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  1. JlovesA

    Police certificate

    I'm late to the party here, but the RCMP does not do CPIC checks in Ontario. Just in case anyone else in Ontario is reading this in the future.
  2. JlovesA

    Medical Review - Dr. Ian Zatzman

    I'm really glad to hear this helped you! I have a more detailed timeline in my profile which is good because I didn't actually remember! According to my profile timeline, I received the results 9 days later, but that was within Ontario FYI. Good luck with everything! Let me know if you need anything else.
  3. Hi PhilM! I used a Nexus card to visit my husband while I went through the K1 and CR1 (long story, we started out doing the K1 then changed our minds and did the CR1 a few years later). It definitely does making crossing easier as there is often a customs booth open for Nexus cardholders. The Nexus card does not lift the burden of your fiance to prove they have no intent to immigrate illegally.
  4. Hello Kate! I was in this exact scenario in the spring. I received my CR-1 visa in February but I couldn't move until April. I was crossing in Windsor as well, albeit at the tunnel. I continued to visit my husband on weekends as normal with my Nexus card. Sometimes I was asked why I was still living in Canada. Prior to receiving the visa, I would tell them I was in the process of receiving my visa and they accepted that answer no problem. After I did receive it, I think I had told them once or twice, "I have my visa at home but I'm not ready to move yet." Zero issues. He does not need to import it when he's still visiting. I personally imported mine when I endorsed the visa. Assuming your husband has the compliance letter and there are no compliance issues, importing his car should be a breeze. In my experience, all I needed was the compliance letter and the VIN. No need to notify anyone in advance. I paid my green card fee a couple weeks before moving. The actual green card took about 6 weeks to arrive in the mail once I did move. Also just to clarify on what others said above, he should not use his Nexus card when he does endorse the visa. He should use the regular line, present his passport and tell them he's endorsing an IR-1 visa. When visiting, leave the passport and paperwork at home and use Nexus as normal.
  5. JlovesA

    Medical Review - Dr. Ian Zatzman

    The medical reviews on this site for really helpful for me preparing for my medical so I thought I would include mine. Hopefully it'll be of some value to people. I had my medical exam for my CR-1 visa yesterday at 2:15pm with Dr. Ian Zatzman in Maple, ON (AKA Richmond Hill AKA Toronto suburbs). I was able to book it online and got confirmation within an hour or two that my appointment time was approved. Finding the building is straight-forward enough. The parking lot isn't huge but it's free. There's a Tim Hortons in the plaza which could be handy if you need to fill your bladder for the urine sample! Dr. Zatzman's waiting area is quite cramped as it's long and narrow. Almost everybody in the waiting room was there for a visa medical. I arrived at 1:30pm which turned out to be a good thing because it took the receptionist awhile to enter everything into the computer. I brought 4 passport photos, my interview letter, my passport, and my vaccine records. She took copies of everything and gave the originals back (minus the photos). The fee to Dr. Zatzman's office was $240 + $20 to courier the results. They take cash or debit. I was called in about 2:20pm and the part with the doctor himself was very quick. As others have mentioned, he's a friendly guy and likes to chit chat about where you're moving. He even asked me if I'm on VisaJourney after I had said I already knew what the medical would be like. He transcribed my vaccine records onto a form, asked about any health issues or surgeries, checked my blood pressure, and listened to my heart really quickly. The whole thing was maybe 5-7 minutes. For anyone who is nervous about the question about drugs and alcohol, the way it was worded to me was, "Have you ever had any drug or alcohol problems?" After that, he gave me some forms and I had to go downstairs for the next part. The x-ray office is different from the blood and urine sample office, but they're both on the first floor. Both were very quick to get in and out. The x-ray cost $60 and I was able to pay with debit. The blood and urine sample was $18.10, and I paid that with debit as well. I was back in my car by about 2:55pm. All in all it was really simple. I had been worried about not having all the vaccines but I was able to get my immunization record from public health immediately when I called. If anyone else is like me and lost their immunization booklet thing from childhood, just call or go to your local public health office. When I called the one in my hometown, she told me I can call any of them in Ontario and they have access to it. She emailed it to me no problem. If you have any questions, let me know or PM me!