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6:04 pm


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Am not new. I have been a silent reader.

Quick question: Having lost all documents (receipt notices and even EAD approval notice), how does a person renew EAD based on marriage AOS? The individual is waiting for an interview notice, but the EAD is expiring in a month and he has to renew it. I understand it's free since his application is still pending with USCIS, but he has to attach documents with his renewal application, documents which he has since lost.

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I have questions wether obtaining an immigration lawyer will help speed up the process.
9:20 am


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Hi everyone. My wife Debbie is from Kenya. She found this website and encouraged me to join. I have read a lot of interesting articles here. It has helped us get important information about the process of her gaining a green card and immigrating to the US.

We filed for her and her 10 year daughter on April 18, 2016. We have heard little information on the progress of our filing. So we contacted our State Representative about six months ago to see if he could be of any help. He found out that immigration was still going through the the vetting process. I didn't understand why it would take so long as she works from the UN in Kenya and has been there over six years. So I asked the wonderful people here could help me understand why. Come to find out, immigration does their own vetting. So back to the waiting process we went.

I am sure many of you are as frustrated with this lengthy process as we are. I only get to see each other about twice a year, and only for 2 weeks each time. A few months ago, I was involved in a serious accident at work and spent a month in burn unit at the hospital. She was able to get extended leave from work and was there at the hospital with me till a few days from my release. It is so very hard to be a family living so far apart from each other. Being very much in love with each other and looking to the future when we will be together we have made it work. There has been many ups and downs, as I am positive many of you have been through, we have learned how to live this kind of life.

My question is, will obtaining an immigration lawyer help speed up the process of her obtaining a green card and immigrating to the US?

Please, if anyone has any kind of information to help this process move along a bit faster, it would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you for your help,


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I need help
6:26 pm


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Hi VJ members

This is my first time to post here , I am already in America and have a green card , we relocated here last year me and my daughter to join my husband ( he is not her father) , the problem is that , my husband changed completely , he is a different man , he is not the one I met in Kenya , not the one I lived with for 5 years in my home land , I left my decent job back home and my daughter left her school and her friends just to come here and live with him because he can not travel any more , He abused my daughter verbally a lot , she cries every night , and whenever I try to defend her he abuse me as well , he always shouts and yells , he seems as if he turns crazy , living with him is hell . I can not go back home because I lost everything there . I have a job now of course not like the one I have in Kenya but at least I earn our livings , I shoulder all financial responsibility since I got my first check , whenever we go to the store he keeps filling in the shopping basket with his needs and when we reach the cashier he stays away from me and I pay everything . he owns the house , I tried to move and find another place for me and my daughter but the rent is too high I can not afford it . If I found a reasonable place to live in , is my green card status going to be affected ?

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3:43 am


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Hi Sandra here is my story. I applied for VAWA on may 2016 after my marriage with my wife fallen apart due to her being abusing me constantly. I got approved December 2016. And attend my GC interview last week, the IO ask some question like when I will go back to school I explained to him, how did I get here which year, why did I move from Minnesota to Texas which I explained to him. He asked all yes and no questions from form I 485. Finally he told me to go he need a second look for my application if he need more evidence he will send a notice, I was so exhausted now I don't know for how long I will be waiting. I don't have no criminal record and he told me my medical was fine.

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4:31 am


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