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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just had my interview this morning at the USEM and I wanna share how it went for the benefit of those who have an interview coming up. Quick recap of our entire petition/application process: Feb ‘17: NOA1 Aug ‘17: NOA2 Mid Oct ‘17: Applied for CR1 Visa Dec ‘17: NVC contacted us asking for a copy of our marriage contract with PSA seal Jan ‘18: Received email with interview schedule Mar 2: Medical Exam Mar 5: Got medical exam results Mar 12: Interview What I brought to the interview based on what USEM emailed: 1. PSA issued Birth Certificate 2. PSA issued Marriage Contract 3. PSA issued CENOMAR which indicates that I have a marriage contract filed under my name and my husband’s 4. NBI clearance (mine was issued in October 2017) 5. Medical Exam Results 6. Old passports (this is really important if you have another valid US visa) 7. Interview letter (ended up not being asked for or looked at) 8. DS-260 form (this was really important, it acted as a routing paper) Anyway, my interview was scheduled at 10:10am. My husband and I arrived at the embassy at around 9:00am. Just as soon as we arrived, I heard that they were calling applicants that were scheduled at 9:15am. So we decided to wait where everyone was sitting and standing (behind a sign that said 9:15aam). After I looked more closely at the sign, I noticed that it said Non-Immigrant Visa. So we walked up to the security guard to ask where immigrant visa applicants wait and he directed us to a tent closer to the entrance. At the tent, they immediately asked for my DS-260 form and passport. They placed a sticker on my form that has my name, visa classification, tick boxes with the steps and a bar code. They also placed my passport inside a ziplock bag. Afterwards, they instructed me to go inside. Inside the embassy, there are several ushers whom you can ask if you’re not sure where to go. We went up to one, told her my visa classification and then she directed me to where I should sit and wait. After around 20 mins, we got called to line up in front of the pre-screening window. I guess this is the window where you will be screened by a fellow Filipino which I’ve read in several blogs. When we got called, I was asked for my DS-260 form and passport right away. The lady at the pre-screening window scanned it, looked at the screen then left her seat. She came back with my file from the NVC. Then she asked for all of the documents I stated above one by one as she asked me questions. Some of the questions she asked were how we met, who our joint sponsor is, when we got married, where we got married, how many times I’ve been to the US and how many times my husband has been to the Philippines. She then directed me to the Finger Scanning window after returning my DS-260. At the Finger Scanning window, the line was quite long. Maybe because it was the only one doing it? Anyway, an American consul was at the window and the first thing he asked was my DS-260. Same thing, he scanned the bar code too. Then he asked me to scan my fingers. After that, he returned my DS-260 and told me to go to window 60 where the interview is at. We didn’t really have the interview at that specific window. I guess the windows on that side are where the interviews were conducted. Anyway, some lady told us to be seated first and wait to be called. This is where my nerves started kicking in coz you can hear most of the interviews going on. We even saw someone get denied. Then finally it was our turn. Again, I gave the DS-260 form and the lady scanned it. She left to get our file then came back and made us take the oath. I scanned my fingers again after. Then she proceeded with the interview. Since my petitioner was around, she kindly let us know that questions are directed at me and she will only ask my petitioner for more information if necessary. Not all consuls might be as polite as the one we got, so if your petitioner will join, he/she should let the applicant answer unless asked directly by the consul. She asked how we met, when we first met in person, how many times we’ve visited each other, when and where we got married, who our joint sponsors were, names of his parents and siblings, if I’ve been out of the country, if I stayed in other countries for a year or more. She asked for photos from our wedding but I only had a Polaroid photo of us showing off our wedding rings 😒. She asked if I had more to show but unfortunately I didn’t bring them. So tip for you guys, bring printed photos of your wedding! Anyway, after around 5 minutes she said everything seems to be okay and that she should be able to issue our visa. She asked us to take a small piece of paper by the window which has the USEM’s phone numbers to register/nominate a delivery address for my passport and visa packet. Now I just have to wait for 1-2 weeks for it! Oh and they also took my expired passport with a valid B1/B2 visa. So if you have a valid US visa, don’t forget to bring the passport that contains it! Overall, we spent an hour at the USEM. We got out at around 10:05am. Which was good coz our interview was originally scheduled at 10:10am. There was no need for us to go extra early. I don’t know if today was just not as busy as usual or USEM just got more efficient. But unlike what I’ve read in the past, there wasn’t a need for us to go hours prior to our interview. Especially because they let immigrant visa applicants in right away.
