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arrowPlease advice
June 24, 2016, 8:14 am Last comment by Angie2014

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My I-360 has been approved since April 2014.

I have not heard anything from my lawyer or the Immigration office.

My lawyer says everyone is different and it can take forever. Is anyone in the same situation like me?

Any advice on what to do to expedite I-485?

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arrowChild denied on forms- what now? (split)
June 23, 2016, 7:34 am Last comment by SusieQQQ

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Good evening team. Kindly help me to get justice for a kid denied but her mother who won a green and joined the united states. during the interview the mother didn't indicate or say she had a kid. the kid need parental care and this is giving false information inorder to gain entry to the Us. I know were the lady lives and her contacts. how can I find justice for the kid?

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arrowCommingling of Finances Proof
June 18, 2016, 10:50 pm Last comment by JL818

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Hello everyone,


Married a US Citizen and filed the I-485 and I-797. Got the EAD card and waiting on our interview date. In the meantime, I have been reading a lot of commingling of finances as a proof to present during the interview. Can someone shed some light as to what the IO will be examining in terms of commingling of finances?


Me and my wife prefer to actually have our own separate bank accounts because it's easier since we both are working professionals and we can easily monitor our savings. We do have each other registered on each other's bank accounts and both of us have debit cards for each other's bank account. But neither of us has ever charged our debit cards against each other's bank. Should we start doing this?


I have a credit card and my wife is an "authorized user" so she has her own card, and she uses it from time to time for small shopping or restaurant eating. Other than that, I pay all the balance in full of the credit card.


Do I need to start preparing action items to show commingling of our finances?




Current evidence:

1) Joint Auto Insurance

2) Joint Car Title

3) Joint Lease Agreement Apartment

4) Beneficiary on my ROTH IRA

5) Joint Renter's Insurance

6) Wife pays electric bills 

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arrowHusband refuses to file I485,AOS
June 10, 2016, 5:19 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hi ,everyone am new here, have a problem.
I came to US end of march,the last week under a K-1 Visa,my husband who's a USC hurriedly file for marriage which took place on the 1st week of April.

Since then things really changed between us,i didn't know what it was until I talked to a lady on phone who told me that was abuse;
He doesn't want me to leave the house,he keeps telling me ill be arrested.
He doesn't work he had cancer before so he's on disability income so he' doesn't leave the house and smokes all day with me inside that house.
He has insulted me,yelled at me and even tried stopping from going to church which is round the blocker,100m away.
He's made me sign documents,that are illegal I cant give much. Details here as he threatens me that we wouldn't have cable if I don't sign.
He doesn't talk to me,but when visitors are around he talks to me,compliments me,they know we are okay.
I am not working just my SSN,and today I applied for ID I have no money at all,...
Two weeks ago I brought up the smoking issue,he yelled at me said I was disrespectful,i told he was not the man I knew I didn't understand why he was so cruel to me,he just told me I should never bring up petty issues,i am so childish,they is nothing he hasn't called me.
After that he called his mum and reported me,and accused me of sleeping with someone,bad relations in Church etc,so one of his friends came to ask me about the allegations,she was so sure I did everything that was mentioned to her,someone told me to keep records of everything that has happened to me so I did,i came to realize that he has a very bad credit and he actually brought me here so he can afford a luxurious life.
I told him I want to see a counsellor @ salvation army which he almost refused but he took me and sat nearby I wasn't even able to talk,and he told me I shouldn't go for such things they will reflect on my records.
He's asked me not to talk to anyone male or female,i don't have extra house keys,he never takes me anywhere and anytime I asked him if I can stroll he tells he wants to go somewhere which he never does.
Actually the list is endless,my i-94 expires this week,so I asked him what happens??(because his brother was kind enough to tell me I should be careful with him he has messed two women here in USA and he never filed anything for them at the end)
So he just told me he doesn't have money,just to make sure what I was told was true,i told him I will borrow,he told "AOS is not important people live even forever in the US without this things,youre married to me that's all that matters,youre far much better than many people I know" he's planning to get a car under my name when I start working,since I came he hasn't paid rent he wants me to get a job so that I can help him pay .
I so feeling bad right now,i don't even get enough sleep,he is very violent by nature he kicks things around,he has never hit me though because according to him the government will give me a greencard,so he does everything possible to frustrate me,.

Any advice will be appreciated,i don't have any friends,....cash or anything,he did not pay for my cellphone this month.
If you have gone through this please let me know what happened.


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arrowROC with a valid green card
May 23, 2016, 5:19 pm Last comment by RiceCake
Ahren & Edna

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I recently received a letter from USCIS reminding me that its about time i applied for my ROC on my conditional residency. I was initially approved for the 2 year conditional residency in August 2014. After the approval, we waited for our daughter and I's green cards to arrive in the mail to no avail. After much following up with UPS and sending in another application with a fee waiver that was denied, we finally sent in the documents, with full payment (2nd time), had a second set of biometrics and got the green cards in August 2015. The validity date on the green cards is up to August 2017.


Having received a reminder form USCIS recently that i should remove the conditions following the near 2 year anniversary of our initial approval, what should i do? Will my green card be technically invalid even though the validity period has not reached. Will i be out of status if i do not apply to remove conditions within this time? The thing is, I would gladly send in the ROC packet with the ~1200$ (for my daughter and I) but finances are a little too tight. Anybody been in a situation like this?

What would you advise me to do?


A & E.


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