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arrowsupervisor Review
May 18, 2015, 1:22 pm Last comment by Boss78

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It's worr been over 30 days after submitting DS 260 and the NVC CS Lady decided to escalate it to a supervisor. I later learnt from another CS that this review can take up to 42days. Am worried that even after the wait something else will go wrong. I say this because every time I call the NVC I get different info. Some CS say they are waiting for the police report (my step son in 10 and doesn't need one), others ask if I hv completed the ds 260(shouldn't this show automatically in their system?), when I submitted it April 3.
We are really frustrated. Anybody else going through the same as us?

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arrowWhat does these things mean?
May 7, 2015, 9:47 pm Last comment by Hin-d

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I have been somewhat ashamed to post. My husband entered on Feb 26th, I was so excited my dream was finally coming true. Let me say that i post this not because I want to make anyone look bad but because I know that I am not alone and someone may need to hear our story.


Continuing.....After about 1 week he leaves and goes to a person that I called "my friend". She never told me he was there even after I asked. Well he stays gone about a week and then calls me to tell me he has no food, money, and was very unhappy here. So another friend finds out about his dilemma and feels sorry for him and me because she really wants our marriage to work. So she pays for him to return home from the city 2.5 hours away. I pick him up the next day he looked upset but soon opens up and looks happy.


A few weeks go bye but several times a week he is irritated, unhappy, isolating himself, just miserable acting. He often calls me a nagging, complaining wife even though I am cooking, cleaning, trying to make him feel at home. If I ask him to economize on the toiletries, he tells me I am complaining. I feel as though I was walking on egg shell. I try to rephrase things so that I am sensitive to his learning new things use extra patience because I understand that its an adjustment. I am putting forth all my energies to really making this thing work. We had our up days and down days. He seemed to pick fights for anything. I had to pass code my phone, internet because he would look on any of my social network and pick a fight about any little stupid things. I felt like I was controlled. I even stopped getting on the internet everyday just because I thought it would help keep peace.


He would sit in the car, lay out side on the grass, all day. He rarely talked to my children was resistant to me teaching him how to fill out apps, say harsh, sharp, words. Even a little physical stuff. I did not know what to do.


I called a pastor in our church to counsel us, we did wonderful for two weeks but then his behaviour returned. I became very dis-hardened by all the stuff that was going on. So I recommended that he call up the pastor and then we can schedule some regular counseling again thinking that it would help with the adjustment...maybe he was really missing his life. He got upset and stormed out, hitchhiking along the road. Both times telling people that I was rude and hard to live with. I had kicked him out and he was not needed here. He also said that my children did not like him, he felt humiliated, demeaned, meaningless, disrespected. But I assure you non of those things happened. 


Now he says I need to pay his ticket back home, he loves me but can't live with me. He may come around once a month til we solve our problems in the future, I brought him here for him to suffer. He checked into a shelter, then later said he was going to live with another family.


Currently he claims to be painting a house. He says he needs to make money to support the family and himself. he is wishy washy back and forth and I don't know what to do. My heart is in so much pain on top I have to move and he is nowhere in sight. He received his green card about 1-2 weeks before he left on April 28th.


Please be sensitive with your comments because I already feels very bad. I waited one year he's been here only two months, I sacrificed so much, I sold food, soap, in cold, heat, rain. I did all of the paperwork without an attorney. I asked him if he really loved me he said he did. Now I can say that throughout each approval he would get nervous and his behaviour was strange. I found myself encouraging him a lot because he would stress.


What now?!?!?!? 

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May 7, 2015, 11:23 am Last comment by Trailblazer4real

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Hey Guys,

We are a family of 3 (2 adults and a 3 month old baby) who was born after we had already submitted our DS-260 application and luckily we are scheduled for a visa appointment in June. As for the medical exams, I believe we have to include the baby but we are not sure if we need to fill out some forms ahead of time for our interview at the embassy or just show up with the baby. We contacted KCC but unfortunately they could not make any adjustments since the case was already submitted to our local US embassy in Nairobi Kenya.

Does anyone have an idea how this works or has experienced this in the past?? What are the fees for medical exam at IOM per person?? Any help or advise will highly be appreciated.

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arrowNvc stepchild
May 7, 2015, 4:21 am Last comment by Aleks&Hajji

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My step son's case was sent to nvc Dec 2014, case number assigned 23rd Jan 2015, ds261 completed same day. But even after calling the Nvc almost daily, it was processed March 31:and the IV invoice was paid same day. Ds 260 completed April 3rd.

Note that I had submitted the AOS and Civil documents Feb 24 when I realized that the IV might take a while.

I read other people's time lines and it feels like mine is taking much longer. This has been the toughest part of our marriage, the uncertainty of just how long our will not be with us.

I call the NVC almost every day but no definite answer just wait longer. Is there specific wording I need to use to push my case forward?

Also, there seems to be few cases of children/stepchild in this forum. Does it mean that we could have gotten him in the US faster in a different way?

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arrowDo the I-601 and I-212 need to be filed together?
May 2, 2015, 7:02 pm Last comment by PeaceofMind

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Hello Everyone,


I am a US citizen and married a Kenyan national in March 2011. He was deported in August 2011. He arrived in the US on a visa and filed for asylum some years later. At some point he had signed a Voluntary Departure while the asylum case was going on. The final decision came in March and asylum was denied, he was arrested by ICE at the end of March and jailed until he was deported in August 2011. This is what happens when you don't follow the Voluntary Departure agreement. I was unaware of this agreement and final decision in the asylum case, at the time, or all of this could have been avoided. So we move on and are on this lovely Visa journey  :rolleyes:

Here is our timeline:

06/13/2011 I-130 accepted for processing

03/12/2013 I-130 Approved

03/10/2014 Filed Immigrant Visa DS-260

06/30/2014 Husband's Visa Interview in Nairobi

07/18/2014 Submitted additional evidence of relationship as requested from Visa interview

09/15/2014 Visa Denied


My husband received and email from the US embassy in Nairobi with the interview results and it stated that he now needs to file the I-601 and gave a web link for forms. It then gave a web link for information and filing tips for the I-212. So, I am confused as to whether or not we need to submit the I-212 along with the I-601. The email does not clearly state. Please see below for the email and let me know if anyone has any knowledge or experience with this type of case/situation. Thank-you, Denise.



Dear Sir, 
> After careful review of your case the

> consular officer has determined that you are ineligible for

> a visa based on Section 212(a)( of the
> Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for 212(a)(9B2) for
> unlawful
>  presence in the U.S.  In order for us to continue
> processing the case, you will need to submit a request for a
> waiver of the visa ineligibility using Form I-601, to be
> reviewed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
> (USCIS).  Current forms, filing instructions,
>  fee information and filing addresses can be found at
> Filling Tips for the

> Form I-212 : 

> Current forms, filing instructions,
> fee information and filing addresses can be found at
> Again, we cannot process the case any

> further until USCIS approves the I-601 application. If you

> wish to contact USCIS directly, the public information is or
> email
>   Additional information may also

> be found on their website,

> I trust that this information may be
> helpful in understanding your case status.
> Sincerely, 
> Customer Representative 5 
> Immigrant Visa Unit 
> Consular Section 
> US Embassy Nairobi 

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