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  1. we submitted the same translation for the Marriage lic all the way through, once the marriage lic is translated your good. As far as the police certificate as long as it is in the countries native language there is no need to translate it for interview. Remember in Egypt you will need to also provide a family registration of course unless your female, then not needed.
  2. sorry can expect a visa interview for spouse in Egypt for DQ in November to be sometime start of 2020 likely Feb or March, if you are lucky you might get one in Jan and that is just for the letter. If you get IL in Jan interview will be the following month. Make sure you join your spouse at interview, it seems those who do not go with the spouse will end up in some form of AP, I didn't get with my husband and he got handed an AP letter, no reason just straight into AP.
  3. sadly, even spouse visa get backlogged due to how busy some embassy can get. Those who were DQ in May are not getting interview letters for Egypt. Mexico is backlogged almost 1 year even for spouse visa. Embassy are just getting overloaded with not enough spots to put everyone, they only open so many spouse visa slots, K1 spots and visit visa slots. so if you just got DQ in November you can expect sometimes Jan-Feb even March of 2020 to get your interview letter.
  4. I could be wrong but if they are in their 30's and 40's the only one that can apply for them is the mother when she arrives and gets her green card. or am I lost as to what interview?
  5. https://www.visajourney.com/cr1-ir1-spousal-visa/
  6. I do not recommend a writ of mandamus, all that will do is force them to make a decision if the background checks are not complete it will come back with a rejection, it will then take 1-2 years to fully complete to second interview. going through the steps to chance the name will not likely have any effect on the decision of the case, if its a personal choice go for it, but if you think it will help the AP it likely will not. try sending off another email checking status all you can really do is wait it out. I have seen couples in both Pakistan and Egypt sit in AP for up to 2 years before. and more and more rejections are coming down the pipeline from Pakistan. IMO and I know its hard to do and easy for me to say but stay patient and send them an email every 90 days to check in. if you haven't seen an update since July I would shoot them off an email to check the status.
  7. has your wife reached out to ask her state senator to reach out to get a status update?
  8. 1. send the proof of name change to embassy 2. its just another small piece of evidence on marriage not that it makes it bonafide in the name change. I never changed mine, the AP for my husband lasted 42 days 3. what took place at interview? did they keep the passport? have the updated CEAC date regular?
  9. didn't you put out a post that you sent a letter to withdraw the petition, sending an email to the embassy to withdraw even if not in an official letter is going to create issues, your really going to be better off going back to Egypt and getting married and to file the CR1. Personally do not risk it getting through the interview getting the visa and having it caught later and having the green card stripped deported, and given a ban. The ban would come if they question it at interview and you try and find a way to back it out. (side not: I am not saying that you would do that) however it is too big of a risk to continue at this point.
  10. currently Egypt is about 5-7 months backlogged. you can expect it to be at least that long to get an interview, those from May are still waiting, some even as far back as March. Good luck in your journey.
  11. the confirmation page for your CR1 will not have the date and time on it since the letter came from NVC
  12. Khallaf


    if your in non immigrant AP your on the way to being issued, if you have a middle name you could have given it, if there is non, you enter it as it reads in the passport.
  13. if they are from Egypt they can surly expect the green cards to be revoked, Cairo doesn't play around with people who lie to obtain green cards.
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