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Found 12 results

  1. Hi! I have my AOS interview on March 26 and my husband and I will be moving to a new place on April 1st. I am not sure when to fill out the address change form.. Should I fill out the form a week before the interview so when I get there they have already processed the change? Should I just wait until the interview, because the officer will have power to change my address in the system then? or should I wait until after the interview and when I actually move? I am trying to avoid losing my Green Card to the amazing USPS limbo... which makes me wonder.. are GCs sent priority just like EADs or via regular snail? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello. I had a GC interview that was marriage-based with a us citizen last Friday (2/9). The officer was super friendly and she said she would put her approval in the system although she needs to run some more checks. She also told me I should get a card in 2-3 weeks and gave me a reminder that I need to apply for a permanent GC 90 days before the conditional one expires. So I think I am definitely approved at least verbally but so far no update on USCIS. No letter, no TXT, no e-mail.. I know it has only been a week but it seems like people on average get the notice in a week. Should I start worrying? What are your thoughts? Thank you
  3. CEAC “application received to AP

    My fiancé’s case changed status this morning to “application received” and now it says “administrative processing”and it has changed to “non-immigrant.” Does anyone know what I should be expecting next? Or rather, hoping for next?
  4. Does anyone know when the ceac website updates? Is it daily or like USCIS where it can be throughout the day. Ive noticed just once a day near closing time in the United Kingdom.
  5. Hi i want to know the updates of approval of NOA2 for k1 fiance visa results.
  6. Sooooo ummmm... Received two emails: Application Type: I130, PETITION FOR ALIEN RELATIVE Your Case Status: Initial Review Your interview for your Form I130, PETITION FOR ALIEN RELATIVE, Receipt Number <xxx>, was completed, and your case must be reviewed. We will mail you a notice if we make a decision or take further action. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. During this step, USCIS initiates the background checks of the applicant/petitioner and identifies issues that may need to be addressed either during an interview or by asking the applicant/petitioner to submit additional information or documentation. USCIS reviews the applicant's/petitioner's criminal history, determines if there are national security concerns that need to be addressed, and reviews the application/petition for fraud indicators. If you have filed an I-485, I-589, I-751, N-400, I-90, I-821, I-131 or I-765, you can expect to receive an appointment notice to appear at an Application Support Center to have your fingerprints and/or photographs taken. The timing of your appointment is determined by the number of applicants ahead of you that also need a biometric appointment. We try to schedule biometric appointments as quickly as possible and in most cases you will receive your appointment notice within 30 days of submitting your application. We will send your appointment notice approximately 14 days ahead of your scheduled appointment. It is important that you keep this appointment. If absolutely necessary, you can request that your appointment be rescheduled however, please be aware that rescheduling may delay the processing of your application. Please follow the instructions on your appointment notice if you need to reschedule. Occasionally, you may receive an appointment notice to appear at an Application Support Center to have your fingerprints taken when you have filed a form other than those listed above. In these situations, you may receive your appointment notice more than 30 days after submitting your application or petition. Two seconds later (according to headers that show when my gmail account received the email) I receive the good one: Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On August 30, 2017, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number <yyy>, and will mail it to the address you gave us. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. This step applies to applications that result in an applicant receiving a card (such as a "green card") or other document (such as a naturalization certificate, employment authorization document, travel document, or advance parole). Applications will be in this step from the time the order to produce the card/document is given until the card/document is produced and mailed to the applicant. You can expect to receive your card/document within 30 days of the approval of your application. If you do not receive your document, please contact our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. I want to believe the second one (GC on it's way, F YEA!), and assume the I-130 was simply updated because there has been no updates on that one apart from "we received it". But I'm a little afraid to think good things prematurely? Is this normal? Are we approved?
  7. I received my naturalization certificate all wrinkled after applying for a US passport, but at least I received it back. I cannot help but wonder why do we need to send the original document to the Department of State? Why isn't supplying a copy enough? After all, one would hope the data on that certificate (Certificate Number, Alien Registration Number) is checked for authenticity against some USCIS database. One would also hope that DOS would at least save a copy of the certificate for their records and for the applicant's peace of mind. Same goes for updating Social Security office. USCIS advises to "wait at least ten days after your ceremony before going to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure that data reflecting your naturalization has been updated." If indeed the records are updated by USCIS with the new information why do we still have to go to SSA to update our records. Unless by this USCIS means it takes at least 10 days for them to update the immigrant record they have on you against which Social Security will check and update your records accordingly. Did I just answer my own question? Fun fact the name change court order stapled to the naturalization certificate was unstapled by the post office employee when I applied for the passport. She then stapled the passport application to the certificate. So now I have two sets of staple holes in my naturalization certificate.
  8. Hello all, I just received a mobile alert at 2:30am EST for our case with USCIS for AOS from K-1. I was so excited only to see there is no change on the site from the last info that was there. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it immediately updated on site or should I just try again when the sun comes up? lol
  9. We had been preparing our Adjustment of Status package since January and just went to USPS and the package was postmarked 04/25/2017. We had no idea about I-130 newest update in February, 2017. We submitted the old version of I-130 (12/23/2016) version with G-325A. Unlike the December 2016 update, there was no official announcement about this February I-130 update, unless you actually click on the "edition" section on I-130 USCIS page. According to USCIS official announcement on December 29, 2017: "We will accept prior versions of forms, with the exception of Form N-400, until February 21, 2017. However, all filings postmarked 12/23/16 or later must include the new fees or we will reject them." Is the same policy apply for this February update ? We included the new fees for sure. Thanks guys
  10. Hi all, It is me (again!) Well, after struggling a couple days to finally be able to create an application (I kept on getting an error message saying that our NVC Case Number wasn't ready for appointment), pay the MRV fee and schedule an appointment, I just found that we CANNOT SCHEDULE THE INTERVIEW UNTIL WE HAVE THE OFFICIAL APPROVAL LETTER FROM USCIS (NOA2). Our petition was received on October 24th, 2016 and NVC Received our approved petition from USCIS late January (NVC created the case number on Feb 3rd). We NEVER received any updates on your petition receipt number (either checking on-line or official hardcopy letter) from USCIS, even though the package has arrived in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) already. I have even an official e-mail from the US Consulate in Rio encouraging us to move ahead with the process. We called USCIS and they asked us for 40 days to review our case to find out the possible reasons why it has never got the "approval" update. I will have the medical next week. There is no appointment dates for April anymore, there are some for late March, I hope to hear from them by then. I feel so frustrated that I have to wait until May because of their mistake, even though I have almost all the paper ready for the appointment. Has anyone (especially Brazilian) ever been through such problem? Did they check on your NOA2 approval letter during your interview? Please share your experiences. Thanks all
  11. Today a farewell message was aired by the head of USCIS, who will be leaving, León Rodríguez, Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. A political appointee, he will resign and his deputy Lori Scialabba, Deputy Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will take over again. Other points from the farewell message were: Staff have processed 8 million case related work items ( imagine at an average fee of USD$150 the USCIS income is USD1.2 billion.) The response rate is up 5% on 2015 improving to 66% in 2016. USCIS are a top 23% department for quality of service and hitting of targets in the "secondary level class." 85,000 refugees were processed during 2016 ( Compared to Germany - close to 1 million - highlights efficiency level and impact of paper v computer record management). Questions were raised from the floor including, Nebraska and Vermont being slow to process - he advised he will "look into it." It was a goodbye message, the interesting thing was you could either dial-in for the teleconference or viewing via Facebook at the USCIS page.
  12. Anyone else has their case stuck in "Fingerprint fee received"? It's 202 days for me from filing and no case status for my AOS I-485.