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arrowName in USCIS forms
May 5, 2016, 3:57 pm Last comment by LittleMsFighter

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Hi I have a concern regarding what name i should put in the forms. I just got married and i know i can put my married name to the forms if i choose to use my husband's last name. But my concern is the First name and Middle name. I have 2 first names and it confuses me if i should put my first name and the second first name in the middle name or my maiden last name on my middle name.


Here's an example:

Maiden name: Sydney Pearl(First name) M.(Middle initial) Foster(Last name)

Married name: Sydney Pearl(First name) F.(Maiden name) Bowen(NEW Last name)


Should i put in the USCIS forms

Sydney Pearl (as First name) Foster (as Middle name) Bowen (as new Last Name)


Sydney(as First name) Pearl (as Middle name) Bowen (as new Last Name)



Sorry it's confusing. I hope someone understands what i'm trying to say here.


Thanks any information will be a great help. 

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arrowNew to the process
May 5, 2016, 3:40 pm Last comment by davendale

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We just received our ROC approval today, and we (my wife is green card holder) are moving to this forum for the citizenship process. We can't apply until end of September this year but my first question is: does citizenship approval process also require all the same type of evidences as the ROC process did such as: financial comingling etc? Just want to know if we have to continue to be so thorough and vigilant with all these financial documents, or does the agency finally believe that we are a real couple lol?

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arrowCheck Cashed But No News?
May 5, 2016, 1:46 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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Has this happened to anyone? What's usually the hold up for the notice if they had already cashed the check? Any info will help as I am getting antsy, LOL. Thanks!

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arrowQuestion about background checks and credit in the US
May 5, 2016, 1:20 pm Last comment by WandY

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My wife came here on a K-1 visa. We got married Sept 2015. Her I-94 expired in Nov 2015. She has a SSN with her married name. We started our AOS paperwork in Jan 2016. She just received her EAD card, but our I-485 is still in process. I am trying to get her established in the US by working on her credit, getting IDs, and adding her to my monthly statements. A month ago, I added her as an authorized user to my credit card and confirmed with them that her credit is affected and will slowly build with our payments.


One hurdle I'm currently facing is adding her onto my apartment lease. My landlord told me that they can't add my wife on the lease if she has no history in the US or if the background check fails, they would have to significantly increase my rent if I wanted her on my lease as she'd be a risk.


1) My question is, at what point will my wife "exist" in the system such that they can do a background check? Now that she has an EAD, is she "in" the system yet or do we have to wait until her I-485 is done? (although I think I need her name on my lease for the AOS interview...)


2) Similarly, since I just recently added her to my credit card, at what point will she "have" credit? I'm not asking when she'll have good credit, but rather when will she have a non-zero score? Is it immediately after I signed her up, after a couple monthly payments, or after 6 months or so on?

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May 5, 2016, 11:50 am Last comment by Paul ♥ Myha
Paul ♥ Myha

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I would like to ask someone about the form G-325A, Biograpic Information. We got confuse of putting none on it instead of putting the correct one. The answer should be the address the beneficiary lived in for more than 1 year outside USA. We already submitted our packet and it we got the NOA1 confirmation last 28 April. What will happen? Thank you.

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