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arrowCertificate of birth helP
February 6, 2016, 8:37 pm Last comment by Ahmednoor

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Hello awesome community, i am at the stage of submitting forms to NVC, sadly my wife doesnt have a birth certificate from her country of birth Saudi Arabia and cannot obtain Non availability certificate. the saudi government didnt issue birth certificate to non saudis at the time when she was born. she has left saudi arabia less than 2 years old and never returned, she is in somalia at the moment and its impossible to get non availability certificate from the Saudi government. any advice on  how to get around non availability certificate, the Somali consulate in Saudi arabia are willing to provide a statement that she was born in Saudi Arabia and along with  that we have two Affidavits from father and aunt. would that suffice? ANY ADVISE PLEASE . Would any body recommend to get a lawyer for this matter, it seems from my research that this is an automatic RFE. any body had similar experiences?



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arrowIv paid yesterday, today its asking to pay now in the website again
February 4, 2016, 12:32 pm Last comment by Ahmednoor

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Hello awesome visa journey community I have a problem here with the fee payments . so I made a payment yesterday for the IV bill and got a receipt today I was checking the status hoping for paid status but rather it is asking to pay again. It says pay now like new bill. Any body understand this . btw I called NVC the lady I talked suggests to pay again but the money has been withdrawn already from account . any advice . thanks

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arrowThanks to visajourney.com
February 1, 2016, 10:33 pm Last comment by Ahmednoor

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Hi there I have to thank who ever is running this awesome site. I had no idea about the whole immigrant visa process this site pretty much made me feel like an attorney that knows everything so thank you I just registered and wanted to give a shout out first. I also wanna ask if Any one knows an estimate of the whole NVC process I just completed DS-261 first step and I am too excited to finish everything with NVC so how long does it usually take from DS-261 to case complete and after that any one here knows an estimate for case complete to interview for Kenya Nairobi consulate .

Thanks in abundance

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arrowSSN delays
January 15, 2016, 5:23 am Last comment by Grace for Grace

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I have been in the us for more than 100 days now and I received my green card like 2 months ago but I haven't received my SSN yet. I have applied
It again in one of the local office a month ago but nothing has happned, please give me advice on what to do or who to contact because I think its taking too long now.

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arrowN400 approved_ROC divorce waiver
January 2, 2016, 11:32 am Last comment by It_takes_2

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I am writing this because I wish when I was going through this, someone else that had did. I hope to give hope to someone.


First, the best news of all, my oath ceremony is scheduled for 1-14-15 here in Houston. I am beyond happy and I want to thank Visa Journey for this forum. I could not have done it without your assistance.


My journey stated in 2008 when I met my future husband at a friends summer cook out. It was love at first sight....I know how cheesy that sounds. My husband is tall, handsome and really sweet (or so I thought). We got married in May 2009 and I found out his true colors shortly after. This is not a sob story so I will shorten this part - he was in an out of jail and I just couldn't handle it.  We had our daughter June 2010 and now everyone, my family included judged me and said horrid things. I never set out to be a single mom but here I was...with no family here to assist. My whole world just seemed to fall apart. I started listening to 'WILL SMITH WISDOM' and other encouraging words. Looking back I don't know how I did it but between working full time and being a single mom, I completed my education and got a good job. I divorced by husband and ROC via a divorce waiver in April 2012. It took 23 months, 3 RFEs, 1 inforpass and 2 biometric appointments to approve my case but they did. That was April 2014.


I moved to Houston shortly after. I wanted to get a fresh start on life. I love America!!!! This is the only place I know that you do this! I bumped into this guy a good friend of mine tried to introduce me to several years before. At the time I met him, I was going through a tough times, including a divorce shortly after, the ROC process, I was juggling a single mom life, school and I had no place in my heart for a relationship. So I pretty much pushed him away but the poor guy pursued me for years, relentlessly. I finally decided to give him a chance and boy I should have done it sooner. He is an amazing man and he loves my daughter 100%  It's almost as thought the universe repayed my patience. I am now engaged and the best part is this July 2015 I applied for N400 via a the 5 year rule. I interviewed Dec 2015, I got my oath letter 3 weeks after and now my oath ceremony is in less that 2 weeks.


I want to encourage everyone that has going through problems in your marriage and the immigration process. Hang in there. Do not give up. Stay away from trouble, pay your taxes and be a law abiding citizen. With time, your dreams will come true. Now the American dream is in my grasp. I am very excited to be completing this process but I never take for granted what it took or forget others who are still in the struggle.

Keep that head up and remember, the sun will always rise again.


Be blessed <3



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