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  1. Then you accept those cons because that is the path you chose. Some of us realize that working and travel ability are important to us as people. People should stop applying for jobs when you are unable to actually work yet. Especially when we predicted several months ago that EAD would slow down. How that your inability to legally work yet isn't mentioned within a job interivew, at the very least, if not the actual application is beyond me! Every job interview and most applications ask me if I am able to work in the USA, which as a green card holder, I truthfully answer yes. As someone without a green card or EAD, the truthful answer here would be no. Anyhow off my soapbox. ~~moved to AOS family based progress reports from k1 process and procedures~~
  2. ~~moved to taxes and finances from IR1/CR1 progress reports~~
  3. It doesn't matter if the petitioner move around. Just inform the USCIS if your new address.
  4. Yay more people to my neck of the woods. Not that there is a lot of woods here until you get into the mountains.
  5. They kinda can. They will print off paperwork and look it over before you send it too.
  6. I-129F starts the K1 process. An I-130 starts the CR1 process. Read the guides and wikis so that you get an idea of the whole process. Then you can break it down into the bits so its easier to work with. best of luck! Come back with any questions.
  7. Ontarkie, the chicks are adorable but im just happy to see the jedi do so well.
  8. October filers have been approved and already married so the USCIS processing timeline is way off.
  9. It takes longer to get the CR1 than K1. Only very rarely have I see CR1 take less time. Of course there are disadvantages to each type but typically a K1 will get you living together the fastest. Processing times online havent been updated in 6 months. Check the I-129F monthly threads to see more accurate processing times.
  10. Fee is $535. You need a check from a US bank account or a US $ money order. If you cant get those you can send the petition to a family member or friend, in the USA who can post the money for you.
  11. If you legally reside in the country you are living in, put that address. People apply from abroad all the time. It has, historically speaking, helped at the I-130 stage. If you are really worried about mail service you can put your US address that your mail is checked at.
  12. My husband received a much better rate on his car insurance after they found out he was married. Lol! It didn't help me at all :/
  13. Joint documents? What are those? Could you be really specific please?
  14. She has a child? The child would need a cr2 if you marry first before doing any processing. Have you considered the K1? You can send the petition off asap if you have met once in the last 2 years. An I-129F takes about 4 months. Then your fiancee will apply for a k1 for herself and a K2 for the child. After they obtain the visas, they can enter the USA with intent to immigrate within 6 months of their medical exams. You would have 90 days to marry upon entry. After that you file the adjustment of status for your new wife and her child. This way you dont live apart after marriage. It takes about 90 days after the AOS for her EAD to be approved so that she can work. She will need a notarized letter from the child's father acknowledging that the child is moving. Sometimes just sole custody papers work, but only if the father hasnt been in the child's life at all. The k1 process is shorter abet more expensive and she can still visit. It's unlikely, however, that 6 month visits would by approved by the CBP, especially with a child and no ties to Canada. Whenever I've crossed the border with my child without her father present, Ive brought a notarized letter of travel consent. More often than not, it's been asked for in both directions. Same with her father.