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  1. Has she not said anything funny since then? Or has her english just gotten better (or your understanding of her accent?)
  2. This has been really common lately if you do some searching. Apply for ROC based on the green card expiration not the letter.
  3. The lack of independence is why many people choose the CR1 route even if it means longer to live with your loved one. Hang in there! I'm currently between jobs so I totally understand.
  4. Vermont is currently processing December 14, 2015 so you have a ways to wait yet. I would do the infopass and get rhe I-551 stamp in his passport before you travel. Your dates dont make sense. The letter extends the green card 1 year from its expiration date but you have it expiring in April of this year? Im assuming there is a typo?
  5. You can the SSN right after arrival. With electronic I-94 you no longer have to wait. But you must get it before the final 2 weeks of thr 90 days or else wait until the EAD. People arent necessarily rushing to AOS because they want to work, but they want their green card. I agree that paperwork should be accurate even if you have a senae of urgency. Many adults are independent creatures. Being in the" no status" or AOS limbo sucks. You can't do anything. So unless you enjoy sitting at home and being dependent on someone else, it can be difficult.
  6. ~~moved to general immigration from Canada regional forum. Topic is not Canada specific~~
  7. While you want info from fellow Canadians you probably would get a better idea of processing times etc, if I move your thread to the AOS family based progress reports forum.
  8. Did your CEAC status say ready when you sent your p3? Send it again, sometimes you need to do that. As soon as you get p4 you book your own interview and then your medical.
  9. My 10 year green card has my middle initial but not middle name on the front. They probably think those are her middle names. She should've fixed this when she got it. Since rhe entire name is on the back she should be fine when traveling.
  10. I also was given a pamphlet about abuse and what my rights would be before the interview. I dont know if in other countries it is written in the native language, or if the beneficiary can't read if someone can read it to them.
  11. Actually it would be in his best interest if he didn't and saw a lawyer instead. People fight for different reasons. Most often in my life I notice that arguments, even screaming matches, are about nothing actually serious. Immigrants are often scared when threatened with jail or deportation especially when they're unsure of their rights.
  12. Honestly don't include your green card. That's really sensitive information. In the wrong hands your identity could easily be stolen. Mention you have it if you get a call or an interview if they ask. Provide it with an I-9. If you're in a specialized career and dont want to expand, then you may take longer to find a job than someone in retail or food industry. After leaving the Air Force it took my husband almost a year to get his job with the FAA. He was really picky about what he wanted to do. Really, it was to the point where he was about to move to Canada when he was informed he had gotten the job.
  13. Also consider getting qualifications in the US that may help you for the jobs you are applying for. IE: cdl, cpr and first aid, etc...