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  1. Thanks so much! Throughout our few months of married life in the US, I have the following evidence - Apartment lease with both names medical and dental insurance for my wife covered by me Renters Insurance with both names Transfers via our bank accounts federal and state tax return Should this suffice?
  2. Hi there so I came here on marriage-based green card with the 2-year conditional. As a married couple, our intentions were genuine as was our marriage and, at the time, love. Within 6 months however, my wife cheated and I filed divorce. I have to file for the 10-year renewable in March 2020, and I plan to be totally open and honest of course. I have read mixed things however on whether or not I have to contact USCIS before then to declare the divorce or just simply file as I would in March with all the evidence of divorce and explanation. If I get an interview I will happily and truthfully share the full story. Should I be assuming I should be able to get the 10-year renewable? We did not divorce on bad grounds, we did a simple and quick “uncontested” divorce because we already had a settlement agreement and no children.
  3. Thanks so much. Only been here 3 days. I’m just worried that because my USCIS number has not been updated in so long I might get forgotten in the system somewhere. I will remember your advice!
  4. So I have my CR1 visa and am here in the US with my wife and dog (hooray!). My USCIS case number has not been updated online for a long time...like pre-NVC stage! Should I be worried that my green-card and social security number won’t be arriving? Also, I checked the box on the visa application form for requesting a SSN with the visa but I read that lots of people have had issues with this. So worried as I need to be working ASAP!
  5. Hey all so happy that my interview was successful. Got to say - the entire Embassy experience in London has been the single most enjoyable and speedy part of our entire petition process! I did not expect to be saying this. My interview was on the morning of 20th June (yesterday). The result was that my visa is successful pending the medical results arriving at the Embassy and being approved. My medical was on the morning of 14th June - I did try to get an earlier appointment though. Knightsbridge told me that my results would be sent to the Embassy via the Embassy’s “internal same-day delivery/collection service”, but that once my results arrive in the Embassy there must be two days of processing at their mailroom - is this correct and should I expect to see an update on CEAC when the results arrive or when the results have been checked/approved? Approximately how long do others think it will take till my passport is back in my hands? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks so much for the responses!
  7. Another one - how long generally does the London embassy take to courier the passport?
  8. Wow, thanks so much for your help. Of course, I’m very sorry to read about what happened to you. I’m glad your immigration plans were successful! Best wishes and many sincere thanks!
  9. Ok so two things - 1) my medical at Knightsbridge was on Thursday (14th). My embassy interview is on Wednesday (20th). I assume that they will give me a “successful pending medical results” as the medical results probably won’t be with them in time? 2) my fathers name is not on my birth certificate. Because it’s a Scottish certificate, it is long-form but I will just be honest and say that my mother was 16/17 when I was born and my father was out of the picture and I’ve never met him. I assume this will be alright(?) So grateful for any help and advice!
  10. I assume it’s because he wasn’t present at my birth(?). I’ve never actually met him either.
  11. Hey So two questions for those of you who have experience with the above - 1) Am I correct to assume that I should schedule the medical at least 6 working days before the interview, and expect my passport within seven working days after the interview (I am selecting the free courier service back to a local depot)? 2) My UK birth certificate is the long-form, full version however my fathers details are not included, only my mothers. Can I assume this will be fine? Thanks so much in advance!
  12. Hey So I’m here in the US on my ESTA. I have an interview date for my green-card in London (June 20th, which is still within my 90 days on the ESTA). I’m wondering if there’s any way to simply pick-up while in the US? I know about adjustment of status and how it’s risky but I’m talking about just moving the interview from U.K. to US since I’m here and have a job offer? Of course, I plan on going back for the medical and interview but things would be a lot easier (and cheaper) if there’s a way to finish things while I’m here. Thanks in advance!
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