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arrowCR-1 greencard process
April 17, 2014, 2:09 pm Last comment by pushbrk

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My husband has arrived in the US!  Woohoo!  Prior to his coming here, we paid the $165 greencard fee.  I think I was so focused on him getting here, I'm a little gray on what now.  Will they automatically mail the greencard and social security card?  Does he need to go to the social security office?  In the guide I read the paragraph below.  It talkas about removing conditions....that's down the road right?  (90 days before the 2 years?). 


Additionally, I guess I want to clarify something....we went the married visa route (CR-1).  So he can travel back and forth home to Kenya right?  Unlike the fiance visa I think.  Is this once he gets his greencard that he can go back and forth outside of the US?  The visa in his passport says the permanent resident sentence about being valid for 1 year, but the visa is a one time visa valid for 6 months, so how does that work?  I just don't want to plan a trip and end up missing a husband at the end of my trip. 


If anyone can shed some light on what now.....


At the bottom of either a CR-1 visa or IR-1 visa is the following sentence, "Upon Endorsement Serves As Temporary I-551 Valid For One Year." The endorsement is a standard CBP admission stamp with applicable information written in by the officer. This allows the visa itself to act as a temporary green card before the actual green card arrives in the mail. Additionally, if your relative is a CR-1 visa holder, the green card will only be valid for two years. Within ninety days before the green card expires, you will have to file an I-751 form to remove it's conditional status.

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arrowvisa fees for F2A
April 16, 2014, 5:13 am Last comment by PatchSC

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hey people, i was wondering is the visa fees paid when filing the I-130 or after getting the interview letter? coz i got the interview letter and there is nowhere they are asking for visa fees. please help

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arrowQuestion ...
April 14, 2014, 4:33 pm Last comment by Mimi and Wewe
Mimi and Wewe

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Just received an email that Form 1-765 ( Work Permit ) Card Document Production has been ordered! Yeah!!!


So the question is, how long do I have to wait before it comes in the mail?


Additionally, can I apply for a Drivers License now or do I have to wait and apply for a Social Security number before going to DMV? Can I get a Drivers License without the number? When you apply for your social security number, how long does it take before you get it in the mail?


Thanks Everyone!



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arrowNot going to use approved K-1 Visa
April 10, 2014, 3:58 am Last comment by Kolewenoik31

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In December, my fiance was approved for a K-1 visa. We applied for this while I was in the US (In January 2013) and he was in Kenya. Currently I am in Kenya working, and will return to the US for the month of May, and then  it is looking quite likely that I will return to Kenya for more work. Given the short period of time I will be in the US, and that we won't be staying there, plus unforeseen circumstances that make this not the best time for him to come there with me, we have decided to NOT use the K-1 visa--as I understand, it is not allowed to use a K-1 visa for just visiting, and only one month in the US is not enough time for us to get married.


My question is: What should I do now? He is still my fiance and later on we WILL want to get married and for him to come to the US, but I am not sure when I will be living in the US next, as it looks like the foreseeable future will be spent living outside of the US with my fiance. 


--Do I notify the Nairobi Embassy AND USCIS? How should I do this? Is there any specific form to fill?


--Is there any way to retain the approval of the visa but just for a later time to use it? Right now it expires May 29, and I understand that once it expires you have to apply again, but I want to just ask that question anyway.


--If we need to/when we DO apply for K-1 again, is there any chance that the process will be quicker because he was already approved for the K-1 visa but didn't end up using it during the time it was valid?


and finally,


--Does this look negative in the eyes of immigration if we apply, were approved, ending up not using it, and then apply again at a later date? I would think not because we are being honest with the system, but just want to hear some thoughts.


Thank you,



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arrowQuestion about DS-230 / IV Package Documents
April 7, 2014, 10:02 pm Last comment by Kolewenoik31

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I am new to the forums but have been using them to look up answers I have had along the way. Thought it was about time I make an account since I am having more and more questions and cannot find the exact answers I need.


My wife is from Kenya and we were married 1 year ago and started this crazy trip through getting her Visa. So far the longest step has been the approval of our I-130 packet. Now that is done and has been approved. Yay! And we are on our way to the next step. I have a couple questions and any answers would be so greatly appreciated!



1) In the step by step guide on the I-130 I could not find where it lists anything on the DS-230 or IV package. However it is listed in a section called "How to bring your foreign spouse to live in the US". Is it even needed?


2) In 2 seperate sections it lists the need for the Police Certificates which I am sure my wife has. But in one it lists 2 different Police Certificates. One for "Passport Office Police" and the other for "Police Clearance Certificate".  Which one do I need? I know she already has the Police Clearance for sure but not the Passport one.  And if so, where can she get it?  


3) It says that all the documents need to be original/certified copies. But she is still in Kenya. Does that mean for sure that she will need to mail them to me? Or can I just use a copy?  



I have read quite a bit in the forums about writing to the NVC when the package is sent and letting them know she will have the documents at the time of interview but I'm a bit confused. 


Would like to get this ball rolling as soon as they approve my payments for the AOS.  


Once again. Thank you so much to anyone who can help! This whole site has been a lifesave and I'm proud to be a part of the community.

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