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  1. Glad you guys are moving forward with the process to be with him. Miracles happen all the time!
  2. I don't exactly remember but it is more than a week but not more than 2 weeks when we received the visa. I remember the status in AP at first and then changed to Visa Issued after a few days.
  3. @adar24 We got my mom result and she passed. They gave us a letter and they say if we ever have a problem in immigration just show the letter. Basically, the letter is just saying my mom doesn't have TB. Hi! No fee to pay in the Manila US embassy. Just a 220 USD for the green card.
  4. I just read this now. My mom doesn't have a TB history. They just did a sputum test, for 3 days every morning. Actually, I haven't heard from them since last year. No news is good news.
  5. DOS case number is your NVC case number...start with the letters MNL Required when you pay her GC online.
  6. https://www.cfo.gov.ph Your mom need the CFO sticker on her passport, it's one of the requirements before departure. If your mom is a senior citizen then she does not need to attend a seminar. Check out the link.
  7. Congratulations! Yay! For a plane ticket, I bought a round trip ticket for my mom since getting one way was expensive than the round trip that time. I used cheapoair website. Your mom did the CFO? Update: We already have my mom State ID/Real ID and the Green card, it took at least 7 days to have the green card after I paid the fee and for the State ID, it took less than 3 weeks.
  8. We were the one who reschdule my mom interview after getting cleared by the SLEC. I did not cancel, just no show.
  9. My mom also have 2 children, my sister and I but they never asked any documents in regards to my sister. But I dont know about your embassy. I think just to be safe, have it ready.
  10. All you need is the A-number and the DOS case number to pay. I just received an update that they already mailed my mom GC today.
  11. Update guys! For all the parents that undergo sputum in the Philippines, after at least two weeks of arrival in the US, the public health nurse will visit your place and will schedule your parent/s for a checkup in a clinic, it is free of charge. They did another X-ray and compared to the X-ray conducted in the Philippines, it the same result so my mom had to do sputum test for 3 again. Today was the last day. They also did blood work, they told us we will know the result of the blood work within a week and if the blood work is ok then they will close the case.
  12. Oh damn. Sorry to hear that. I'm glad they mailed it to us, cause the SSN office is so freaking busy, I will have to take a day off from work just to take care of it.
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