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  1. I'm relaxed.. I'm packed. Dog's stuff is packed. Cat notes are written. Only hubs has to do. It's his problem if he's not done in time. I'll leave his ### here.
  2. I suggested a shuttle, it cuts the price of parking in half, but hubs is worried about shuttles... It's not something I think he's ever done and he is NOT a good traveler. Yes, he hasn't seen his mom in 5 years and his brother in 6.
  3. I just hope it goes alright... It's weird to meet your in-laws like 5 years after you've been married and 6 years after you first met.
  4. Husband no wants to ever spend money. But is okay with spending $65 on parking because he doesn't want his friend to have to drop us off at 430am. Thankfully I can fit everything for me in a non-checked bag. I'm packed minus my toothbrush!! I dunno what he's packing.... It's supposed to rain one day there, but I assume we can be inside that afternoon so no coat will be okay.
  5. Virginia Beach
  6. NOA1 for the I-130 grants no legal status. NOA1 for the I-485 allows for a period of authorized stay while they adjudicate this you should have at least 2 NOA1 (I-797C Notice of action) if you are adjusting your status. Preferably you should have 4. One for the I-130, one for the I-485, one for the I-131, and one for the I-765. OP I hope you have a lawyer helping you.
  7. All checked in for our flights. Im a littl worried about changing planes and terminals. I hope they dont expect us to get pur bags between since its all the same airline. There just isnt enough time. It only worries me since it says which baggage claim to go to which is unusual for just a connecting flight. Ya know what I'm being dumb. We're not checking bags on the way there! Whew... I feel better
  8. I know people are really excited for the eclipse, but I'm just not.
  9. This kid at work is going to take finance... he cant even manage his cash drawer properly for more than a day in a row... smh
  10. Yes you are flying domestically and are in an authorized period of stay. I do suggest requesting a new NOA1 for your I-485 from the USCIS, printing off your emailed or text message NOA1, and/or your case status as per the USCIS website.
  11. You are married correct? You filed paperwork so you can stay in the USA? That means you are "adjusting your status." Your status before, was illegal. You overstayed your visa that you entered with (tourist, work, student, etc.) So you are adjusting your status so that you are no longer an illegal alien (or a tourist, student etc..) to legal permanent resident, aka green card holder, aka legal alien. The notice was a NOA1 or notice of action. It means they received your petitions and will work on them when they get to them.
  12. Basically he entered the marriage in good faith, and lived in it in good faith for a period of time. Likely you had co-mingled your finances and lives enough for him to prove that you had a good faith marriage until divorce. Marriages fall apart for a variety of reasons and I'm sorry yours did not last. Affidavits are about as low on the evidence scale as you can get. Right there with magazine flyers and gym memberships. In fact a dues dependent gym membership shows more evidence of a relationship than an affidavit written by a 3rd party does. Other countries aren't going to see this information and aren't going to care about your ex husband's infidelity or co-workers. Whatever they write won't come back to haunt you unless they're plastering it all over the internet. If that happens of course you can sue them. They likely aren't going to write anything damaging about you because that wouldn't help provide evidence of a genuine marriage would it? Despite if your parents had him sign some sort of contract, they would still be sued, after you're sued by the US government. I doubt this contract with him would hold up in court, but I'm not a lawyer so who knows. Regardless, chances are pretty slim for them to be sued since you can obviously now afford a lawyer and the govt would always look to you first. The fact they would do this, knowing full well what the repercussions are of sponsorship doesn't speak very highly of who you chose as a spouse either... At least not likely in their opinion.
  13. Therein lies the issue. Don't wait for them to ask. Her green card and passport don't match. She must immediately produce the marriage certificate. Don't assume the ticket counter person knows, understands, or would even think to ask for it. Why your wife didn't produce it and allowed herself to be denied her flight is quite a mystery to me, but easily rectifiable.
  14. Because you don't have a timeline I'm unsure from your post who is the beneficiary and who is the petitioner. If you are the petitioner, and want to use the beneficiary's employment he needs to be currently employed by an employer and that employment MUST continue in the USA. So he would need a letter from his employer stating why and how this is being done. They also need his passport to issue a visa and yes you should have sent it. Honestly using your parents as joint sponsors would have been an easier time for you especially since you had no income in 2016.
  15. It doesn't really matter, they will get an alien number on their visa which may or may not be the same as the one on the I-130 approval. Has one of them had a tourist or other visa before?