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  1. That's so weird. I followed your timeline. Definitely interested in seeing how yours goes compared to mine.
  2. Yes, I have seen several people on this thread who had to wait several weeks. According to USPS, mine was delivered on the 12th, and it was finally today that I got txts from them with the receipt numbers and they cashed the check today too.
  3. It finally happened! I got the txts a little after midnight for AOS, AP and EAD and the $1225 came out today. It seems like several people who had their packets delivered around the 11th had really long waits. When I looked up the tracking numbers I noticed something I think is a little weird though. For AP and EAD it says they were received on March 11th but for the AOS it says it was received on March 29th? Is this normal? I thought they would be around the same time. Was AP and EAD really processed on March 11th or were they in limbo until the I-485 was processed?
  4. I finally got the courage to check my USPS tracking status again and it was delivered yesterday!! 😁 I feel sooooo much better! I can be patient now. I don't think I will ever use USPS again lol.
  5. It looks like we are having the same problem. Today they told me mine was lost at some point when it got to the distribution center in Chicago.
  6. USPS finally responded to my inquiry today and confirmed that they do not know what happened to my package after it arrived at the Chicago distribution center and they can confirm it was not delivered They said to wait until the 21st and if there is still no update to resend it. This feels so awful and that's three weeks wasted! This was supposed to be the easy part. I'm thinking about resending it now instead. If I put a stop payment on my check then even if the other package was somehow still delivered later on, it should be fine right? Or should I really just wait?
  7. I sent a certified marriage certificate. When I went to turn in my marriage license in person I was able to request certified marriage certificates and I got 5 on the spot so that I hopefully never need to go back lol.
  8. I sent copies of everything except the marriage certificate. The instructions state to send copies but then I read somewhere that some people got RFE's for original marriage certificates so I sent an original of that.
  9. That makes me feel better, thanks! Did you also get the generic tracking message that I got? I sent mine as 2-day priority. I did get an update on Monday at 2 AM saying it was leaving the Chicago distribution center. Ever since then it's been giving me that generic message daily. I was thinking that after four business days I should've gotten some type of update. Maybe it will later today.
  10. Mailed out the AOS packet on March 1st via USPS to the Chicago P.O. Box (signature required). It was supposed to be delivered on the 4th. It now appears lost 😥 I have been getting a generic message every day since the 5th that just says "Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility." I'm not sure what I should do. I could mail out another but I'm scared the first one will be found and be delivered. I have not gotten any notifications from USCIS even though I included a G-1145. The check hasn't been cashed either. I was finally able to submit an inquiry today to USPS.... Hoping this gets resolved soon so that I can join you guys as March filers! Sorry I just needed to vent!
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