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  1. I'll be happy to go onto my maintain diet. Im eating burgers fer dinner tho.
  2. Shhhh stop talking about steak!
  3. Thats what the person said that you quoted. By law, a LPR must update their address within 10 days of taking up new residence. Sponsors are supposed to update their addresses within 30 days.
  4. You can but they will take them out. Binder clips are better.
  5. No thanks It snowed....
  6. You will need a lawyer. Its been years. You may have deportation issues and may need to AOS again.
  7. There is no adjustment of status outside the USA. Are you suggesting the OP leave and chase a CR1 visa after marriage? A CR1 takes about a year. OP you are fine to adjust status. Save some money and forget a lawyer and follow our guides. I do suggest some financianal co-mingling after marriage as the AOS will not be the only time you will have to deal with the USCIS. Just a bank account the two of you share that maybe you both submit money for savings for large purchases? The uscis doesnt expect these things to happen before marriage but 2 years after you get your green card you will have to remove the conditions on it and prove a bona fide marriage, again. At that time they want to see financial co-mingling.
  8. Would certify me for 2 years so I could potentially change jobs. I havent done any human biology since high school so Im having issues remembering hormones etc... theres just a lot to know.
  9. I can't seem to learn this PT stuff. It's so annoying that it's not sticking in my head. Normally I can read things and remember them. Now I'm going over and over and over, and I'm not even sure if this is on the darn test!!! Hubs wanted me to take the test by the time he got back but I just feel like I won't be ready.
  10. Highly doubt you have a k3. More likely a CR1/IR1. Rescheduling with Montreal is difficult because they're difficult to get a hold of and take forever to get back to you. To be honest, k1 can reschedule but IR1/CR1 with their NVC scheduled interviews really need to just make it unless there's an extreme emergency, like someone is dying.
  11. A Canadian PR is the equivalent to a US LPR. So at the very least the OP does not have a Canadian passport.