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  1. Has anyone heard from San Fernando Valley(Chattsworth) field office, CA? I’m a Dec 2018 filer still waiting for my interview to be scheduled.
  2. Thanks. I actually called USCIS and they said my interview was requested on February 13th and it still hasn’t been scheduled yet. Do you know when your interview was requested?
  3. Anyone from San Fernando field office in Chattsworth, CA ? I applied in Dec 2018 and did biometrics in January 2019.
  4. Thanks. I’m not in rush but I thought N400 processes as first comes first serve basis. You got it pretty quick though because it’s says about 14 months for chattsworth office. Good luck on your interview.
  5. My field office is San Fernando Valley office in Chattsworth, CA as well. I sent in my N400 on 12-28-2018 and did my biometrics on 01-18-2019. My status is still “case is being actively reviewed by USCIS”. Did you get any other notification before “interview scheduled”?
  6. Got a text this morning “new card is being produced”. My N400 biometrics are done couple weeks ago now I’m waiting for the interview. Good luck! 👍 I751 NOA Jan 3rd 2018 No biometrics N400 Dec 26 2018 Biometrics Jan 18 2019.
  7. Congrats! I’m WAC18095 and my case was transferred on April 18th 18. I saw 4 cases after mine got approved. Hoping to get mine approved soon.
  8. My case was transferred on April 18 from CSC to CSC. The last update I had was name and date of birth was updated on Jan 22nd. We’re all gonna get approved eventually so it’s just a matter of time. Good luck! 🍀
  9. Congrats! Did you get any name update or date of birth update status ?
  10. So how long it took you from “updated” message to actually get approve ?
  11. I got the same message along with “my name was updated” on Jan 22 and it’s still same. It seems like a positive sign but who knows. Good luck!
  12. There’s only two websites to check status right ?
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