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  1. No such luck for me. I contacted 4 local offices and none of their employees had any other response than "wait for offices to open, we cannot search for your SSN number and cannot give it to you on the phone". At least they were consistent with their response - so that's something So, we are waiting for offices to open.
  2. Thanks for the post. Glad you got your SSN card. Welcome to the US.
  3. Thanks! I had no luck yet in calling local SSN offices. Both offices said wait until it reopens to apply. Sigh. Will update this forum if anything changes. Will try again in a couple of days.
  4. Very helpful, thanks! Just a couple of questions: do you know if the card was going to be delivered via US Postal Service? Has the card been sent back to the production center? What state are you in, if you don't mind sharing that.
  5. Thanks for the update. Yes, that has been my experience as well. We got the GCs (both parents), but not the SSN cards. Called local office as well, they said - just come in when it opens 🤨
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, all we can do at this point is wait for the reopening. Please post an update if you do receive either cards. Thanks very much for the reply. Would appreciate if you post when you do get a response back.
  7. Hi - would u mind sharing the port of entry for your wife? I called the local SSN office and the fellow said they are not processing applications until offices open. We are in California under lockdown, so wondering if other states have a different experience.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Good to know re. the SS-5 via mail, but I am not sure we can apply for a new card while we are waiting on the one applied via DS-260 to arrive. We will wait a week or so more, then figure out what to do.
  9. Hi - the payment was done last year. Their arrival had been delayed due to some personal reasons.
  10. Update: My parents' GCs have arrived - mom's arrived on Friday (24-April) and dad's today (Monday, 27-April) - so that's 6 weeks from their entry into the US. No sign of SSN cards yet. Likely will have to go into the SSA office once the lockdown is lifted. Will update if we see any other movement.
  11. The Xray CDs were given back to my parents by the officer at port of entry, but the entire unopened packet was taken. SusieQQQ has good advice on what you might want to do .
  12. Hmm. My parent's packets were taken by the officer. Not sure what to make of the JFK officer not taking them.
  13. Hopefully it is a temporary delay due to this temporary (fingers crossed) situation. I will let you know if there is any progress on our side, will you please do the same?
  14. Yes, very likely I confused the agent. I told her that it was an immigrant visa. The agent kept asking for some documentation that they are eligible for SSN. Anyway, will try calling again to see if there is a delay. In any case, will wait as there really is no other option at least until offices open. Thank you everyone for reassuring us. Strange times with the Covid-19 situation. Stay safe.
  15. Alright. Thanks for the response. Good to know that we were not wrong in expecting it to be mailed, just that it is delayed. We will wait. Will post here when they receive it as it may help someone else in this situation. Will appreciate if others who have received SSN cards for IR5 confirm.
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