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  1. Cool! Well I appreciate your quick responses on this issue for me. Thanks a lot!
  2. Just curious, do you know how long it takes from Filing to POE with this particular instance? They are from the Philippines
  3. Well Hell Yea!! That makes me happy! I freaking hated doing my wife's adjustment of status. Thanks for the info!
  4. So will her parents be automatically be given 10 year green cards upon their arrival?
  5. Hi we are wanting to petition to bring my wife's parents here. When we send in the I-130 packet for each of them, do we also need to do an I-485 as well? Or do we wait until they get approved and do that?
  6. Hi I was wondering if it is possible if my wife’s little sister could apply to come here to go to High School and college? Their parents are still in the Philippines but we could sponsor her. Is that even possible? Thanks
  7. Thanks for that! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here and it looks different.
  8. I have asked this before but it was awhile ago and I can’t find the thread. we want to bring my wife’s little sister here who is under age. We have to petition for my wife’s mother first, so then her mother can petition for her daughter, is that correct?
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