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  1. She is scheduled to attend CFO on Tuesday. That is good to know. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this all the forums that I read here you always help other members with their questions. I want you to know that you are awesome!
  2. Hello Visajourney! I purchased my mom’s ticket from Manila to US via PAL. I paid a terminal fee $10.60 and travel tax $31.20 Does she need to pay anything at the airport on the day of her departure? How much? Appreciate any help. Thank you VJ members
  3. Thank you! @Cherry & Mama My mom’s visa was Issued last 02/13 and I cant track it on 2go and the traveldocs website is not working. It will be long weekend for US Embassy cause its Holiday on Monday. So hopefully by Tuesday I will be able to track it. can I pay the GC when she gets here? and is there any fee that need to pay at the airport? Thanks again!
  4. @Lane O @Cherry & Mama Hi my mom passed her interview last 2/8 and they said visa is aapproved and will receive the passport 7-10 business days. how long before your mom received their visa? I check the CEAC track visa application it showed AP status saying follow the letter that They give after yhe interview. but they didnt give any letter to my mom after the interview. Is that normal? Thank you in advance!
  5. @Lane O @Cherry & Mama hello! My mom’s interview will be this Friday 2/8. Manila US Embassy. Does she need to pay something? I know there’s an immigration fee that I can pay when she gets here. Im wondering if there will be more fee that she need to pay at the Embassy during the interview? Thank you!
  6. What was on her birth certificate? On my birth certificate my Mom’s name has Ma. But there’s no Ma on her birth certifcate so she went to the City Hall where I was born and file a request to correct it and pay, there are requirements to do that the City Hall will give a list of requirements. She waited three months. And then after that she went back to the City Hall to get the correted certificate and bring it to PSA/NSO to authenticate. It will take a few months too I think.
  7. No. Thats all I submitted. If you apply for your kid’s passport and only one parent is present you need the form which is a consent that the father or the other parent allow you to apply for your kid’s passport. He need the consent form get notarized too
  8. Hi! I asked his father to fill up the DS 3053 form. And then I submitted it. It must be original form. I asked him to print form and then fill up and signed. He need his valid id too. And he send it to me via LBC. my son has passport now.
  9. It depends on what health issue. Most of the applicant let say 80% will go through the sputum test, this is in the Philippines based on my experience too. My mom went back 3 consecutive days to collect sputum. The smear was negative but she need to wait til January 29 for the culture result. Why did she do all this. They saw a scar or abnormality on the xray. They want to make sure what that is. Ex. TB if postive they will treat her there. Negative they will continue the process which is approving his medical requirements to bring to the interview.
  10. Hi my mom interview is on Dec 17 and she did her medical for two days. Today they told her that there’s abnormality on the xray she need to go back next week for 3 consecutive days. St Lukes told my mom too that they will reschedule her interview date is that true? They said she will be no Show on that interview date. Did you cancel your mom’s original interview date and reschedule it? Thank you for the help.
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