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  1. All I know is that the first two times we called USCIS they wouldn't proceed with an emergency parole appt because I didn't have biometrics. I eventually got my emergency parole without biometrics, but it was only because of contacting our member of congress who got us an emergency Infopass appt. So maybe I just didn't know the right words to say - but if it hadn't been for them directly contacting USCIS I'm sure I would still be in Michigan.
  2. Just as an update - we contacted our member of Congress' office and after a lot of back and forth with them and USCIS we managed to get an emergency Infopass appointment and a 30 day emergency advance parole document, and were able to immediately cross the border.
  3. Thank you! We have left a message with our Congresswoman and are waiting for them to get back to us, but I'll also look into an expedite.
  4. Hi everyone, I am in the middle of adjusting my status from B1 from Canada (I was caught on the US side of the border visiting my husband when the whole pandemic went down). We just got our NOA on Aug 10. One Friday my dad was in a motorcycle accident and died, and I am trying to figure out how to get back to Canada so I can isolate and then help with dealing with all his stuff. He and my mom were separated, and right now she and my younger sisters are dealing with everything. Unfortunately, I haven't had my biometrics appointment yet, and USCIS says we can't go further in the process without the biometrics - which based on my NOA date I doubt will be soon. Is there anything I can do other that abandon my application or leave my family hanging?
  5. Yes, we are. We talked to our lawyer who helped put together our original packet and he thinks it's pretty clear I was intending to go back (I have been traveling back and forth every weekend for over a year, had some upcoming in-person work commitments that were later canceled when my office moved to essential services only, and had just renewed my contract). My office is still in essential services and it's not clear that it will clear up any time soon. I'm talking with my supervisor about taking a leave or other options this week. I don't want to risk going back across the border with no clear place to go right away (can't easily isolate in my apartment with roommates), no immediate job that needs me there, and no timeline for when my husband can visit me or I can return! Overall very stressful, I'm glad we at least have the financial flexibility to make this change! I hope your situation works out!
  6. I am in this same situation and looking into adjusting status now. Did you end up filing for AOS? I am isolating in Michigan with spouse and my employer has moved to essential services only so no one is allowed to be there anyway and I am afraid if I return there will be a lot of confusion around the border and travel and I won't be able to go back to my regular schedule of visiting on weekends! Meant to come for a long weekend mid-March and ended up being here for 2 months! 😐 EDIT: Just realized we've been both posting on another post about this! disregard, haha!
  7. I am in the same boat as you, and we are talking to a lawyer later today to see what our options are. I am hoping that, because I very much had no intention of staying when I came in we can use the AOS. I have been living in Canada and visiting almost every weekend for 2.5 years (married 1.5 years ago in Canada), but then my university moved to essential services only and the borders closed, and I started sheltering-in-place in the US. Before, we had decided to use the consular route because I didn't want to give up my job during the period of time when you can't work within the US, but now the situation is changing so much, that I'm thinking it's the lesser hardship to take a break from working to be able to be together through this process. I hope someone has insight! I've been googling all day.
  8. Me too! Basically identical. We just got our notice that we are 'documentarily approved' at the NVC, but who knows what that means for actually getting to live in the US. Before this I was visiting every weekend - and never thought about AOS, but with the whole world at a standstill it just feels so disheartening to go back to Canada for an unknown length of time. I felt like we were so close to the finale and now it's so far!
  9. Interesting... but they did ask me to certify at some point (DS-260 maybe?) whether I'd been in the US more than 180 days during the last calendar year, so that solidified my thinking that it was the limit. I even use a spreadsheet to track my total # of days per year - but it looks like I was a bit off base!
  10. I am in a somewhat similar situation (applying from within Canada, but sheltering-in-place with husband because the borders closed to non-essential travel while I was visiting him), and I on a whim checked my I-94 (https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home) while discussing our next steps with our lawyer. Turns out last time I came across the border guy gave me a 60 day I-94. So even though Canadians can spend 6 months per calendar year (but check the tax implications if you've spent days in previous calendar years), I need to leave next week based on this I-94! I'm quite sad about having to leave because it's not clear to me when I'll be able to come back, and I was really really hoping to have had our interview by early spring, but this process is nothing if not full of delays, as I've found. Maybe worth you checking on your I-94 as well? I didn't even realize this was a roadblock to my time in the US until last weekend.
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