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  1. The pricing increase is not absurd if you consider the current political climate on reducing legal immigration volume. There have already been bills voted on but failed to pass in Congress from eliminating the OPT EAD program to reducing immigration volume by eliminating parent and sibling sponsorship by US citizens and sponsorship of children above 18 by PR/ US citizens. To sidestep Congressional inaction, the easiest way is to effect changes in government departments like the USCIS and DOS make immigration more expensive and more difficult. Public charge rule already now in effect for all new USCIS filings effective today Feb 24- all future adjustment of status candidates must file an additional 13 pages on full disclosure of their financial assets etc and more importantly gives USCIS officers ability to deny green card applications if they think you are likely to become a public charge in the future (subjective not an objective interpretation). Increase of fees to the point of absurdity is definitely another very effective means to price immigration out of those who cannot afford it. The more important question to ask is what other measures will happen from 2020 to 2024 given a re-election of the current regime is going to be more than likely.
  2. I wonder if the result of this is that DOS NVC will be allowed to ask for all NVC consular processing applicants to now include the new 15 page I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency form similar to how existing NVC cases require I-864 https://www.uscis.gov/i-944
  3. Not to mention the new 15 page I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency that needs to be filled out with all I-485 going forward- https://www.uscis.gov/i-944 Anyone knows if the NVC starting Feb 24 will require all new NVC cases to start including I-944 similar to how NVC cases require I-864?
  4. Hey fellow AOS filers, my mother just got her green card from her I-485 appointment. Here was our timelines I-130/ I-485 JOURNEY FOR MOTHER (2019, Immediate Relative of USC IR-5) 01/18/19: NOA1 Texas Service Center received I-130 (not concurrently filed with I-485 as we were not sure if we were going to CP or AOS) 06/17/19: Mailed I-485 package adjustment of status (filing with I-131, and I-765) from B2 Visa via 2 day Priority Mail 06/19/19: USPS delivered I-485 package to lockbox 06/24/19: Credit card charged 06/25/19: USCIS mails out NOA1 with receipt numbers (assigned to MSC National Benefits center) 07/02/19: Received NOA1 from USPS 07/05/19: USCIS mailsout biometrics appointment notice with appointment date 07/24/19 07/11/19: Received biometrics notice letter from USPS 07/12/19: Walk-in biometrics completed 07/18/19: Called USCIS to expedite EAD 07/26/19: Received mailed USCIS instructions on where to fax expedite evidence from USPS 07/27/19: Faxed requested evidence for EAD expedite 07/31/19: USCIS approves EAD I-765 and Advanced Parole I-131 08/02/19: USCIS mails out combo EAD/ AP card 08/07/19: Received combo EAD/ AP card via USPS Priority Mail 08/08/19: I-486 Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview. 08/26/19: I-130 Approved (NOA2) by USCIS (Texas Service Center) 12/10/19: Greer SC FO sends out I-485 interview appointment details 01/28/20: I-485 Interview at Greer SC FO 02/05/20: Green card ordered 02/06/20: I-485 case approved and NOA2 mailed 02/10/20: Green card produced and mailed out 02/12/20: Received Green card in mail
  5. Even if the 90 day rule did exists, it gets waived and is ignored for immediate relatives of USC (spouse, parent, children under age of 21)
  6. ultrasoul


    If you had naturalized and became a US citizen, an option would have been to file an I-485 adjustment of status from her ESTA to IR-5 permanent resident (combo filing with I-765 EAD and I-131 advanced parole). With this path, she would not be able to leave the US until she gets her I-131 advanced parole card (takes 4 to 5 months but you could always apply for an expedite and get it within 2 months). The only issue is that she would need to return to the US for her final I-485 interview date. As part of being a green card PR holder, she would have to ultimately maintain residence in the US (cannot be outside the US for more than 6 months). Sounds like an overkill to your problem but something to think about should you want your mother to live in the US given more future coronavirus development in China + HK political stability issue.
