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  1. She is the Petitioner. She is filing for her parents
  2. Cool! Well I appreciate your quick responses on this issue for me. Thanks a lot!
  3. Just curious, do you know how long it takes from Filing to POE with this particular instance? They are from the Philippines
  4. Well Hell Yea!! That makes me happy! I freaking hated doing my wife's adjustment of status. Thanks for the info!
  5. So will her parents be automatically be given 10 year green cards upon their arrival?
  6. Hi we are wanting to petition to bring my wife's parents here. When we send in the I-130 packet for each of them, do we also need to do an I-485 as well? Or do we wait until they get approved and do that?
  7. Hi I was wondering if it is possible if my wife’s little sister could apply to come here to go to High School and college? Their parents are still in the Philippines but we could sponsor her. Is that even possible? Thanks
  8. Thanks for that! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here and it looks different.
  9. I have asked this before but it was awhile ago and I can’t find the thread. we want to bring my wife’s little sister here who is under age. We have to petition for my wife’s mother first, so then her mother can petition for her daughter, is that correct?
  10. A buddy of mine is going to the Philippines to meet his lady friend. When he comes back he wants to file for fiancé visa, but they are planning to get married in December. Can he switch from K-1 to spouse in the middle of the initial processing?
  11. Gotcha. That sucks. By the time all of this would be put together her sister will be 18 anyways. So, if we file for her parents to come here, how long would it take for them to become US citizens?
  12. Basically thats what we were thinking. Bringing her mother and father here, get them green cards and then they file for their daughter, which is my wifes little sister. They would leave and we would take care of her little sister. So you are saying that is not possible? If it was up to me, it would just be her mother for now so she could file for her daughter which is my wifes little sister.
  13. My wife who is a citizen now wants to get her little sister here who is under 18. My questions are, what is the best way? File for her parents, bring them here and then they file for her to come? Or does my wife just file directly for her little sister? My biggest question, if we bring her parents here, how long do they have to be here to file for her little sister, which is there daughter? So it would be a permanent residence file for their underage child basically. Is there a time limit? or as soon as they cross the gate, can they file for her? Thanks for any answers you could provide
  14. Example: "Son your ego is writing checks your body can't cash!" Your reply is whatever title of the Movie you guess that it came from. And then quote a movie line for the next poster to guess. "If Santiago doesn't make 4:6 4:6 on his next profiency and conduct report, then i am going to blame you. And then i am going to kill you!"