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  1. Jeepers peoples... OP go ahead and marry. Obviously this wasn't your intent when entering! Apply for AOS as soon as you have a copy of the marriage certificate, tgat way in about 3-4 months with AP you can return to grab your cat and bring some stuff with you.
  2. I dont expect it to be cheap juat wondering how long it may take. 8 hours is fine. Lol
  3. I had a severe infection afterwards and almost died during labor so I don't care what other people have had to to, or choose to do.
  4. I couldn't go anywhere without help anyhow because the car seat weighes more than I was allowed to carry.
  5. How long should a full colour about 8" diameter piece take? Basically a gold dragon with wings spread. Or maybe just profile. On outer thigh.
  6. As mentioned unless you're under 18 or over 65 the rest are not age appropriate. I brought proof if my immunity to hep A and B, and both were marked as not age appropriate on the medical. Varicella/chicken pox is all you need if you've never had it.
  7. Then you have to wait out the timeframe that the NVC is currently taking. You can try calling to check up and if it's been longer than their processing time can request a supervisor review. However that can expand your timeframe more.
  8. Sounds like a website error. Have you contacted IT about it?
  9. POE is generally pretty painless. You will POE in Montreal if you are flying.
  10. 1) you should they're valid for 1 year from obtaining it. 2) see above 3) depends on where you get it? I didn't on mine but htat was a while ago 4) US government? US consulate? Can you include screen shots from now on, people shouldn't be downloading PDF files to help you.
  11. 1) lots of people do 2) inquire with your insurance company. If you are immigrating they may not. 3) you should not unless the vehicle was not made in NA. 4) yes you can 5) depends on the state. Look at the IL dmv. 6) You are a k1. I suggest getting your SSN right away in maiden name (if you plan on changing it). Look at your state DMV as they are all different in regards to when you can and cannot get a DL and how long it's valid for. Also plan on issues if your vehicle is not fully paid off.
  13. You need to keep trying to call and let them know to upgrade you. They will likely ask for proof that you're a USC.