  7. What fax number did you fax to? If you are doing adjustment of status, I'm assuming it would be the NBC Missouri that is handling the I-765 application. I suggest faxing to both 8028606933 and 8162512290. Do you mind if I ask what LA number, Div and Team you were given? I fax my dad's I-765 expedite to both those fax numbers on Jan 3 and amazingly I got an officer who reviewed and sent a reply accepting the expedite evidence the same day on Jan 3. This is very rare. From 2 other I-765 expedites (also NBC Missouri) I had done for my mom and brother last year 2019, it took 3 to 5 business days for an expedite ticket to be assigned and response sent.
  8. What probably happened is that the expedite was approved. The second denial was because they had already approved the expedite before. I would call to get another Tier 2 officer again to get confirmation that the EAD for expedite processing was in fact approved but don't be surprised if the L2 officer still gives you another ambiguous answer. To truly know what happened to the expedite requests, you will know after a few days (between 3 to 10 business days). If expedite was truly approved, it will kick over to a different officer to actually review and adjudicate the EAD case (hence the 3 to 10 business days waiting period).
  9. @BlueGatorGamer Hi there seeing your signature it looked like you had received an RFE from your I-485. Can you share the reason for the RFE?
  10. We just got an email from NVC saying our interviews scheduled yesterday December 18 for January 6. So in all, it was a full 91 days from the time we finished uploading all the docs to CEAC (Oct 7, 2019) to when the interview actually occurs (Jan 6, 2020). I've also updated my signature. All the best to you
  11. Just got DQ email early this morning Nov 25 for both my parents in law. We had uploaded the NVC IV and AOS docs back on Oct 7 for both cases. Took 49 days or 7 weeks and our timeline matches what is on the NVC website's current case review tracker Current case review time: As of 25-NOV-2019, we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 7-OCT-2019.
  12. We submitted for NVC docs for both my parents in law IR5 case on Oct 7 and on Nov 25 this morning we got docs qualified DQ email. Took 49 days or 7 weeks and our timeline matches what is on the NVC website's current case review tracker: Current case review time: As of 25-NOV-2019, we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 7-OCT-2019.
  13. Before the 2 USCIS public charge implementation injunction were given by 2 federal courts, the USCIS has already clearly stated that if you had filed for AOS prior to October 15, you don’t need to worry about the public charge rule. Now that the 2 national wide injunctions were put in place by the federal courts, the USCIS cannot implement the public charge rule. At least for now. To be honest, your fiancé can be enrolled in any ACA healthcare plan if it is cheaper than the $700 cost you have to pay to be on your private company sponsored insurance.
  14. 4) The department of state released a statement on Oct 11 the same day the 2 USCIS injunctions were given that they (DOS) will still continue the public charge implementation as planned for Oct 15- https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/Information-on-Public-Charge.html 5) What’s ironic is that the 2 USCIS injunctions have a small impact as they only impact Adjustment of Status adjudication whereas most immigrant visas are adjudicated via consular processing (13 million) - https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/10/11/20899253/trump-public-charge-immigrants-welfare-benefits-court
  15. There’s a lot of confusion on this thread. Here are what are facts: 1) USCIS and Department of State are two separate agencies. USCIS has jurisdiction of adjustment of status while Department of State has jurisdiction of consular processing. They thus can implement different rules concerning the public charge. 2) The 2 recent national wide injunctions only affects the USCIS not being able to implement the DHS public charge. So yes for now while the injunction stands, there is no need to file the new I-944 with I-485 adjustment of status packages. And yes, USCIS officers cannot deny a green card adjustment of status based on public charge concerns. 3) As @Paul & Mary indicated, the injunctions DO NOT impact consular processing, meaning those who are planning to do consular processing better make sure they and their US petitioners have not been using public resources. The Department of state already revised the FAM manual back in January without any public announcement to give consular officers latitude in denying immigrant visas based on health, education, and public health concerns. This Reuters article in April states that 135,000 immigrant visa denials are due to the newfound latitude consular officers have from when the new rule went into effect at consulates in January to April- https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-visas-insight/denials-of-us-immigrant-visas-skyrocket-after-little-heralded-rule-change-idUSKCN1RR0UX 4) The department of https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/10/11/20899253/trump-public-charge-immigrants-welfare-benefits-court will revise their FAM 4)
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