, cards,boarding pass,western union copy,,? Do we need signature and evry documents even in pictures?or id photo?I-129f is petioner ,right?how about the benificiary..?

PLEASE forgive to ask this thing..I read some link about k1visa is that all updated ?thanks for reading hope anybody can answer me .God bless us all.

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MARRIED but filed tax return as SINGLE
3:31 am today


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I saw this somewhere here on the NVC guide. Am confused coz this says that i cannot file as single. I did not want to file as Single though, but on the W-4 form that we fill up during employment, it is also quoted there this "Note: If married, but legally separated, or spouse is a nonresident alien, check the Single box." This is the reason why i filed as Single since my husband is still an alien nonresident and still in the Philippines, waiting for visa processing. Any thought?


As the petitioner, what filing status do I use for my tax returns?

You have three options: married filing separately (MFS), married filing jointly (MFJ), or head of household (HOH).

For HOH, there's some criteria you need to meet to be able to use this. Please see the IRS website for more information. For most people though, it's either between MFS or MFJ.

Before I continue, I will say this once and only once: YOU CANNOT FILE SINGLE. If you are married, you are married. Doesn't matter where in the universe your spouse is, YOU ARE STILL MARRIED. You will be lying to the IRS if you file as single, and if caught, could cause serious issues. If you have already filed taxes, either this year or last, and were married, yet filed as single, amend your tax return ASAP. If at the time of the interview, there are tax return transcripts in the case file showing the petitioner filed as single, this can be a HUGE red flag. The CO will have to wonder why the petitioner filed as single when they're trying to get a spousal visa. In their eyes, your relationship can be seen as a fraud and could be reason for denial.

For both MFS and MFJ, the petitioner will have to file a paper tax return. Electronic submissions won't be possible the first year.

Filing MFS will probably be the easiest for most people as it doesn't require any extra documents from the foreign spouse, nor does it require their signature. On the tax return, where it asks for the spouse's SSN, you would put 'NRA' for Non-Resident Alien. Continue filling out the rest of the return as normal. That is all you have to do. (And if desired, once the spouse has immigrated to the US and has obtained a SSN, the petitioner can then amend their tax return to MFJ, to possibly get a bigger refund, but this isn't required.)

Filing MFJ will typically mean a bigger refund up front, with no need to amend. This route takes a little more work though as the beneficiary will have to fill out a W7 (available on the IRS site), which requires a signature, and include document(s), so they can obtain a ITIN (it's like a SSN, but for the sole purpose of filing taxes, and is available for those not currently living in the US). This would then be included with the tax return, and sent to a special address for ITIN generation. For most countries, it may be hard to get the needed documents. (For Canada, it was uber easy, and this is how my husband did his taxes while I was still in Canada, waiting for my interview). Please view the instructions for the W7 form on the IRS website to see what documents will be needed.

For more information, please read this page on IRS's website here [32].


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Maintenance needed on the K-1 Immigration Guide?
12:05 am today


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The guide states:


Declaration of how you met in person in the last two years. This should be a single typed page attachment regarding question '34.a' of the I-129F. Make sure to sign and date it.

It appears to be Question #53 and does not appear to need a single typed page attachment any more.

It does require the evidence that "you were in each other's physical presence during the required two year period.

Am I missing something? It seems natural to be fearful of doing something "wrong" and getting a dreaded RFE

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