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  1. lbounds

    Unlimited Calls to Philippines ?

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions Now I have https://www.callnroam.com/ I'll make note of some of the other suggestions in case it doesn't work out for whatever reason
  2. lbounds

    Unlimited Calls to Philippines ?

    Yes, my wife's family also lives in rural Mindanao so anything that requires internet on the Philippines side won't work for us.
  3. lbounds

    Unlimited Calls to Philippines ?

    yeah 11 cents a minute would be $300 for 3000 minutes which I think my wife used the last month.. Her family doesn't have reliable internet service in the Philippines province so any service that requires reliable internet on that end won't work. Thanks for the suggestions so far though. still looking..
  4. I was using Globe Duo for a few years for unlimited calling from US to Philippines but they have ended that service. I'm having some difficulty finding an affordable and reliable alternative. What service do you use for unlimited calls from US to Philippines? Thanks for any info as my wife loves daily calls to her family.
  5. My wife is the 2nd to youngest of 10 children also but all the families live within walking distance of her mom's house and most have several children of their own. That means it's always a big group when we are visiting and never boring.
  6. I see, I'm not familiar with that place. I've always spent all my time in Davao Oriental around Mati with my wife's family. It always feels like a relaxed place away from the big city. Even after all these years I never got used to the heat though. I'd like to spend more time traveling East Mindanao one of these days.
  7. My wife is from Mati City a few hours from Davao. What about yours?
  8. Yeah, we already did the flight with him when he was 4 months old with no seat. He was fine at 4 months old. A bit different at almost 2 years. Full of energy these days non-stop
  9. thanks for the helpful and humorous replies After some further thought I went ahead and booked his own seat. More expensive however I know it will be more comfortable for my wife and son that way anyway.
  10. We are booking a round trip ticket. My Son will be under 2 at the time we fly out from the US but he will be just over 2 yrs old (birthday) before the return from the round-trip flight. My wife thought said since the time of the first flight he's under 2 yrs she expected he can sit in the lap for both ends of the flight. However at least on CheapTickets.com it will not allow me to book the flight as infant in lap under 2 since he has a birthday before the return. Does anyone have experience with this ? Any suggestions? My wife wants to save the cost of an extra seat.
  11. My wife needs to renew her Philippines passport to prepare for a planned trip from the US in August. We plan to go to LA in about 10 days to do the renewal. On the website it shows this can normally take 10 weeks. That is getting a bit close. Then I also saw a pop up on the website there are current delays processing passports. http://www.philippineconsulatela.org/consular-services-2/passport/applicant-for-renewal Does anyone know about how long it will really take from the time from office visit to do passport renewal to passport in hand? Thanks in advance for any info