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arrowA little confused
October 27, 2014, 1:00 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Well as the topic states I am confused about a couple of processes we are doing on the removal of condition status for my husband I751. When exactly is filing considered late and when should we right a letter stating why our papers are late? And also i have a package from our port of entry. We were  givin two by the embassy in Kenya and when we entered into the US they only used one for my husbands packages of papers and the other gave back to us. Because it has a stamp stating that we were not to open it it is still securely closed and put away but I am confused on what to do with it. Does anyone know what i should do with it?

Thanks and best regards

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arrowSome information on documents i need
October 23, 2014, 8:10 am Last comment by AdreannN

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Hi its been two years already? Wow this year has held so much new events for me and my immigrant spouse. We have a beautiful baby girl and we have even moved to a different location. My immigrant Spouse is from Kenya and two years ago in January we entered the united states on a CR1 visa and now we are ready to renew! As the title says though we need to remove the conditions on our (his) green card. And i was wondering what papers do i need? I have notarized letters from people who have known us since we lived here in America and I have all the documents required to show that we have been together since we got married and we plan to be together forever :) But i was wondering do we need any extra documents showing we have moved to a different address? Will we need copies of all the places we lived at? Do i need a letter form every place we lived at from the land lords? We have only rented in two places. My parents got a divorce one year after we arrived and we were originally staying with them until we found our own place to rent. I dont know why I am always so tense in dong this paper work lol. I just want my spouse to be with me and my daughter. Do i need any info on his new job he has now? Do we need a letter from the boss? He is the sole bread winner in our house hold as we decided to have one paren stay home with the baby. Do i need any information on hat as well? Any advice would be appreciated thanks :) Wish us blessings :)





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arrowADvise members on the way forward
October 21, 2014, 11:17 pm Last comment by SingleDad2usc

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came here on k1 and married and filed for gc but pending my wife turned violence and abusive after month and cant worked anymore when we talked about she throw us out of the house and turned physical before i went to police to ask for advice they just took notes instead now i had to ask for a court order coz the govt would take my children. Now we cant go to interview together wat can i do. I heard about VAWA how long does it take and wat do they need do i have to get a lawyer (attorney) and secondly am in a different state now. What kind of help can i get from government i have only work permit am in a shelter with my children

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October 16, 2014, 1:47 am Last comment by dannyphan91

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the opportunity to ask this question.I submitted form DS-261 on 8/03/14,sent AOS package on 8/6/14.I received IV bill 9/11/14,paid 9/12/14,and sent IV package 9/16/14.

Yesterday,10/14/14,received letter from NVC saying the email for my wife I provided while filling form DS-261 was either old or bad and wanted me to provide a current one.Indeed I checked and realized I had put a "dot" between my wife's names where it shouldn't have been.Have replied with correct email address.My question is,is this considered a checklist?



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arrowRequest for initial evidence...Need Help ASAP
October 10, 2014, 4:29 pm Last comment by moraaj

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My Request for initial evidence is to send a copy of a birth certificate,  I sent one it but I guess will have to have it sent with a letter head from foreign affairs in Kenya, my home country. I am here on a student visa, never missed a class, I am working on a doctorate degree and have a current I-20 until i started this journey. Here comes the big question, I am married to a USC, when we were completing our package, I did not know about this site, so we did a few mistakes when completing the forms.

Here are the mistakes

 Number of house hold number 5 on form I-864  we have 3 in total instead of 2

I included my income which is not obtained legally.

 I am worried that they may send me a RFE to prove my income.,,. My question is can I send a corrected I-864 form along with this RFE or should I wait for another RFE.?

 Below is my attached I-864.

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