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    Arnold and I met online in February, 2010. We have spent every single day together - first via Skype, then in real life - since we met. We were married in Las Vegas on May 11, 2011, then filed AOS from B2. Check "About Me" for more info.

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  1. I just wanted to follow-up on this topic in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation... Thanks to the great advice here, everything was successful. My mother wrote a letter explaining our living / household situation (separate financial households, etc.). Both she and my father signed it, included their social security numbers and a copy of both driver's licenses. We emailed it as a .PDF, and a week later received a reply that it was satisfactory, and to please mail his passport. 221g case closed, whew! His visa was issued on the 4th, and he received his passport back today, ready to go! Thank you so much for your help! @Khallaf
  2. We should have looked into that before we started! We do have separate "front doors" even, it might be possible. :-)
  3. Thank you! That makes sense, and is a great idea to start. We certainly didn't want to sound argumentative in our reply to the consulate (I respect that they're just trying to do their job). Yes, if Pa was asked about who lives at the residence, he was totally truthful in telling them that my parents also live here. We physically live at the same address, but we do not financially live in the same household, if that makes sense. (While Pa is decent with understanding English, I'm sure he would not have been able to properly explain that in his own words.) I'll have my mother write something to that extent and try that first. Hopefully that clears it up and we can move forward. I'll update here. THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE!
  4. Hey all, I'd really appreciate some quick advice on how to answer this for the 221(g) as I thought for sure we had done it correctly. Here's the situation: - My husband Arnold (naturalized citizen) is petitioning his father "Pa" (Netherlands). - Arnold and I (no kids, no dependents) live in the same house as my parents. While we technically live at the same physical address (a house that's set up more like a duplex, where the only thing we share is a kitchen), Arnold and I are our own tax household. We do not mingle finances with my parents. My mother is employed, my father is disabled, and they are their own separate tax household. We do not claim them as dependents, etc. No financial responsibility or ties with them whatsoever; they are non-dependent relatives. - Following the instructions of I-864, we listed Arnold as the main sponsor, I filed the Household Member contract I-864A, and our income was above the 125% poverty, no need for a joint sponsor. We filed our HOUSEHOLD SIZE AS 3 - Arnold, Me, Pa. - Pa had his interview on July 30th. Received 221(g) regarding Affidavit Of Support. Pa reported they asked for AOS documents to be sent via email (that's what the 221(g) states as well, no further details). This made no sense as NVC had already accepted our AOS, and he had copies with him at the interview (apparently they didn't ask to see them). - Confused, we went ahead and emailed all AOS documents to Amsterdam Consulate on August 5th. - Today we received email reply: "...father was requested to provide a joint sponsor as the income of the sponsor and also the I-864 household member contract/income does not meet the threshold for a household size of 5 (as your father told the officer during the interview that you and your spouse and her parents live in the same household, which including your father makes 5 persons). You will therefore need to provide a joint sponsor." So that's where we are, and I'm looking for advice on how to answer this. I'm really confused and frustrated because everything I read, including their own instructions, indicates that our "household size" would be 3, and that including my parents is optional and suggested ONLY if necessary to meet the income requirement. And while I know my parents would be happy to do so if asked, I would prefer to keep them out of it. They joint sponsored Arnold when he immigrated, and I don't want to have to ask them to do that again, especially since it's not even necessary according to the income requirements based on our ACTUAL household size of 3. I hope this makes sense. Sorry for such a long message, but thank you for reading. Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions on how to answer the email and get past this snag.
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