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DS260 Filing and other fees
4:02 pm today


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Been looking for the answer to this question as my wife and I are preparing for the fees associated with filing in Manila soon. What is the fee?

Medical -17,025 PHP

Application - $535

DS260/1 - ?

Imigrant Fee - $220

Any other fees?

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How early to arrive for interview?
9:05 am today


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How early should my fianc e arrive for her interview? We wasn t sure if she should be like 30 mins early 1 hour early or show up about right on time would be fine. Anyone know? Thanks

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RFE for Removal of Condition I-751
6:52 am today

Mary Elizabeth

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Hi Everyone,

I'm in the process of gathering evidences for our good faith marriage. I received my RFE letter around August 20, 2018 and we have until Nov 3, 2018 to submit our documents.

I would like to help your input and advice on our CAR Insurance policy. We just recently move to a new address - since that's what USCIS requiring us and gather our own bills showing our both names. The auto insurance were able to put my name in the car policy insurance - though I'm not driving yet but eventually later I will. We are also about toichange our address in our car policy auto insurance and they said because we live in an area that has increase rate - our car insurance increase from $240 to $396 - it too due to our change of zipcode, it's too high for us. The auto insurance suggest us if we still go to our old address - since it's y husband's mom house we still go --they said they will let us retain our old address in the policy, since both of our name was appearing there in the policy. My question, is it necessary for us to change our address in the car insurance policy to our new address ??? because we want to avoid paying high rate of insurance. I really don't the impact of this on our documents. Your input and advice are highly appreciated.

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Potential problems for me?
2:16 pm yesterday


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I recently got back from a 2 year stay in the Philippines, now back to California. While there i was living with my wife who i married in the Philippines(married for 1 year now). I didn't have any income from the US that whole time.

I plan to petition her via CR-1, but i am worried about proof of income and 3 years tax returns. I heard you can get a sponsor to satisfy this requirement. Would there be any problems because of this?

Lastly I was married before to a filipina who i brought to US on a K-1 about 14 years ago. I had 2 children with her. While living in the Philippines I was unable to pay all the child support and now owe arrears. My question would be, will owing a lot of child support cause problems with my petition?

I know it's a lot of information but thank you for anyone to help me.

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I-751 more evidence required
1:28 am yesterday


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So my wife and i filled out all the forms a year and half ago for the I751 petition, and today we received a letter stating we need more proof and we have until December 10th.

They want the following proof: leases in both names showing joint occupancy or deeds and mortgages in both names showing joint ownership, property, life or health insurance documents, utility bills, and or loan/credit cards from the time we were married. The only documents i can get for even close to that time period would be life insurance. I did not put her on my mortgage because i thought i would have to refinance it. How do i get all these documents from the time we were married if i did not do them back then.

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