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  1. 48 days but our case was different, he was dumped into AP with no reason handed a 221G with AP marked..
  2. once it has finished sometimes some have seen it go AP-Ready-AP-Issued my husband went like this AP-AP-AP-AP-Issued
  3. be happy that it is updated means they are working on it AP cases generally get resolved 60-90 days from the time papers are turned in just be patient.
  4. Khallaf

    Petitioner pregnant

    if they did an Orfi marriage in order to be together it will complicate things even more, as an orfi marriage all though only a religions marriage is seen to be too married for a K1 and not married enough for a CR1. So this raises the bigger question, did they do an orfi marriage in order to get around the rules in Egypt in order to be together personally for the pregnancy to occur. if the CO finds out about the pregnancy, and asks them if they were religiously married, the answer should be YES however, if they answer NO, they are in even bigger deep water.
  5. California service center Vermont service center Texas service center NSC is the other Nebraska Service Center then there is NBC which is National Benefits Center
  6. when going to register, you register the pick up location, it will give you a drop down menu for the Aramex you chose, make sure you print off 2 copies, not just 1, the embassy will ask for both copies.
  7. my husband had no records when he went to his medical in Cairo either
  8. if they only marked the AP on the 221G must mean they have not finished the background check, if they asked for no other papers all you can do now is wait it out. AP can take days, weeks, months, and even years. at the interview my husband had in Egypt he was also given a 221G and check mark at AP nothing was asked nothing he could do but wait, at day 48 he got a call to return his passport to the embassy in 10 days it updated to issued and he was sent text to pick up his passport at Aramex. be patient most AP cases are resolved in 60-90 days.
  9. did they ask for any other papers or did they just check mark the AP box and send him on his way?
  10. many of us could give you some sample questions but can't be sure what is in the mind of a CO for your case. they will ask how you met how long you have known each other when did you get married how many times have you seen each other maybe ask about wedding maybe ask who was attend might ask about family ask what plans are when arrive in USA we have all been asked similar but different questions really my thought to you is just relax, be calm and all will go fine.
  11. when I sent in the application for my husband I sent in our marriage lic, with english translation, a copy of my birth certificate, affidavits from friends who were at the wedding, affadavits from my friends in USA who knew we got married photos and the visa pages from when I entered his country. I-130a does not need to be signed if your wife is not with you, do not sign it for her when your newly married they are aware that you wouldn't have any of that other evidence more so when your not living in the same country. you can create a living will naming her as your spouse and sole beneficiary in case something happens to you. I would include any information and proof of trips that were taken together, I know that it likely didn't help but I included a letter from me personally on how we met. as the relationship goes on and you are waiting out this process, you can obtain her passport have her sign a W7 get her ITIN, this will allow you to not only file your taxes married filing joint which is more evidence when you hit the NVC and interview stage, but you can then get her added to your car insurance as married non driver. you can get her added to your 401K and life insurance as beneficiary for your job. Get her name added on credit cards and bank accounts.
  12. you only need to provide the most current year income tax returns they can however request to see the last 3 if you didn't have to file you just need to explain you didn't have to file. as far as the income it goes on the tax return bottom line adjust gross income, I am not sure what line number it is on the taxes, but the income you use will be after all the tax deductions.
  13. I am sorry but your talking out both sides, you said you plan on doing it, but then you say its already marriage in church, what is it?? if you have already married in church you might as well make it legal in the eyes of the embassy you are too married for a K1 but not married enough for a CR1 If you have NOT done it DO NOT DO IT!!!
  14. I have heard voter registration, insurance bills in his name also. sorry your having such a hard time with them
  15. you can go to the SS office to get her name updated that appears on the card, if you don't have time to do that file married filing joint but list her name on the ss card, not her married name, they need to be able to link them.