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  1. Yes, if medical chekup was done before and it is comple ,during interview it is not asked.
  2. I will put information about my timeleine after intreview... I passed bio 9 August and my interview is on this Friday Thank you very much. I will type review tomorrow
  3. https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/alerts/uscis-temporarily-extending-validity-period-of-form-i-693
  4. Before medical checkup was valid for 2 years... Now they make it valid for 4 years... it is on uscus site.....
  5. Who has already passed interview since 1 October from k 1? If i passed medical checkup last October in my country and i have complete about vaccination so do I need take covid vaccine for interview? Mine is in a few days
  6. Hi. I am from Michigan and applied for greencard after K1 in February. Now it is June and still no biometrics... I need ssn and working permission much for getting driving permit. I cant drive so for learning it i need combocard at least. Have u had you driving permit before getting combocard or after?

  7. Hi. I am from Michigan and live close to Detroit, Royal Oak. I came to the USA in November 2020 on K1 viza and applied for adjusment of status in February 2021 as you did too. My papres in a system since 22 February . I have only Noa 1 and waiting now invitation for biometric. I saw you got RFE already according you green card...?

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