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  1. Hi. As I know you had your i751/n400 interview on January 4. And your case (both cases) was approved. So what green card are you talking about? you should get your naturalization certificate instead of new green card. I donโ€™t understand........can you explain please? Yes! Finally! Congratulations ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  2. Yes, IO interviewed us both (me and my husband). Was a lot of questions like how did we meet, where, about our kids, friends, vacations. Nothing difficult if you have Real marriage. For example, IO asked me - how did we meet each other. I said that my husband was a boss of my sister. Then IO asked my husband - what is the name of my sister. As I said earlier, IO was very professional. Nothing to be afraid about if you have nothing to hide. Good luck!!!
  3. Hello. Congratulations!!! Yes, you MUST bring your wife on your Interview ( in case of Combo interview). And yes, to live separately with your spouse due to job is fine for normal life, but is not fine for USCIS officer. So just be prepared to answer additional questions regarding this issue. Good luck
  4. Had a combo interview on this week. My i751/ N400 was approved and i had Oath same day. Officer was very professional. He told me that he has never seen people from my country before here in USCIS. Well, in Iceland it is only 350000 people, so that is very likely. Lol ok, i am finally DONE. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting! Roc - 21,5 months. N400 - almost 10 months. Phoenix, AZ office.
  5. Since your i751 was transferred to NBC ( where is your N400), 99% that you will have a combo Interview.
  6. Hi) yes, Iโ€™ve heard of it. Good friend of mine got the same year ago after n 400 interview. Her husband is military officer. since your spouse got deployed (he was not with you on interview) they are checking deployment letter now. Uscis checks marriage with military spouses too deep cuz there are a lot of fraud there. Wish you the best!!! thanks for your feedback about interview.
  7. Congratulations! I will have combo interview in Phoenix office soon too. and I thought that Phoenix does the same day Oath. Why you did not have same day oath?
  8. Congratulations!!! I will have N400 interview in Phoenix, AZ soon. Can you tell me at what time your interview was scheduled and at what time did you have your oath? Thanks for your feedback about your interview ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  9. Hello. How did you apply - based on 5 years residency or based on marriage with us citizen? You need to bring originals of everything you uploaded plus what is listed on your N400 interview notice. N400 interview does not happen every day, so that is why you should be overprepared: it is better to have more that is required, because you dont know what IO will ask you to show ( or what mood he/she will have). Good luck on your interview!
  10. Is it appointment only for I751 interview? If so, yes, more likely it will not be combo with N400( Has your I751 been transferred to NBC? anyway, congrats! At least some movement.....
  11. I had my infopass for stamp in the middle of September and they wanted to take my expired green card too but i said that I will not go anywhere without my green card cuz i must show it on my upcoming N400 (November 12 finally I cannot believe) interview. So officer let me keep my green card with me. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting. Today uscis updated processing times. They slowed down again....
  12. Oh, no! I am shocked. Uscis just having fun of us! I would say that it is not my problem whatever issues you have, i am a lawful immigrant, i paid service fee, i successfully passed interview and i need my documents to be done. I can not believe that something like that can happened. So so sorry........
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