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  1. However there is zero chance of getting everything done by the time you are supposed to travel. Just be honest at CBP check points.
  2. The problem is it's US law for a USC to enter and exit the USA with a US passport. Have you contacted the London embassy about what your wife could provide for the CRBA?
  3. Unfortunately what you want and what is possible are two different things. However I disagree with one poster. You could certainly have a green card for 2 years and then abandon it. You can reapply at a later date and while they will ask why, you just tell the truth. To be honest the CR1 to citizenship route would be your best bet but will take a minimum of 4-5 years. It takes about 1 year to get the CR1 visa after marriage. Your son would need a cr2 visa. Then it would take 2 years until removal of conditions and at 3 years you can apply for citizenship which also takes about a year to obtain. At that point you can freely move back and forth and your son would also be a citizen automatically. However there are no visas that allow you to move in with your boyfriend and allow you to work if you do not qualify for a work visa.
  4. I did read it. For other people's future reference especially those who posted that it may have been an issue (had he been alive) was the reason I shared the info.
  5. remove one page

    That's fine. Nothing to worry about. don't open it. take the front page with you and hand it over when you hand over your envelope.
  6. I agree if you have an I-551 stamp that showing the expired card and letter is not needed and indeed would make things more confusing. On a personal note, I'd rather UA not go under since it's the only airline currently that flies from Calgary to Denver without stopping all over the USA and not charging me an arm and a leg to do so. You're free to boycott them obviously. But I'd rather they stay afloat unless you can find me another airline that flies direct so my kid can visit me and the trip not take 10 to 20 hours one way. (And don't say air Canada... they use united planes to do the actual flying.) So.. your wife's card expired in 2015. She had an extension letter that expired in 2017? It should be 2016n 1 year from the green card expiration date not the letter. She did NOT have an I-551 stamp in her passport but proceeded to leave the USA anyhow? Just because customs had stamped it previously as okay? She is rather lucky to have been able to get back at any point in time.
  7. Will I get rejected?

    Oh well that's a bit different than just no child support.
  8. I would leave the assets blank or n/a if income suffices for 3 people (provided she doesnt claim your fiancee on her tax return.) The I-134 really is just a formality and isnt enforceable unlike the I-864. But even then should you use means tested benefits they will always sue the primary sponsor first before going after a joint sponsor.
  9. 1) your fiancee must always be the primary sponsor. Her mother can be the co-sponsor for the I-134 and the joint sponsor for the I-864. 2) if her income is over the poverty guidelines for her, her spouse, any minor children, any dependents, and you, then she qualifies. She can add assets as well if she doesn't meet the income guidelines but they must be 5x the dollar value difference. 3) the father should supply an I-864a to the mother's I-864 when you AOS or else use the full value and have the father also sign a completed I-134 with the mother's I-134. It's not that irregular but you must consider how you two will live when neither of you make any money. You cannot work, not even self employed work for about 4 months after sending off the AOS paperwork.
  10. Will I get rejected?

    Did he get a notarized letter or sworn statement from his first wife stating she did not want child support? Did he offer and she still turn him down and have factual proof of that?
  11. Also to note: generally not an issue with the PI. Unless the father's name is on the birth certificate, the mother in the PI automatically has full custody and does not need any special permission to remove the child from the country. NOTE: I am not condoning taking a child away from a father just saying it's not an issue for this country in general.
  12. If you want to AOS you must stay and AOS. To enter on a non-immigrant visa or using the VWP with the intent to stay and adjust status is fraud. If you told the CBP officer that you were planning to adjust your status they would turn you away and tell you to go home. You'll also have wasted any money you've already spent on this process. At least with a CR1 you can work and travel right away as you'll be a green card holder. But if you decide to stay it will be closer to 120days or more before you can even return for anything you left in the UK.
  13. Site for case status

    neither does the webpage. the I-130 process is quite opaque
  14. Extending B1/B2 Visa

    For exactly the reasons stated by the USCIS guy, it's highly unlikely an extension will be granted. While visiting a visitor cannot be doing work such as childcare and housekeeping.
  15. Rantingjay

    cats over here scratching away at everything BUT the litterboxes... dog over here licking himself for 10 minutes... I slept horribly.... FML