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  1. He said he has returned to the Salem court where the 2013 DV appears, and that the woman said she will make a statement, I told him it must be from both the Salem police and court department which are two different things. His ex said she will try to get it for him later this week too.
  2. no yet, i'm going to show this to my fiance, his ex will try to get him a criminal record, they said only she can, i was outraged, but that's fine. The desire I have is to give up this is making me sick. thanks for answering. my fiance is from Lynn too
  3. What to do when the police department does not want to make police reports available, has been difficult to get others and they have not given certified copies, only made a statement stating that my fiance has requested the police reports in Salem police department. But two reports were missing, they reported that these two reports could not be made available. One of these reports is the most important because it was the report of domestic violence made by his ex wife. The records are not sealed, or extinct, they just inform that they cannot make available Anyone here from Boston MA, who knows another way to do this? Or even if it's not from Boston MA, could it give us any Light? Thanks
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