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arrowSigning the oath letter
July 25, 2014, 8:54 am Last comment by Messybrownhair

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Am I supposed to answer the questions at the back and sign it there on the spot when I get to the oath location or it just needs to be signed the day of the oath regardless of where I sign it?

Also, on average does anyone know how long the ceremony takes? My husband has national guard drill that day so we are wondering how much time he needs to ask off for :)

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arrowI-485 Status still under acceptance since 04-29-14
July 25, 2014, 7:42 am Last comment by jenny8

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Hello, my wife's I-485 Status is still under acceptance since 04-29-14. Has anyone else's status not changed since then? We have already done her biometrics in 05-30-14. We also have recently received her EAD/AP card on 07-14-14. I'm just wondering why the status of her application is still under acceptance. How much longer will it be until it goes to the next step of initial review?

For more info she entered on a k-1 visa and we were married on 04-04-14. We have also tried to change her name in SS office but she wasn't in the system yet. They said it will take a month to process the name change to her married name. We also recently tried to get her a state id for NJ on Monday but once again she was not in the system. I received a call yesterday to advise she can get her state id now she since was in the "INS system." I'm guessing even though you receive the EAD/AP card it is good to wait a few more days after before filing anything new.

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arrowHassle free booking?
July 25, 2014, 6:25 am Last comment by bookworm123

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Hello guys!I finally got my CFO sticker today but our issue now is the one way plane ticket to LA/PHX.First,I just want to be clear that there is no money trust issue between me and hubby haha.If you could see our timeline,everything happened so fast thus a LOT of money was spent in the span of 2 months so we want to use his CC to purchase a ticket for me.Travel agencies are quite expensive.If we only have the cash I'll just go to a travel agency here.What's frustrating is the airlines that have cheaper prices seem to be stricter when it comes to the "tickets issued outside the phils regulation".All we want is to have a hassle free booking and peace of mind :(


1.Checked EVA and they offered an $800 flight to L.A but when hubby called the LA office she said outright that it's not possible to book online (EVA's site) because of the PHIL regulation.His only option is to go to a travel agency and have a PTA or third party site (like expedia,etc).I forgot if I called them today.


2.After the issue with EVA hubby checked Asiana and was thrilled they got a cheap price too and partnered with Alaska.I called the Makati office while hubby called the L.A office (at the same time) and I was told to just go to  travel agency here in Manila because accdg to her we won't know how long it will take or if third party sites can issue a PTA (prepaid ticket advise) my husband can sign so the makati office can issue the ticket to me.The L.A agent on the other hand said that my husband may book it online but ask the Manila office if they can accept an email of the PTA and said this can be downloaded on the website.I called the makati office again but she said my hubby should go to a travel agency so they can issue a pta and once it's on the system,they can issue a ticket to me.I also contacted the asiana office at naia and was told that they really need that signature(pta)even if i use my hubby's cc to book(which should be considered issued in the phils,i guess lol) and dont allow just a photocopy coz it's mandated.I told them Delta exempts electronic tickets and of course she doesnt know.


3.Our only options now are Delta (no bullshit and they just accept photocopy of cc IF they ask for it) or PAL which can allow me to purchase it on their website as long as I have my hubby's ID and photocopy of CC.Problem is,both are waaay too expensive.Pal is okay plus its a direct flight.


Ive read the threads about this and all we want to really have is an assurance that once we book the ticket,I wont have any issues boarding etc.Can you give us some advice please?


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arrowNurses i need help!
July 25, 2014, 6:21 am Last comment by malenliam

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Hello everyone!

I received an email from USCIS last July 21,2014 informing me that my petition got approved.

I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and planning to take NCLEX when i get to TEXAS USA. Is there anyone out there who could help/guide me regarding documents/papers that i need to prepare or get here in the Philippines like my OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF RECORD from my Nursing School and my PROFESSIONAL LICENSE Copy from PROFESSIONAL REGULATION COMMISSION etc.

I want to know what documents/papers i need to get in preparation for NCLEX examination.

I hope i will get a reply from you guys soon.

Thank you!

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arrowPsych eval for scars- help? (split)
July 25, 2014, 4:35 am Last comment by mirhen

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Hi, i have scars too.. i will have my psych eval on aug. 4 2014.. what ahould i do? Im really worried. Scared. This might be grounds for visa denial

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