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arrowK-1 visa - Does the marriage have to take place in US?
September 26, 2014, 11:28 am Last comment by A&B

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I am curious, I will be visiting my fiance for the first time in Nov. Can I file for a K-1 VISA after our initial visit; and then once approved, have her enter the USA to start the 90 day period and then have us both fly back to her country for the wedding (since all her family is in her current country) or is it REQUIRED that we marry in the USA for a K-1 VISA?


The reason for this strategy is we can get the clock started earlier and there is no way to have all her family come over to the states for a wedding.

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arrowImmigrant Visa Fee
September 12, 2014, 6:35 am Last comment by Simiyus

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Hi everyone,

I received email from NVC sept.11 informing me IV invoice was ready to be paid and log the website to pay.However,on the website portal is not open for payment,still showing blank and in red ink.Anyone experienced the same.I thought would be ready today,sept 12,but is not.What could be happening here,and what should I do?


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arrowTrying to start before the beginning
September 10, 2014, 3:39 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hello, I am an American citizen living here in the U.S. and am planning on getting married in Kenya since this is where my fiance lives and so that her family can attend the wedding. Is a K-3 visa the best and most efficient way to go? We don't want to do the K-1 visa since her family would not be able to travel to the States. I am hoping by joining this forum now I will learn from the experience of others and stop myself from making unnecessary mistakes. Any advice to a newbee would be greatly appreciated!!




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arrowI-797 Issue - Medical Exam Issue
September 9, 2014, 10:16 pm Last comment by RoseTodd

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Please help!!  


My fiancee went for her medical....


In 2007 she got infected with TB, but was treated and has been healthy for a long time.  


During her medical they told her, her chest x-ray was abnormal and now she needs to be tested (which I'm 99.9% sure she will be fine).  It takes 60 days for the test results.  So we won't know anything until Nov. 9th at the earliest.  


The issue is that her I-797 will expire on Nov. 16th.  Unfortunately you can only schedule an interview a month I had to reschedule for Oct...then in Oct, I will schedule, hopefully for Nov. 11th.  


Do I need to worry about the I-797 expiring??? And if so, how can I get that extended????



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August 26, 2014, 10:32 pm Last comment by johnmcgraw49

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I'm really nervous, that my Fiancee' and I have made it this far and we may have an issue with the I-134.  


Here's the situation.  


I have custody of my son and my fiancee' has custody of her son.  So I think that makes us a family of 4.  


Last tax year (2013) I lost my job (I coach college basketball) in august.  I was a coach at a small college and didn't make much anyway as a "part-time" employee (15K).  I had previously been at a bigger school making more back in 2012, 2011, etc so I had maybe 20K in my bank account and I didn't live lavishly.  I collected unemployment from August to Feb of 2014.  My 2013 tax return has an income of 19,567.  


After my unemployment benefits ran out in Feb of 2014, I made an additional $6,000 at 2 small part time jobs which I no longer do.  For the past few years I have also run some small basketball tournaments that made a little bit of cash but nothing really worth detailing.  Well this year since I had a lot of free time I really worked hard to make the tournaments a financial success.  The tournaments did well and in 5 days during the month of July I turned a profit of close to $50,000.  I am in the process of becoming an "official" business, but currently myself/my tournaments are NOT an official business.  That said I have close to $60,000 split between 2 bank accts....1 of which is paypal (altho not a large amount in there).  Other than my "asset", I own no house or nothing of serious value....just the liquid bank balance.  


My best friend is willing to also do an I-134 for me....he's willing to give me his bank balance (and statements worth about 40K), along with pay stubs (he's a teacher) and his last years taxes (He made about 50K).  


We have a interview at the Nairobi consulate on Sept 30th, 2014.  


My question I need my friend's I-134.  Without him....with no job and no real way to prove where I got this money, will my fiancee' and I be turned down???  If I use my friend's info....will that be enough info to get approved???  


Any thoughts, advice would probably help my nerves quite a bit.  For some reason it took our NOA2 almost 8 months when most people seemed to be getting approved in under 2 months.  

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