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  1. Hello - My parents entered the US on IR5 (Immigrant Visa) on 15-March through San Francisco Airport. We were expecting their SSN Card to arrive in 3 weeks after their arrival. They had requested the SSN on DS260 form, so as we understand no separate application is necessary. Some delay due to the Covid-19 situation is expected, but it has been past 4 weeks now. Under normal circumstances, I would have been able to enquire at the local SSN Office, but those offices are closed due to Covid-19. I called the SSN general number and after a long wait reached an agent who did not have much knowledge about IR5 visa (Parents of US Citizen) and its eligibility to obtain a SSN card. The agent said it will only arrive after the green card will arrive, but from reading previous posts, I know that the SSN card typically arrives within 10-15 business days whereas the green card arrives in 4 months or so. She also asked me about work eligibility. I believe IR5 parents are eligible to work and therefore eligible for SSN. What has been the experience of others whose parents have recently entered into the US? Have your parents received SSN cards? Appreciate the help.
  2. Hi - I am hoping to find some guidance, sharing of experience. Here is our issue. Our dad has had recent treatment (completed last month) in India for extrapulmonary TB - non-infectious and non-pulmonary. We want to file for his GC. He will be doing consular processing in India, so he will go to panel physician in Mumbai when the time comes for his medical examination. I am wondering if anyone has experience as to what the panel physician (PP) will look for? He will of course tell the PP that he was diagnosed (mostly clinically, he was smear and culture negative all throughout, tissue biopsy culture also negative) with extrapulmonary TB and he will show results and medications taken. But does anyone know what questions are asked by the PP so we are prepared for those and also, if anyone's parents/spouses have gone through extrapulmonary TB evaluation in India or non-US country, any info. on steps and process will be highly appreciated. We are quite worried about what will happen. Will he be automatically given a B1-Extrapulmonary Class and have to go through US evaluation or will he be cleared if his X-Ray is clear (which a recent one has been totally clear and he never had pulmonary TB anyway). -worried
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