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  1. Green card received today February 8th (or saturday but i didnt check the mail that day)
  2. Update on SSN timelines: My POE was Pearson on January 24th - received my SSN in the mail today February 5th
  3. I had my medical last month and it was all in Canadian
  4. The Montreal clinic charges you in Canadian funds and I doubt any of the clinics on the list charge USD. They are not American clinics but Canadian clinics approved to conduct immigration medicals. But it’s a private clinic so yes it’s more expensive. 35$ for flu vaccine
  5. Where do you plan taking the medical? In Montreal? Medisys has French speakers. I had vaccination records from Switzerland and it was no issue and the rest from Quebec.
  6. There are no inter provincial restrictions right now between Quebec and Ontario.
  7. I picked up my passport today at the post office. Exactly a week after my interview.
  8. You will get an email with tracking. I had my interview on December 2nd and tracking was only sent yesterday.
  9. Turns out I didn’t scan my PC before my interview otherwise I would have posted it here. but on page 131 somebody else posted this screenshot explanation from the RCMP. What I had and was accepted: Type: criminal record check for personal use sub type : other (provide details) so it looks like the one posted on this page by @Wanderist is correct EXCEPT for the subtype. ”Other” type includes youth charges and I think that is why it is the right one. Definitely not the right one. Has to be from the RCMP not local police
  10. Yes I can confirm that this is is what I had. I got mine done on November 2nd. The change happened on November 1st so anything done after that date will have that wording. My interview was December 2nd and this was accepted.
  11. I think because the employment situation changed. I am bringing a new one to the interview because my spouse got a new job. Otherwise I wouldn’t.
  12. The instructions still say privacy act so it seems the RCMP has amended their template. I hope they have communicated this new change.
  13. I am really concerned that mine doesn’t say privacy act on it. I hope the consulate is aware of the change and still accepts it.
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