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i360 filing/ROC Can he do it?
2:01 pm


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Well it's 3yrs down the line and I have asked this question from a couple people, but I guess my mind won't be at peace until a few more years have past and the full reality has settled in. I know many told me but I had hoped for the best. I found out that my husband has Narcissistic Personality Disorder {NPD}. All those years I knew something wasn't right but just couldn't put my finger on it. I had to put his cloths to the door in Nov. and let him make his choice. He didn't put up one fight to stay, it was if he had a plan already. I found homeless shelter numbers in his phone weeks before I decided to pack him up and put his things to the door. Because of all the chaos going on I initially thought he had them just in case we had to move from our house again. But it looks like if given the time he would have moved anyway. He snuck around so much behind my back, he lied, stole large sums of money from a ministry in Norway that he was to use for printing religious books. It was exhausting. I found a text message that was sent to baby's mama that said he loved, missed her and hoped to see her soon. He lied and said she was suing him 4 child support and he wanted to cool her down so he flattered her with that text. He complained about everything, he hates America and will go home. He has a job in our small town and has told people in our church that he is saving to go home. But I do have some questions and please be sensitive because I am in a healing process and can't take a lot of criticism. 1. His 2 year conditional green card will expire on the 25th, I know some have said he can file VAWA and ROC. But what are the chances in a weeks time? I have seen even where he has contacted a immigration agency that help people file. I know i360 says the person need a marriage or birth certificate. He doesn't have any of that I literally have everything in my possession. 2. In Dec. I made a info pass appt. and showed evidence where he was getting money from people and sending it to a bank account then rerouting it to this lady. Now yes he was to print religious books with it but he didn't. We had also got into a argument in 2015 and he in anger said he was done with me and only wanted to keep his immigration benefits and that it was all for that. I asked him to write that and sign it. He told me to write it and he will sign it so I did. I took that to them as well. I provided emails where he would pretend that this lady was his wife just to get money for some orphanage. A man even called to tell me that he met this lady and their child. I knew he was in a previous relationship but he convinced me that it was over, now years later she is still somewhat in the picture. I took them a stack of info on various things even him being on dating sites. Can I get any update from USCIS? I know they probably won't tell me anything. What should I do at this point....besides move on?

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I-140 Filed, How long is usual wait?
2:11 pm


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Hello good people, I am very new here. My I-140 was filed in early November 2016 after which i got the receipt notice. Up until now, checking USCIS case status shows form received. How long does it normally take? Is 3+ months normal? its been 100+ days now. Please advise. Thanks

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Not been able to secure an interview date in Nairobi
7:12 am


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Hi everyone,

i must say that i really find this VJ very helpfull. now kindly advice me the fact i've not been able to an interview date since the start of feb. in Nairobi.

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Seeking Feedback on N-400 Package Document Checklist
6:11 pm


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We are working on the husband's N-400 to send next week. 10-year GC was delayed until middle of last year... then we just kept saying 'next week... next week...' until we realized early this month that actually his naturalization window under the 5-year rule opens next week!

We just want to make sure we have the correct documents as applies to him:

  • Check ($640 + $85 = $725)
  • N-400 (Application)
  • Photocopy of GC, both sides
  • Divorce Certificate from earlier marriage - (M-477 states that "If you were married before, send: ? Proof that all earlier marriages ended (divorce decree(s), annulment(s), or death certificates(s)).
  • G-1145 (e-Notification...)

Are we missing anything? Are we correct on including the divorce certificate from earlier marriage?

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To put N/A or to leave blank?
2:57 am


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I am working on my N-400. The instructions state to "type or print N/A..."

I notice that some questions, such as Item Number 5. U.S. Social Security Number specifically ask for a N/A if you do not have one. However, many other questions that would not be applicable to not ask for a N/A in the instructions. Has anyone had experience with leaving these fields blank, which is what I am inclined to do, and did it negatively affect the application?

(This question is for the revised N-400 of 12/23/2016)

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