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  1. Hi there, I’m the OP of this review and I went to Dr Zatzman for a CR-1 medical. I don’t think the panel physicians only cater to one type of visa. In my case, the office kept all of the photos. Definitely make more copies of the photo, it doesn’t hurt to have more.
  2. You've already gotten some responses but no, I'm the Canadian (now dual, yay). When I was interviewed for my US citizenship, they did ask a lot of questions about my situation but ultimately, I'm not doing anything wrong, and was able to naturalize.
  3. Hi there, I see you tagged me but I’m not really familiar with this situation.
  4. Yes, I had to submit a letter with my exit date to CRA asking them to deem me a non-resident, which they did. I still have to pay into Ontario taxes but I'm not eligible for OHIP. It sucks, honestly. I double-pay for health care, essentially. My work knows where I live and my correct address shows up on my pay stubs and T4. It's possible they're not taxing me correctly but that's why I hired a cross-border tax specialist the first year, and according to her, everything was as it should be. She was the one who helped me file the non-resident application letter. I'm admittedly not the best person to ask about taxes but I do remember that our accountant played around with our taxes. When it was just me, it zeroed out to nothing owing and no return since I'm not paying taxes here. But combined with my husband's income, I actually get a return. Don't ask why because I don't understand it (hence hiring pros, lol).
  5. Yeah, everything about my paycheque is the same as my coworkers who still live there.
  6. Hey there, My situation is a little bit different in that I do still commute into Ontario for work, but I live in Michigan. The first time you have to file both taxes (and maybe forever), definitely hire an accountant who specializes in cross-border workers. You may have to hire one who doesn't live in the same town as you, but I can tell you they are plentiful in Windsor, Ontario. My own tax situation is pretty straight-forward. I generally get a return from both countries. There's an accountant in my family who does my Canadian taxes now, and then we have a US accountant who does our joint US one. I don't think working in one country and living in another is as complicated as people imagine, but I will say it does suck having to convert my money. By the way, if you have any Tax Free Savings Accounts, I would suggest talking to a knowledgeable accountant about that. The IRS does tax them, so that can potentially cause problems. I'm not super well versed in financial stuff, but I can tell you I still have an RRSP and a GIC in Canada, and haven't had any issues reporting those to the IRS. I bank through RBC which allows me to have accounts in both countries and transfer my paycheques easily between them. It's not cheap but it's convenient. Hopefully some of this is helpful. As I said, I'm not very financially literate since I let professionals handle things for me, but I can try to help if you have any other questions.
  7. I have an account on the old egov.USCIS.gov site. Once you add your case number to it, you can select to have it email and/or text you with updates. I’m not sure if that’s where my email notifications came from or if they came from the newer site. I have email and mobile alerts turned on there, too. If you log into my.uscis.gov, go to My Account, and then Settings. You’ll see everything there.
  8. I found the email notification to be the quickest. The old case status website (egov.uscis.gov) was also a few hours faster updating than my.uscis.gov. I found the SMS to be the slowest (it didn't tell me until a day later when something had happened).
  9. No, they don’t. But they hold oath ceremonies pretty often. Mine was 11 days after my interview.
  10. Congrats!! I called USCIS to find out when mine was, I was too impatient to wait. Did you file online? The letter should show up on my.USCIS.gov in a day or two.
  11. JlovesA


    FYI, RCMP detachments in Ontario do not do fingerprints or criminal record checks for the general public. Ontarians need to attend the local police of their jurisdiction or a Corps of Commissionaires office. (source: I work there)
  12. It takes a couple of days to show up in your account.
  13. I’m all done now! My oath ceremony was yesterday in Detroit at the USCIS field office. I was surprised there were about 30 people naturalizing at the same time. There was really no speech or anything, they congratulated us and we all took the oath at the same time. Then they called us up one by one to get our certificate. It was pretty anticlimactic but I’m glad it’s all over with. It took a lot longer for everyone to get checked in and seated then the actual ceremony. Once everyone sat down, we were out in probably 15 minutes. It feels really weird to be finished with immigration stuff. It hasn’t sunk in yet!
  14. I wasn’t asked to provide any evidence. I wouldn’t have had anything to show, as 99% of the time I left the USA, it was to go to work for the day, returning that same day. My other visits to Canada were generally 1-2 nights at the most and done via driving, so I wouldn’t have had anything for that, either. Perhaps you have copies of airline flights or other details? I haven’t seen anyone mention needing this kind of evidence for the interview, though. In my case, the IO and I just had maybe a 5-10 minute long conversation about how I still work in Canada. None of my other documents were requested either, just the ones I mentioned in my post. The IO mentioned looking up my recent travel history and knew that I had been going to work once a week since August. So they can corroborate what you put on your form.
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