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  1. You missed the point of the question. The people in ISRAEL not the USA have issues
  2. They can do nothing. While this situation of yours is 'different' for sure. I am confident USCIS gets a lot of weird requests and mostly they ignore.
  3. Not to worry. ConEd would only allow one name. We included other information like a Will, POA, Health Proxy, Bank Statements, Credit Card Statements in both names, Invitation emails from friends showing both names..just a few copies... There was no interview. Matter of fact I did not have any interview for the AOS or the I-751. The cards just showed up in the mail.
  4. I am sorry to hear this. You need to do nothing. God forbid, do not sign the Affivdavit of support of the I-485 either. Move out if possible or have him move out. Don't be alone with him either. Remember, he is cheating NOW...imagine what he will do after the he gets the visa
  5. Thanks for the update. PS: Your profile picture of a lime is hilarious..
  6. Nigeria is on a ban. (reason? Background checks in Nigeria are not able to be done. The Nigerian National Intelligence Agency will not cooperate with the FBI/CIA and whatever else the Embassy needs to do their investigation of you......:-( Maybe things will change
  7. Yeah...my Citizenship application which we did online took 4 months from application to receiving an email letter for the Interview in NYC. Maybe because we submitted everything online, all IRS transcripts, etc etc..
  8. Haha, pole mheshimiwa. I am a Kenyan as well. We are a same sex couple. I got rejected twice to come and visit my Fiance here on a B2. I was deadly scared I we would get rejected for the K1. However, all went well. No interview for the Green Card nor the I-751. The latter was approved within 6 months which was shocking. We were expecting 15 months. I was interviewed for Citizenship though. We sent a file 4 inches thick with bank, credit cards, will, POA, Etc
  9. There is nothing he can do. First of all, whatever country you are from (doesn't say on the profile), the Passport is the property of that country. Since he took it away, that is now a stolen passport. I would report it to the police and send a copy to that country's Embassy. The Green Card also needs a police report and a notification to USCIS. Keep all those texts and file for divorce ASAP. Include that and the texts in the ROC letter and information. You will be fine. Good luck David
  10. Here is the directive for 2 months. The president provided a rationale for the unprecedented decision that was primarily economic, arguing that he wants Americans to have access to work as millions of people have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus crisis
  11. Couple of things: We sent an email to the ImmigrantVisa section of the US Embassy in Kenya asking if my fiance could attend my interview. They said no due to security and space concerns. We asked through our Senator if he could be interviewed in a separate room. They did not reply nor was it done. In Pakistan, our same sex couple friends, both were present for the interview and was conducted in a separate room, so no one could overhear.
  12. We are a American-Kenyan same sex couple. (males). He is from Kenya too. The Kenyan government does not need to know anything. You do need a CID Certificate of Good Conduct that needs to be applied for and given at the K-1 Interview. However, I understand now the CID is not issuing any certificates due to COVID-19. The rest of the processing is done with the US Embassy. The part we feared was being interviewed at the counter as everyone could hear. However, the Kenyans waiting there are nervous and don't pay attention. The intake personnel of your documents are Kenyansbut cannot do or say anything nor will they as they are working for the US Government. I wouldn't worry.
  13. Don't feel bad. I have Nigerian gay friends IN Nigeria who cannot marry each other due to Nigerian homophobia...
  14. Just wow....:-( Did he file the asylum application. I am sure it is pretty lengthy with a lot of details. This could come across as misrepresentation? What profession is that? What country?
  15. I just came back from both those countries...so yes, what I said is correct. It WAS a tourist visa
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