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  1. Hubby  got naturalized last Friday ( a week today). Thanking God for sustenance. It hasn't been easy but we are marching forward.

  2. Complicated mess. Why he would claim a wife and kids in Nigeria when there isn't is beyond me. My friend understand she cannot petition him but was wondering what could be done about him attempting to visit again if possible.
  3. He was issued a letter stating he is being sent back because of "discrepancy" noticed in the responses he gave in his Visa application and at border and was offered voluntary departure. I have requested to see the letter if possible.
  4. She said he stated he is married with wife and kids in Nigeria.
  5. She used that exact words too...that she doesn't understand why he acted like he was desperate when there was no need to...
  6. She said he claims he denied any contact, relatives in the U.S. during the airport interrogation ( maybe to maintain consistency with his Visa application or inte)nse pressure from the mobile court got to him?
  7. I have known this couple for years through the woman. Just one of those unfortunate decisions people make not understanding the depth of the repercussions.
  8. Thanks everyone. She said he went to Lagos on the basis of visiting a friend the U.S but was denied a visa. He is business man with frequent travels to Asian countries. He then decided to try Abuja, but didn't mention he was previously denied a visa and also said to have responded that he knows nobody in the U.S. He had been advised that he didn't necessary need an invitation to apply for a visa as he can just say he was coming for a self sponsored vacation. He may have misunderstood the advice to mean he should deny all contacts. I asked the same question about why issue him a visa when they noticed he had lied on his application. Or they didn't notice until he arrived POE? Mistake #2: on his application, he had stated he will be staying in a hotel in one state for his vacation but either forgot about that and ended up booking a hotel in a different state which was his POE. During questioning, I am being told he was asked why claimed he didn't know anyone in the second application when in his first application, he stated he was being invited. Long story short, my friend is now under pressure to help cos like Boiler rightly mentioned, she is being told she may be his only "savior". Kids are in their early 20s and teen years.
  9. So in other words, there is no ban to serve for such cases? The wife( a softie at heart) is actually searching for attorneys to advice them, being that one of their daughters is about to get married here.
  10. I hope I can summarize this question. So a friend, divorced from his wife(who now lives in the United States with their kids) decides to pay his kids a visit but was turned back at the airport. From what I am being told,he first applied for visitor's Visa in one state in his country but was denied. He then travelled to another state weeks later, denied being refused a visa on the application. He also arrived at a POE different from what he stated in his Visa application. The border officials took him aside for questioning and after a grueling interview, offered him voluntary departure which he accepted. He now wants to know his chances in correcting hid mistakes; reapplying for a visitor's Visa. Thanks for your input.