  2. My spouse attended her interview in Islamabad on Monday March 5th 2018. She was approved and was told that she will get her visa in 2 weeks. CO didn't return her any documents or asked for any documents. Now when i check CEAC status it still says READY. I called DOS to try to get embassy status. They are saying that they don't offer that status any more and i should contact NVC. I called NVC and asked her if there are any notes on her file from embassy. Phone Rep, took some time and came back that her case is in Administrative review. I am not sure what that is. Some one else is going through this situation ?
  3. Hello All, I am trying to figure out what supporting documents I need to submit for the AOS and IV packages to NVC. I read the threads and I still have a few questions. This is what I have so far: AOS Package: AOS bar-coded cover sheet Form I-864EZ (signed and dated) 2016 Tax Transcript 2015 Tax Transcript 2014 Tax Transcript Letter of Employment 2016 W2 2015 Correct W2 2014 W2 Paystubs Feb 2018 Paystubs Jan 2018 Paystubs Dec 2017 I know it is little overkill with the financial documents but I rather have them all than get a check list. IV Package: IV bar-coded cover sheet Two (2) passport-size photographs of beneficiary (case number, beneficiary’s full name, and date of birth are written on back of both) Photocopy of the biographic data page of beneficiary’s passport Photocopy of the Thai birth certificate Photocopy of the English translation of the Thai birth certificate As the child is 4 years old the following documents are N/A for him: Police records, Marriage Certificate (of course he has never been married), Court and Prison Records (he was never arrested), Military Records, Adoption documents (he is only my step child at this point). Do I need to submit a copy of my marriage certificate showing that I am married to his mother? If yes, does this go with the AOS or IV package. Do I need to submit a copy of my US passport? If yes, does this go with the AOS or IV package. Proof of domicile is only needed if you do not live in the US, correct? Also, the child had a name change do I need to submit the documents showing this name change (the Thai version as well as the English translation)? If I have missed anything I would appreciate it if you could point it out. Thank you. Regards Jonny
  4. April filer ‘17. Anyone knows whats going on?? My interview was on 21st December i didn’t get AP and i was supposed to get the visa in 10 days but still nothing. My IV visa says “application received” as of 23rd jan. But it’s been more then 2 working days and the status still hasn’t changed.
  5. Hello guys, We are in the NVC stage and we are having hard time understanding how to put together the AOS and IV package as according to instructions it has be sent as ONE package. A little background, my wife who is a US citizen living in USA has sponsored me under IR1 category and I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada. We have already gotten the petition approved. Now we are in NVC stage and we have already made payments for AOS and IV and I have already submitted DS-260 online and DS-261 has been completed. Now, I have the Document cover sheet/checklist that I received from NVC and also I have the barcode sheet for AOS as well as barcode sheet for IV. I am having a hard time figuring out in which order to assemble the package. Below is how I am thinking of putting together the package. Can somebody please have a look at it and provide feedback ? Main Envelope: The whole package will be sent to following address: National Visa CenterAttn: DR31 Rochester Ave. Suite 100Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 Contents 1. Document Coversheet/Checklist from NVC on top. 2. A cover letter explaining what is in IV package and AOS package. 3. IV Package/Envelope. 4. AOS Package/Envelope. IV Package/Envelope: This package will contain principal applicant’s (myself) documents and have following address on it: National Visa Center Attn. CMR 31 Rochester Avenue Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 Contents 1. IV Barcode sheet on top 2. Cover letter explaining documents enclosed in the IV package? 3. Doc1 4. Doc2 5. Doc3 6. And so on … AOS Package/Envelope: This package will contain petitioner’s (my wife) documents and have following address on it: National Visa Center Attn. CMR AOS 31 Rochester Avenue Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 Contents 1. AOS Barcode sheet on top 2. Cover letter explaining documents enclosed in the AOS package? 3. I-864 form. 4. Doc1 5. Doc2 6. Doc3 7. And so on ….
  6. Hello, This is a CR1 case and we forgot to put the Middle Name of the Applicant on the DS-260 (we were a bit confused on the website itself where to put it). The DS-260 has been submitted and an interview is scheduled for next month. What do we do? Do we let the CO know at the time of interview? Is this an issue? Thanks!
