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  1. adar24

    SLEC Dreaded Medical Examination

    Thanks so much. This is very helpful.
  2. adar24

    SLEC Dreaded Medical Examination

    Thanks lovemeow - very much appreciate the quick response. Some additional questions, if you don't mind. Did you see a Dr at the Public Health Clinic or just the technicians did all the tests? Does the Dr also do other physical exams/questions, etc?
  3. adar24

    SLEC Dreaded Medical Examination

    Hello - When in US, did you also have to do a blood exam? Did the results of the sputum test take same amount (2 months) to be completed ?
  4. Hello @Lane O - Don't know if you are still active on this forum, but if you are, will appreciate an update as we are likely to be in similar situation. Did your mom's blood work come out OK? What was the process - was your mom seen by a physician in addition to the tests? Also, did your mom have a history of old TB? Sorry for lots of questions, but this just adds anxiety to an already stressful process.
  5. I don't know if this will help you, but the overall instructions for TB to Panel Physicians (the Drs who do medical tests for immigrants and refugees) are posted here. https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/exams/ti/panel/tuberculosis-panel-technical-instructions.html You might want to read through. From what I have understood from other forums here is that the main tool for determining if you have TB or not at these examinations is the chest X-Ray and the general medical history and examination. The IGRA is not part of the standard testing kit if I am reading this right. So, if your chest X-Ray is clear, you have had no history of TB, and are not showing symptoms that might lead the Dr to believe you may have TB, you should be ok, I think. Since your interview is within a 10 days, I'd say focus on that and stay positive. I know it can be stressful, but it will not help to raise your stress level thinking of what is not in your control. It will be ok.
  6. OK. So I called NVC this morning. The two cases IR5 for my parents were shipped out to the Mumbai consulate today. The NVC fellow said to expect change in status in 2 weeks - after the consulate receives the case. We did mail-based documents to NVC. So perhaps that is the difference. I will update here once I see the change in status - just in case it helps others in similar situation.
  7. Thanks. I'll have to call NVC next week to see what's going on. Ours hasn't changed at all.
  8. Hi folks - How long typically for the status to change at CEAC or NVC after interview date is scheduled? I should expect something like 'At consulate' or similar, right? Ours was not an electronic upload, papers were sent to NVC. We got the interview date scheduled last Friday. I checked today and it still shows 'At NVC'. So wondering. We will have interview at Mumbai Consulate.
  9. Congratulations! It does feel good to get the dates after the long wait. Enjoy the holidays.
  10. Hi - should we expect the status on CEAC website to change now that we have the interview date scheduled? It currently shows "At NVC", but maybe goes to At Consulate of something? Can those who have gone through the interview process please advise?
  11. OK. Who knows what is true and what is not. All of us are simply trying to help each other and keep the hope going. I may be completely wrong as you say. I was only speculating based on my observations of PD + CC. There isn't a ton of date to be predicting accurately. Hope you get your interview date soon. And good luck.
  12. Given the PDs of all who have so far received interviews at Mumbai Consulate, it does appear as if the PD + CC date is considered when granting interviews. The good thing is that Dec 2017 folks are getting interview dates, so 2018 PDs should not be far behind.
  13. Hi folks - We received interview date email yesterday (Friday). The interview is scheduled for 25-Jan-2019 at Mumbai Consulate, INDIA. This is IR5 case for mom and dad. PD: 21-Sep-2017, CC 14-Nov-2018. I sincerely wish good luck to all who are still waiting. I will update the excel and also update here as we proceed further. adar24
  14. Sorry, didnt mean to raise hopes. I am not sure that PD plays a part, but maybe it does. Who knows. We will know more as people get their interview dates.