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  1. Thank you very much for your advice. Would I write my own statement on the copies themselves or is it preferable to have an attachment such as the document custodian form?
  2. Actually I just read that it's totally normal and notaries are still validating your documents and authenticity but they just don't sign for that claim. So they are required to make sure they match even if they aren't saying that on the notary, I am basically the only one saying that but that's how notaries work I guess and most likely because of liability.
  3. Guys, Running out of time here, but I just wanted a good confirmation before going ahead. I need my passport notarized (all pages) for my daughter's CRBA. Now in California they don't allow notaries to notarize a passport as a true copy, only to notarize MY statement and signature stating it is a true copy from ME. So they are not validating it, I am only and they witness my signature. Would this be acceptable to the US Embassy in Manila you think? I attached a document as an example of what they might notarize for me for reference. Thanks a lot. 2015-Copy-Certification-By-Document-Custodian-acknowledgment.pdf
  4. Yes I am submitting school transcripts and a current notarized copy of my passport and an old one too. I am just worried about the name on my W-2's, I do have the 1040 signed income tax return with each one though. What do you think?
  5. I don't want to, but just considering my options. Any opinions on my situation with the name on my W-2's?
  6. Hey friends, I am submitting proof of physical presence in US for at least 5 years. This is for my daughter at the US Embassy in Manila for CRBA. I have about 6 W-2's, but all of them only have my First Initial, Middle Initial, and full last name. They all do have my social security number on them of course. Do you think this would be a problem? I could provide my original social security card to verify that number belongs to my name. Unfortunately I won't be present for the interview though. Thanks all.
  7. Wells Fargo told me that they can notarize it but they cannot directly notarize a photocopy of it, only my signature on it. So I assume I have to write something like "this is a true and exact copy of the original passport." Probably along the lines of declaring under penalty of perjury?
  8. Ok yes I suppose so. Thank you. I will probably have to find a bank to do it free. Know any that do passports?
  9. Hi all, Been trying to get a clear answer on this for a while. I will not be able to provide my original passport for my daughter's CRBA appointment at the US Embassy in Manila, but they said I can notarize a copy of my passport. This is for proof and evidence of the couple's presence in the same place at the same time at the time of conception. My question is this: does every single page need to be notarized or will it be notarized as a whole? There are plenty of empty pages. I copied all 28 pages of the passport. Thanks all.
  10. Ok, thanks. Seems simple enough, but altering your signature seems to defeat the purpose of a signature to me. Guess it will just have to be one long cursive name.
  11. Right now I have W-2's with 1040 Income tax returns for 4 years with an additional 2 years with just W-2's. Also I have official high school transcripts listing 4 years in school and a new and old passport. If I don't have income tax returns with a W-2 does that matter? Just curious how much it makes a difference on that. Thanks.
  12. Hey all, I am currently completing the "Minor No SSN Declaration Form" for my daughter's passport she will get in US Embassy Manila, Philippines. I see at the bottom under the signature it tells me to "sign using full name as indicated on the passport application." What does this mean? Normally a person would have a signature, but it wouldn't necessarily look like their first, middle, and last name. That's why it's a signature right? Anyways could someone clarify the requirement meaning on this? I included a screenshot below for reference. Thanks very much!
  13. Hi all, My wife is currently getting ready for our upcoming interview for CRBA and Passport application at the US Embassy in Manila for our daughter. I will not be attending though, but I just had a question if we need to staple the passport photo to the DS-11 before the appointment? I guess it's in 2 stages for the interview, 1st is getting the CRBA approved then they move onto passport application as the checklist seems to indicate. Thanks guys a lot.
  14. Hey guys, I am the US Citizen Father. Currently gathering my physical presence/residence requirements for the CRBA in Philippines and wanted to know that if I have a W-2 and no income tax return to go with it, will that be okay for the embassy? I do have some I think that are together, but some may only be W-2 or some may only be an income tax return by themselves. Just curious, anyone know? Thanks a lot as always.
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