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  1. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Poor little guy! That does not look like fun at all!
  2. That would be looked at even less! Probably to the benefit of the adjudicator. LOL.
  3. Also in most of Canada a religious ceremony needs to be legalized. There are very rare times when it does not. Not to mention even if your fiancee passes the interview, people have been stopped by the CBP for being too married for their visa.
  4. Who cares if she had the intention of marrying upon entry? The USA has a healthy marriage tourism industry. The issues is the intent to stay and adjust status. However I do agree that the CR1 will take longer than waiting out the K1.
  5. As stated focus on time spent together and regular communicatiin vs assets, bank accounts etc... most non-military banks haven't a clue how to add a foreign spouse. The USCIS and CO do not expect newlyweds in separate countries to have joint assets.
  6. Actually the K3 saves you at most a month, maybe two depending on the speed at the NVC. The petitions take about the same amount of time, or longer. 6-10 months is average at the moment. But the K3 costs twice as much and considering the current AOS times, about twice as long to green card. About 0.3% (or less) k3 are issued to IR1/CR1. Majority do not make it past the NVC. Its an inferior visa and has been for 6 or more years.
  7. For everyone asking if the tier 2 (aka ISO or Immigration Services Officer) told the OP why they may be denied, then no thry cannot tell someone that. Just as they cannot tell someone why they have an RFE. Remember this person is not staring at your file. They can read notes about it on a computer and that is it. So do not ask them questions they cannot answer. They have enough trouble most of the time trying to figure out where your case physically is located! Op while I wasnt on the phone with you, I suspect like geowrain does, that you were asking questions the ISO really cannot answer for you. They cannot say if your response to the RFE was good enough, only that if it was not, then you will recieve a NOID explaining why. I believe you are misunderstanding, however you ARE calling what we call the "misinformation line" here on VJ. They consistently give out erroneous information. Take anything said with a spice rack, not just a grain of salt.
  8. The Rant of Our Discontent

    It was too much space. Ended up having to wear some elastics that were stronger to reduce a gap (that was non-existent imho.) I wonder if i had my wisdom teeth removed if my teeth would even out... imma ask in March at my next cleaning.
  9. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Probably being older. Something about being in high school likely.
  10. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Kiddo was supppsed to get braces off dec 20 but it was pushed back a month due to a spacing issue.
  11. I would see if you could figure out how to get them into ONE payment for each AOS and you MUST include biometrics unless for a child under 14.
  12. The Rant of Our Discontent

    @Dianalorena. Try reading Thinner Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews.
  13. In general all 3 will be adjudicated and kept together but things do happen. If they managed to get separated you can rejoin them up at the NVC.