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  1. Yup, that's what mine said too. Guess they just want to make sure we know that because some people might not. My message finally showed up after about 5 min of waiting after clicking on it.
  2. Agreed, 35k in Cali is nothing lol. I don't live in Cali anymore but totally understand what you mean. Yeah at this point I don't want to assume anything, whatever happens, happens I guess. God's will.
  3. Yeah i can see how these days they would be stricter. I'm glad you made it through the process though, that's great! You are right, a joint sponsor really is the only safe way. Thanks!
  4. Yep, I agree. Doing my best really. We will see, I will just trust in God for things I can't control.
  5. Already have a job. A part time job would be needed to fill the income gap. Anyways thanks for the response, I will definitely still be considering my relative to stabilize my income. By "extend" out petition do you mean just wait longer? I'm assuming they won't cancel my petition if I wait a little bit right?
  6. Yeah the assets would be easy I think. The problem is I think that my relative hasn't done his taxes lately... I don't know what to do about that.
  7. Yes that wealthy sponsor may not be suitable because they haven't even done their taxes lately... Guess I wouldn't be able to show their past tax return until they filed it.
  8. I can't even get a part time job right now unfortunately because my family won't allow me, maybe in a month or 2. That's why i just asked someone else on this thread if it's ok that I submit my income to the NVC right now and by the time my interview is scheduled I will have all the income requirements ready. Not sure if the NVC will allow that though, but I've heard that it's up to the CO anyways. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for the insightful answer. Yeah I'm not really expecting to convince the CO with some last minute job... Do you know if it's ok that I submit my "current" income on the AoS to the NVC for now so I can at least get the paperwork processing and the interview scheduled even if my income isn't high enough yet? Before the interview comes i can then ensure my income is high enough by that time or get a joint sponsor. Would that be allowed by the NVC you think? Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for your reply. My household is 5 because of me, my wife, my daughter still in the Philippines with my wife, and 2 daughters from previous marriage. Unfortunately it inflates my household a lot.
  11. Hello there everyone, thanks always for helping me here and being patient. I'm currently reviewing my options for qualifying for the $38,350 per year needed to petition my wife. I currently only make about $35k per year at a job I've been at for a little over a month. I'm faced with either getting another part time job to fill that gap or getting a joint sponsor (which i cant find). Anyways, how long would i need to be working at any of my jobs before it would qualify me? Could I just get a part time job and after a few weeks when I get my first paystubs use that to document my income? My past 3 years of income never met the $38,350 annual requirements either, most were well below. Hopefully there is some hope for me? God bless!
  12. Hey everyone, I received an email today from the NVC that they have updated the status of my wife's immigrant visa application. When I logged into the CEAC website it just had a message in my inbox that was titled "DS-260 Review Note" but there is no body to the message. Nothing happens when I click on it. What does that mean? Just some background information, I already completed my DS-260 but haven't uploaded the civil documents or the AoS yet. All fees are paid. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Nope, it literally says "USCIS Online Account Number" right next to it. There IS a receipt number but it's in another box.
  14. I don't they are asking if I have an actual account, just the account number provided to me. It's on the I-797C i received but I wasn't sure if it was my account number or the beneficiary's(my wife's)?
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