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4:24 am


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I got a relative whose interview in Houston got canceled. Should they show up still or wait for reschedule notice from USCIS?

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photos of parents meeting
9:35 am

Bree and Vic

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Hello everyone, thank you for this forum. My fiance and I met last year July, he has visited my home country twice, DECEMBER last year and SEPTEMBER this year.

When he met my parents we didn't take photos, our phones were out of charge by the time we got to the village. It's interior with no power supply.

I have a friend who I met during our medical examination in Nairobi and she just told me one must have photos of the fiance with the parents for your visa to be approved. I am very worried, how do I go about this?

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Income After Wife gains Employment
7:15 pm


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So my wife who is the Petitioner was a stay at home mom last year 2016. We currently have an interview IR-5 scheduled and NVC asked that the applicant take wife's 2016 W-2 forms to interview but she does not have them. Wife has since gained employment and am wondering would our previous tax transcripts 2015/2014 plus our current income (Pay-stubs, Year-to-date earnings) be enough to proof financial ability to support my mother in law? If the CO at embassy was to look at our "earning trend" from previous tax transcripts they would see that the only time we come below the poverty level was last year. Would this be enough as we currently do not have a joint sponsor.

(we have cut the poverty level too close from my w-2 from 2016) Otherwise our earning trend has always been 20K above poverty level stated.

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Applying for Bank Mortgage on a ROC Extension
3:37 pm


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So basically since the 2 year GC has expired and spouse is on the Extension, the bank refused a pre-mortgage approval. Reason, the expiry date on the GC. I directed them to the USCIS website and phone number to call. The underwriter said high risk d/t that factor.

What the heck?

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Visiting a friend
9:57 am

Philomena okwemba

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Am a Kenyan, which visa am I supposed to apply for?

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