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Filipina Nurse to apply for NCLEX with dismissed case in the Philippines
9:05 pm yesterday


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Hi, I am in the process of adjusting my status to acquire a green card. Came here to the US thru K1 visa. I had a case filed against me 10yrs ago when I was in the Philippines but it was dismissed and my NBI clearance showed as 'No Criminal Record'. An official explanation from NBI was requested by the consulate during my interview but since I was cleared and their requirements were met, I was issued the visa. My question now is, I am a registered nurse in the Philippines and would like to apply for NCLEX. Since I am applying as an immigrant, will my dismissed case from the Philippines show when I do the FBI fingerprint scan? Do I need to declare and submit my documents stating that the case filed against me in the Philippines was dismissed? Or does the Board of Nursing only need to check my criminal record here in the US? Hope there's someone who can shed some light regarding this. I'm going to submit my application soon. Many, many thanks in advance!

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Will not continue k1 process what are the risks?
8:20 pm yesterday


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Hi there i need some help. Me and my fiance didnt work out anymore and our k1 petition is still in the process still waitin for noa2. We both decided to end our relationship. May i know how to cancel it or will i have a bad record or one of us since we didnt continue it? By the way we broke up since he still loves his ex more than i and i caught him cheating.

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Name incorrectly spelled in Social security
4:30 pm yesterday


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Hello! So i went to the social security office today to make a follow up on my social security card because it has been a month since I arrived in the US and i still haven't gotten it. The good news is that the staff there said that I have been issued a number unfortunately the system has my name spelled wrong (although it is a common issue at DHS apparently) According to her in order for me to correct that, I need to call department of homeland security. I called USCIS however they said they can't view it on their system how my name is written on the card. Has anyone been on the same boat? I'm just worried that since they misspelled my name, then my green card will also be affected.

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Visa interview concerns
11:34 am yesterday


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My interview is next week Friday. I don't know if someone already asked this question, but here goes:

I'm a F2A visa applicant. My concern is if CO is gonna ask me about proof/evidence of relationship. I got married 2015 of May, when my husband visited me the first time through my relative's introduction. He only courted me for about few months (I fell in love at first sight...sigh, lol). We talked through FB messenger most of the time. We video chatted and voice called each other like almost everyday. When he got here to visit, he married me before he left back to the states. He stayed for about 21 days. Since then, after he went back, we continued to be in LDR. I believe in first love at sight, but we also have up and downs (Even now). He visited me again last year of August for my birthday and stayed for 21 days. Been married for 2 years now


Will this convince the CO for more evidence or proof of our relationship? Thanks for the answer in advance

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Made a mistake on my wife's medical application.
3:11 am yesterday


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When i was filling up my wife's medical exam application, i made a mistake of putting the wrong visa category, i put f2a when i was supposed to put ir1. She already went through the medical exam and passed with the envelopes she needs to give to the u.s. Embassy on her interview. What should i do?

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