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  1. Friend filing K-1

    I appreciate your help on this! Thanks!
  2. Friend filing K-1

    Cool, thanks a lot!
  3. Friend filing K-1

    Thanks a lot for this info!
  4. I would have said first class tickets on the next 30,000 miles that i travel.
  5. Friend filing K-1

    I see on the guides how to adjust status for a K-2. How do you petition for it? There is not a guide for that. What forms need to be sent along with the I-129F? She has 2 kids that want to come with her. They havent filed yet. Paperwork is being worked on now.
  6. I have a friend filing a K-1. His fiance wants to bring her two kids with her. Is that possible if they are under 21? Or does it need to be a spouse visa?
  7. I don't see how Hillary would even qualify for a Yankee White security clearance after mishandling classified government emails. Even if they were not hacked. Anybody else would be in Leavenworth negotiating their submissive terms with Bubbles and would never be allowed within a thousand yards of the White House.
  8. Daughter I never knew existed

    I haven't posted here in a long time, but since I don't have a Facebook I figured I would announce this here. I found out today that I have an 18 year old daughter that I never knew existed. Her mother disappeared and was nowhere to be found back in the day. She never told me she was pregnant. Well this girl looks just like me but prettier. I don't believe in fairy tales but it was love at first site for me! I am just insanely crazy about her. I know when she saw me for the first time today, I know that she knew that her father will love her more than anyone else ever could. And it's only day 1 to the rest of our lives.