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  1. Thanks for the discussion, guys. I almost wish they would just go ahead and deny the visa already instead of keeping us wondering what exactly it is they are waiting on. Hopefully we’ll hear something either way soon.
  2. No, he left about 15 years ago and has no plans to return.
  3. Hello, My fiancé applied for a B2 visa to come and visit me in the US back in December 2016. It has been about 14 months now that it has been in "administrative processing" and we have since become engaged. We began our K1 fiancé visa process about one month ago, and I understand estimates for that process are now ranging between 9 - 12 months for approval/completion. In the meantime, we are still holding out hope that his B2 visa will be approved and he will be allowed to come to the US for a visit while we wait on our K1 process. (We've met many times before, but always in a country other than the US.) He is originally from Iran but has been a Norwegian citizen for over 15 years now. He has a steady job, no criminal record, and owns his own home in Norway, so I'm not sure why the 14 months of administrative processing. He was also in the US for a visit back in 2012 before a visa was required for him, had no issues, and returned home to Norway as planned. I am wondering if this has something to do with the fact that he originates from Iran which is now a banned country, even though he is now a citizen of a non-banned country. We have reached out many times to the embassy where he had his interview and they have never been willing to give us any further information other than to "just wait." Surely someone at the embassy knows the exact reason his case has been in administrative processing for so long and what it will take to approve or deny it, we just can not get them to tell us that info. Has anyone else experienced anything similar or know of any other contacts who would be more forthcoming with information for us?
  4. Thunderbolt - G325a no longer required since the updated I-129F form came out as it already has you enter all of the info you would have filled out on the G325a. Just one less form to fill out