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  1. We had a U-Haul full of my stuff, and we crossed together. The border officer got out to take a peek and my husband said, "It's really full," as he started to open the back. The officer said, "Oh it is? Never mind!" and let us go. I had my list of what was in each box, but wasn't asked to show it. I endorsed the visa before moving, BTW.
  2. It's so common for people in border cities to have a cross-border relationships. Just being up front and having proof you're doing things properly will go a long way. Good luck, but you will be fine!
  3. Hi there, I lived in two different border cities while my husband and I dated and while I waited for my CR-1. We dated for 5 years and then I moved after we had been married for 2 years, so I was crossing for 7 years!! I never had a single issue. I always printed out my most recent pay stub, along with something from our HR software that showed I was actively employed (and later, it also showed my husband's name as my spouse). I was always up front about my situation. Later when I was renting my own apartment, I would bring proof of my lease. I never once had to show any of this stuff, but it made me feel less nervous about the possibility of being hassled. Over the course of those 7 years, I would cross approximately every other weekend, with some longer vacations occasionally.
  4. Argh, that's annoying that you can't get through to them. They seem VERY busy so I guess it's not a surprise, but still. I wrote a review about my experience with Dr Zatzman back in 2017. Of course it's old now but it's probably still pretty similar. This is it here. Hopefully it can be of some value to you. I would tell you to maybe just get photos done anyway, but I know it can be expensive to get 5 passport photos.
  5. This post is 5 years old at this point, but when I had my medical with Dr. Zatzman in 2017, they wanted 5 passport photos. On their website it says you need four photos if your DS-260 isn't online. I think that might have changed since I had mine, so you might be better off just calling them to confirm.
  6. It's been four years since I moved but my green card arrived five weeks after I moved. I'm not sure on my SSN, sorry.
  7. One or both of you can also access your travel history into the USA from this CBP website. Of course it isn't actual relationship evidence, but it doesn't hurt to have it and show how often one or both of you cross.
  8. Whether or not you have to do a test at the border is random now, which changed on August 9th. I'm a dual citizen who still works in Ontario and I have also visited a couple times for personal reasons (different processes for both types of entry into Canada). I haven't heard of anyone here in the USA with insurance who were required to pay for their PCR test. I've done mine a couple times at CVS and it was free. I'm confused by what you mean about how Canada doesn't simply accept the vaccine card. I have not had that experience. I can update you after the 22nd and let you know what it's like doing stuff in Ontario without the government-issued vaccine passport but I honestly don't think it's anything to stress over. Like cdndesro said, the intent isn't to prohibit non-Ontarians from going into businesses. I carry my vaccine card in my wallet and don't anticipate having any problems if I decide to go out for lunch or something.
  9. My certificate showed up in the mail today! Phew! If it's helpful to anyone, I applied for my passport at USPS on April 30th with expedited processing. USPS said they received it around May 11 (I forget the date exactly). It was approved June 7, and in my hands June 10th (regular shipping speed). Today, July 9th, I got my naturalization certification back. Glad to be DONE. Good luck to everyone else, I hope you'll be done soon, too!
  10. Hey all. Add me to the club of people waiting to get their naturalization certificate back. I received my passport on June 10th and have not received the certificate. I keep trying to call the passport service but it's just a busy signal. Very frustrating.
  11. Hi there, I’m the OP of this review and I went to Dr Zatzman for a CR-1 medical. I don’t think the panel physicians only cater to one type of visa. In my case, the office kept all of the photos. Definitely make more copies of the photo, it doesn’t hurt to have more.
  12. You've already gotten some responses but no, I'm the Canadian (now dual, yay). When I was interviewed for my US citizenship, they did ask a lot of questions about my situation but ultimately, I'm not doing anything wrong, and was able to naturalize.
  13. Hi there, I see you tagged me but I’m not really familiar with this situation.
  14. Yes, I had to submit a letter with my exit date to CRA asking them to deem me a non-resident, which they did. I still have to pay into Ontario taxes but I'm not eligible for OHIP. It sucks, honestly. I double-pay for health care, essentially. My work knows where I live and my correct address shows up on my pay stubs and T4. It's possible they're not taxing me correctly but that's why I hired a cross-border tax specialist the first year, and according to her, everything was as it should be. She was the one who helped me file the non-resident application letter. I'm admittedly not the best person to ask about taxes but I do remember that our accountant played around with our taxes. When it was just me, it zeroed out to nothing owing and no return since I'm not paying taxes here. But combined with my husband's income, I actually get a return. Don't ask why because I don't understand it (hence hiring pros, lol).
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