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arrow2Go Sm Bicutan closed
January 27, 2015, 7:15 pm Last comment by Bjorn&lyne

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The 2Go Sm Bicutan location is apparently now closed. On the embassy website when you book an interview appointment it says you can have the visa delivered to the SM Mall in Bicutan. The 2Go website also indicated there is a location in Sm Bicutan. As such, my fiancee selected that option because it is close to where she lives. Even the 2Go e-trace confirmation website now states the Sm Bicutan is her "Consignee Address". However, she called the 2Go to ask exactly where in Sm Bicutan 2Go is located only to be told that the location is now closed. Instead, she will pick it up at their facility in Pasay. So, when you select a delivery location for your visa, give 2Go a call to make sure the location is available, as the embassy and 2Go websites are not updated apparently. That way you probably save a few delivery days to avoid rerouting and some head aches and worries.

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arrowStill Waiting for NVC to review my documents for my mother
January 27, 2015, 6:18 pm Last comment by Not a Tailor

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on dec. 3, 2014 i have called nvc to follow up for my mother's case status and they told me i have to correct the few mistake i have made in out AOS. So, i corrected and they received it on Dec.9, so now i called them after 30 days to follow up, and they told me i have to wait 60 days for them to review it. I even ask some help from our congressman but that didnt do anything. My questioned is, i dont understand why people like me who submitted everything as earlyas possible have to wait just for nvc to cover all their backlogs. I dont understand that! Their very quick in collecting payment and yet so slow in processing? How many days do they need to spend to review a case? From all the money they have received they need to hire more people to help them. Its so disappointing.

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arrowTransfer in Progress (status)
January 27, 2015, 5:36 pm Last comment by oatmeal

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my fiancé interviewed in manila on sep 11th 2014. she was approved. but were still waiting, our case status has said READY this whole time. I checked today now it says TRANSFER  IN PROGRESS. is that good or bad?

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arrowNeed help of my I-131 form
January 27, 2015, 5:27 pm Last comment by Yanyan

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I am preparing for my AOS. And now I need your ideas on what I am going to put on the

Part 3-  1. Date of Intended Departure?    I have no fix date when to travel back home.

             2. Expected length of trip?

Part4- The purpose of the trip?   If I am going back home, I will like to visit to see my family. 


So that's it for now...Thank you and Have a good day!


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arrowK1visa approved!!
January 27, 2015, 5:10 pm Last comment by Dobis

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Thank you visa journey for all your help!

I was in the U.S Embassy yesterday... Everything went smoothly. My CO only asked me three questions, "how old is your fiance" how did you meet" and "what does he do for living"' and after that he then said "ok, thank you! Congratulations your visa is approved! I was soooo happy to hear those words!!

He didn't even look at the things I prepared like our pictures, airline tickets, AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT,our chat logs and everything else.... It is still important to have those ready though ;)

Goodluck to all of us! And thank you again.

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