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  1. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Haha almost 15. This is the idea.
  2. The Rant of Our Discontent

    HAHA!!!!! @Dianalorena I have maybe 1 or 2 more tattoos I want to get. One is a maple leaf and it has to wait until the kiddo is 18 because we're getting it together. and I'm not sure about the last one, i've tossed around a few ideas.
  3. Job offer/ should i accept it

    But do you WANT to work at McDonalds or at a nice little dental office? Only the OP can decide. I agree with t-bone to find out if benefits are eventually earned or if they are never given.
  4. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Tattoo done... yay. I have to work today and tomorrow. Technically I was on call but I received a text last night saying a co-worker was in a car accident and was being kept overnight. So I will be working, it's overtime and I just hope she's okay. Dunno when I am going to be able to do my meal prep though. I guess I'll do groceries right after work.
  5. The main issue isn't when the interview is but when the medical was. Most countries give you 6 months from the medical date to enter the country. So she will need to redo the medical closer to an interview date if allowed by the embassy to have a visa that is valid. Do you book the interviews or do they? Again this varies by embassy or consulate.
  6. Your fiance is working illegally. (Or is she your wife now?)
  7. Unless theres a reason to fill out a new form, you can resend the old one. If the form itself wasnt accepted because it was expired or for another reason, just do the new form exactly as the old one.
  8. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Add protein to your horse food.
  9. The Rant of Our Discontent

    I very much am a card person. If you do NOTHING else for a special day, even a homemade card is meaningful. I have cards from when I was a kid.
  10. The Rant of Our Discontent

    it takes a while.
  11. So? Get a divorce, remove conditions and then go into the Navy. We have oodles of people here who remove conditions with a divorce waiver.
  12. Ive seen divorce waivers from people who broke up their in laws marriages because the foreign spouse started dating their father in law. Zero joint anything. They were successful so... best of luck.
  13. Have you ever had any police reports against your ex wife? Have you ever had her arrested? Have you ever gone to a shelter? Have you ever had a restraining order? If you click BOTH boxes you have to prove BOTH things. If you click one box you just do one. Rarely is someone denied roc based on divorce. Yes you can get roc on your year's worth of evidence. It won't do anything against her either. She'll be able to petition someone again if she chooses. I just think you should make it easier on yourself to move on. Moving on when someone emotionally and mentally abuses us is hard enough without making something harder on yourself that doesn't need to be. While I haven't been abused by a spouse, I do understand some of what you've gone through and as a warning, I say don't let it consume you.