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  1. the confirmation page for your CR1 will not have the date and time on it since the letter came from NVC
  2. Khallaf


    if your in non immigrant AP your on the way to being issued, if you have a middle name you could have given it, if there is non, you enter it as it reads in the passport.
  3. if they are from Egypt they can surly expect the green cards to be revoked, Cairo doesn't play around with people who lie to obtain green cards.
  4. I hope that you are both going to get your visa, but it sounds as if his might still be in process, and they might be sending his back with out a visa, I hope the best for you both.
  5. I am so happy for you that it worked out, and he got his visa to arrive, I wish you all the best and have a happy life.
  6. isn't there a specific length of time required for you to be naturalized prior to their birth? @Paul & Mary your thoughts Edited: never mind I found the answer please forgive me
  7. I just want to have a better understanding of this if the child is already in USA is there a need to follow the CRBA? if the child is not already in USA does CRBA even apply? parent must have lived in USA as a USC for a certain length of time prior to the childs birth? or am I wrong in what I read or interpreted it incorrect?
  8. when were the children born? also did you acquire naturalization prior to their birth and if so how long did you have it before the children were born?
  9. seek out advise from the post office they might be able to tell you where to start to look into it.
  10. I wish you good luck, too bad there isn't a half address if that makes sense like you and your husband in one half and your parents in another. my guess is the mail isn't set up like that and I am not sure if it could or how to go about doing it, that way it will appear as if there are two different address in the same physical building. when I lived in Indiana, I rented a house while the detached garage was made into another home same land but we had an address of 1145 1/2 walnut street while the other had 1145 walnut. hope that makes sense also
  11. knowing Egypt like I do your lawyers was very wrong, the embassy on less evidence has in the past accused people of being too married for a K1 and nothing like what you sent in was ever presented. getting married in Egypt is not as complicated, my husband and I got married there in less than 3 days, everything was completed and we got married at the ministry of justice. I would like to think that they are not going to be as critical anymore but they will. good luck
  12. if they do see it and IF they do ask of course be honest but show you have strong ties with intent to return to your home country.
  13. you could send out an email to the embassy to see if they have received the file. FYI Afghanistan is hard on K1 visa's
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