  7. My husband is applying for a CR1 visa and I have a question regarding paying the IV fee of $325. Yesterday I made the IV fee payment and got a confirmation that it had gone through successfully. On the receipt page, it shows a status of 'in process' but when I go back to the fees page, it shows a status of 'NOT PAID' and allows me to make the payment again. Nothing has showed up on my bank statement so far. I'm confused because when I paid the AOS fee last week, it showed "IN PROCESS' on both pages, would not allow me to pay again, and after a couple of days 'PAID' showed up. I attached some pictures. Has this happened to anyone else? Do I need to wait for the IV to be processed? Or did it not go through and I need to do the payment again? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Hi me and my husband are currently collecting documents for our AOS and IV packs. (Filing for spouse visa CR-1) There are a few things that he is not sure about - any help and clarification highly appreciated! 1) Proof of Domicile Does this mean a copy of our apartment lease? 2) Form(s) W-2 Is this form necessary for CR-1 spouse visa application ? If so - where can we find it? 3) Social Security earnings statement same as above - Is this form necessary for CR-1 spouse visa application ? Thank you for any support best wishes to you all!
  9. On date 8 June 2017 we received the I 797 where it says - Your petition is approved & Its sent to US Dept of state. I checked case status in USCIS site ( by entering receipt number) it was saying. "Case was Received" Till 14th June it was same. on 16th June it changed to "Case Was Sent To The Department of State". I understand once your I 130 is approved it will say " Case was Approved". so I think "Case was approved" status got update immeditely to "Case was sent to Dept of state". And Now we would get a welcome letter from NVC @ Petitonr address. with the Case number and IIN . Is my understading correct ? After that I should follow step. let me know If need to take care for any specific thing for below 3 step 1. DS-261 - Using Case and IIN number choose agent and address. Give email detail. ( I will choose Petitioner as agent and fill her detail in address) 2. Pay AOS fee - Will I be able to go and pay this with case and IIN number ? any other prerequisite for this 3. Pay IV fee - Will I be able to go and pay this with case and IIN number ? any other prerequisite for this. for the further stage I will go through the available threads and understand more.
  10. Hello, I received an email from the NVC with a cover sheet for the AOS package, as if I've just paid the fee. The odd thing is I already sent in the AOS and IV packages together, and they were delivered on Monday. Is this normal, or any idea what it could mean? Thanks.
  11. So it says Given names in IV application in Jordan names are different than they are in the US. in Jordan your full name is "First name + Father's first name + Grandfather's first name + Family name" so what should we write in Given names?
  12. Hi Everyone, My case was put into administrative processing but I had to recall my passport since I had to travel internationally. Now that my visa has been approved, is it possible to get my visa stamped from the country I am currently in rather than get it stamped from back home where I applied? Would really appreciate a response. Thanks. Amish
  13. Hello All, Anyone has idea how log the wait is if the case is in Administrative Processing after interview? Regards Ronak
  14. Hello All, Great forum with great info. Thanks all in advance for the superb support. Background : I am the principal applicant in Canada and my wife is the petitioner sponsoring me in the USA. We recently got our I-130 approved and got the NOA2 sometime mid April. We were preparing for the AOS and IV packages and hit a road bump that my wife doesn't meet the income requirements for this year. In addition to that we just discovered that it is recommended to file that taxes jointly. My question is that does anyone know that how long is the approved I-130 valid for ? I am going to try to get the IRS ITIN number and then re-file the amended taxes for the previous years as joint so that we can also meet the income requirements. This will take some time and I was wondering how much time do we have during the AOS/IV stage in NVC. Can somebody assist ?
  15. Preparing my AOS & IV Packet, want to send it to the NVC as soon as next week or so ... Would like some input if everything looks correct and/or if I missed something. What does "other Supporting Documents" mean on the Document Cover Sheet? In the section titled “IV packet - Civil Documents”, please find enclosed the following items: 1. Barcoded Civil Document Cover Sheet - By this I mean the cover sheet from the Welcome Letter where I mark an X into the brackets if the docs are enclosed, unavailable or not applicable 2. Photocopy of the Biographic Data Page(s) of Beneficiary’s passport 3. Photocopy of the certified copy of Beneficiary's Birth Certificate from Denmark (with apostille, issued in both English and Danish) 4. Photocopy of the original Marriage Certificate (with apostille, issued in English) 4.1. Photocopy of the original Marriage Certificate (in Estonian) 5. Police Records 5.1. Photocopy of the Certificate of Good Conduct for Beneficiary from Germany (with certified translation) 5.2. Photocopy of the certified notice from Criminal Records Database for Beneficiary from Estonia (with certified translation) 6. Two (2) passport size photographs of beneficiary (NVC Case Number, beneficiary’s full name, date of birth written on back of both) In the section titled “AOS packet - Affidavit(s) of Support & Financial Documents”, please find enclosed the following items: 1. Barcoded AOS Document Cover Sheet - By this I mean the cover sheet from the Welcome Letter where I mark an X into the brackets if the docs are enclosed, unavailable or not applicable 2. Sponsor’s form I-864 3. Sponsor's Federal Income Tax Return, W2’s and 1099 from the year 2016 - TAX TRANSCRIPT FOR 2016 NOT YET AVAILABLE, otherwise we'd send the transcript instead 5. Sponsor’s Tax Transcripts from the years 2015 and 2014 6. Sponsor’s Proof of Domicile - should I write out what is included or just leave it at "proof of domicile"? 7. Joint Sponsor’s form I-864 8. Photocopy of Joint Sponsor’s birth certificate proving U.S. Citizenship 9. Joint Sponsor’s pay stubs from the past 6 months (Nov 2016- April 2017) 10. Joint Sponsor’s Letter of Employment 11. Joint Sponsor’s W2’s from the years 2016, 2015, 2014 - because he filed jointly with the wife, but his income is more than enough and we are not including an i864a 12. Joint Sponsor’s Federal Income Tax Return from the year 2016 - TAX TRANSCRIPT FOR 2016 NOT YET AVAILABLE, otherwise we'd send the transcript instead 13. Joint Sponsor's Tax Transcripts from the years 2015 and 2014
  16. Hello, Do documents being sent to the NVC as part of the IV/AOS package need to be accompanied with an apostille seal? Thanks for any help.
