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  1. Hi, it should be on the initial petition form you completed,I’ve put check when the form ask if I wanted my mom to apply for SSN and deliver via mail to my address. Double Check your initial application form and see if you have put a check into it. If not then you have to bring your parents in person to your nearest SSN office to apply for one.
  2. Yes you can pay once your mom arrived into US but it’s faster for your mom to received her GC if you pay it before she arrived into US since they issued the GC within 90 days after they received the payment... ( feel free for anyone to correct me if I’m wrong with this info.) No payment needed at the US airport but in NAIA (PH) airport my mom paid some Terminal Fee not sure how much I need to ask my mom how much she paid. your mom needs to attend CFO (PDOS) seminar you can scheduled it online for her as soon as your mom received her US Visa stamped inside her PH passport.. Your mom needs to pay cash for that. the Immigration officer at NAIA will need to see that PDOS stamp on her passport along with her IR-5 visa stamp on her flight to US
  3. https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do then type your GC Receipt payment as the referrence after you paid online.
  4. See below my mom’s timeline hope this helps.... Interview 11/28/2018 Visa issued 12/03/2018 (CEAC online status) Visa Received on Hand 12/6/2018 (pick-up 2GO SM Manila) CFO Scheduled: 12/10/2018 Paid GC online 12/08/2018 Ticket Scheduled on 1/16/2019 Mom finally arrived at the US on 1/16/2019 Mom SSN arrived via USPS 1/26/2019 Applied for DMV ID: 1/29/2019 DMV ID Received via USPS Mail 2/7/2019 GC is being Produced: 2/7/2019 received notification from USCIS website. GC - Received via USPS Priority Mail 2/15/2019. Mama Local Medical check up: 3/1/2019
  5. Wow that’s new to me, I didn’t know that DOS is same with NVC number... thanks for all the tips really makes my moms paper application easier.
  6. Thank you!! btw Lane I’ve notice you mentioned before about DOS case number where and when can my mom have this DOS case number ? Is this required for GC application? Or SSN?
  7. Thanks for the cfo link.. I’ve checked and they need the visa number to reserve a spot , it seems that I have to wait until my mom have her passport with her visa before the CFO. My mom is not senior yet.
  8. wow your mom status is finally complete congrats! I will definitely check that website for cheapair ticket thank you! btw what is cfo?
  9. Hello guys my mom passed her interview last 12/28, we’re just waiting for her passport to be release along with her visa which is for pick up at 2GO location. thank you guys for all y’all help which I’m still gonna need after my mom arrived here in the US which is most probably by January since ticket around December is quite expensive.
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