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  1. Hii can you send a better pic?? Thid one is really blurry
  2. Omgg you guys!! Literally after writing this i checked the page again and we got approved!!!yayyy im so happy i was so worried we might have gotten denied!!and they approved us on july 19 they received it june 28th so like 3 weeks i guess.....ok now on to NVC 🙌💃💃💃💃
  3. Hey guys its been a total of 23 days so far!! I hope by the end of this month i get something!! Im thinking am i gonna get denied??i only got asked a letter of intent from my fiance and i did send it so I'm not sure why its taking so long to get an answer!!
  4. Woah thank you!!! Im going to check my mailbox later to see if i got anything so the website did not update at all?
  5. Hey yes they sent a return envelop i had used that to send it....20 days today and nothing yet!
  6. Hey guys I've been waiting for noa2 approval...i got RFE on june 13th for intent of marry fron my fiance(even tho i had sent a letter before)i sent my RFE reply on june 25th and june 28th the site updated to receive and ive been waiting ever since!!today makes it 20 days so far
  7. Wow that was fast...did you get an email that says its ready for interview??
  8. Wow congrats im happy for you guys!!things are finally moving thank God
  9. This sucks....pretty much all the other ladies are done with this and now its our turn and this headache starts!!!idc if it takes by the end of this year but all the wsy yo next year seems drastic!! And whoever voted for trump in this thread...thank you! You screwed us all
  10. That would be great!!does that mean they will send the workers back??
  11. If the NVC is holding all the files until further notice then we're pretty much screwed
  12. Lol ok we all in the same boat....its crazy most of the ladies on here got approved and with their fiance now so i hope everything goes well for the rest of us
  13. Exactly!!!so im really praying something changes but if nvc isnt sending anything to haiti we're pretty much screwed right??im really hoping something chnage
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