  17. I am a USC filing for my stepson I'm preparing to send AOS and IV packages the documents I have are AOS: • My proof of U.S status • My signed form I-864 • My financial docs • Joint sponsor's proof of U.S status • Joint sponsor's signed I-864 • Joint sponsor's financial docs. IV: • Copy of beneficiary's birth certificate • Copy beneficiary's passport • Copy of beneficiary's police certificate • Copy of my marriage certificate with his dad Thats pretty much all there is right? Is there any more required documentation?
  18. A quick question for Egypt / Cairo members: I've been trying to reach the Immigrant Visa section of the US Embassy about my case, but I've not been successful. The numbers listed on the ustraveldocs website are all automated (and don't recognize my passport number or UID). Does anybody know how to talk to a person about an IV case? Some background: I'm an IR1 case, I've had my interview, my case status has been "Issued" for two weeks, but I've not received any notification and I can't track my passport online through the ustraveldocs website. I just want to know what's going on! Thanks! Dan
  19. Hello fellow immigrants! On Saturday, i checked my case status on the CEAC website and it changed from refused to ready and that same day i received an email stating that the consulate had sent a document to me via DHL, i checked the tracking number and it said "shipment Information received". It has not changed since. So today I called the NVC call center to ask for an update on my case and the nice lady said that the last update was Friday and was to send my passport to the consulate, after the call i received an email to send the passport. Now, this has happened before, the exact same thing, the consulate sends a doc then they request my passport, the last time this happened, I sent it, a week later they sent it back with from I 601, we appealed the form because it didn't apply to me, now they're asking to send the passport again. Does anybody know what they want it for and if they're going to waste our time again?
  20. My wife was interviewed on January 12th, 2017, she was asked to submit more documents such as (I-864A contract between joint sponsor and household member) and a copy of proof of citizenship for joint sposers household member as well as a copy of joint sponsor's w-2 form. She was put on Administrative Processing on 12th when I checked her case status on Ceac website after her interview, but after We submited all requested docs along with her passport and printed currier receipt on a very next day on Jan 13th 2017 I checked the status again few hours after we sent docs and status was changed from AP to Ready (your case is ready for your interview when scheduled...) dont really know what that means, it has made both of us so worried. Its still says ready after few days. Btw we submitted additional docs on Friday afternoon, Saturday&Sunday they were closed as well as Monday which it was Martin Luther King, Jr.) day please share your experience if you have seen this kind of situation before or know someone who have. We are not sure if she's getting her visa or what will happens. They still have her passport and no updates since Friday Jan 13th
  21. I am filing for an IR-1 visa for my husband and we are in the final NVC stage. I mailed in the AOS/IV packet last week. I live with my husband and our children in his home country (and I am currently a stay at home parent with our littlest) so I am required to have a joint sponsor with a US income/residence. My grandparents (well my grandfather) are joint sponsors, and he makes well over the income requirement. I will admit that the situation is a less than ideal - with me having to "prove intent to re-establish domicile" and not paying taxes for the last 2 years and needing a joint sponsor. But I have been very careful, checking all the boxes, proving (maybe over proving) everything. On to my question.... My grandparents are pretty well connected people, and they called in a favor to a government official. I don't want to say exactly who, but its someone who was an elected official in the federal government for a long time. I don't know exactly what was asked, or what will happen. I suppose at the very least he will call the NVC and inquire about our case. Its not really clear to me what else could happen. My question is.... has anyone else here had this kind of help? How can this help (OR HURT) our case?