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  1. we went in to SS today to apply for SS Cards. How long after you applied you got yours?

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    2. aceegreene
    3. Comanutd33


      I went back in February before covid. It took 2 weeks

    4. DoriOli


      After applying for Social Security on June 12th, we received SS Cards today

  2. They should research to make sure they stay away from anything that can be a Public Charge.
  3. I called the Social Security office about applying, they due to Covid they are not seeing anyone in person. They told us to mail the Greencard, passport and the application form to them to apply. We are a bit weary to send the green card and passport but looks like thats how it it. anyone with similar experience?
  4. My Parents got their Green Cards it was issued May 19th 2020. they called Social Security to make appointment but were told they have to wait a few weeks as USCIS may have ordered a SS Card. Anyone Knows how long before we know if SS Cards were ordered?
  5. Does the Public Charge Rule affects how they buy Health Insurance
  6. My Parents Green Card got approved They are in their 50s, they are going to be self employed. They are planning on buying their own health insurance. They are not sure how it works. Any suggestions?
  7. Parents Green cards got approved today Applied Jan 6 Bio Feb 6 RFE May 4 Approval May 19
  8. My parents got email notification that their green cards were approved Applied Jan 6th Bio Feb 6th RFE May 4th approved May 19th Fort Myers Feild Office Both MSC2090582xxx
  9. My parents are adjusting also. I just have some questions. Did your parents overstayed before adjustment process?

  10. Anyone at the Fort Myers FO had any activity lately. My parents got RFE on May 4th from Fort Myers. I noticed on another forum someone from West Palm Beach got their RFE from Fort Myers. My guess is West Palm is sending some work load to Fort Myers.
  11. My Parents got an approval of their I130 from NBC. Their AOS is at field office (we know this because they got RFE from FO)

    You may just get interview waived and approval from FO

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    2. dekk123


      Oh so the RFE was to collect more evidences so FO can make a decision without interview?

      I submitted my i130 online one week before i submitted the i485 package. When i submitted my i485 package I had a NOA from my i130 online application, so I just sent a copy of that NOA with my i485 application. 

    3. dekk123


      And how long after your parents received the i130 approval they received the RFE?

    4. DoriOli


      they got the RFE in the mail 4 days after the I130 was approved

  12. the lawyer did file the application. No Explanation was given on the application for violating status. The response to RFE will give explanation which is that they overstayed their legal status. Their current status was listed as Applicant for Adjustment
  13. My Parents Timeline File I130 and I485 Concurrently Jan 9th 2020 Biometrics Feb 6th RFE for passport Photos April 23 Email Notifying I130 Approval May 4th RFE May 6th for explanation on why they answered yes to (Have they ever violated non immigrant status) They overstayed their holiday visa Also they want explanation on why they answered yes to working without authorization. The thing is they never worked and they answered no on the I485 yes no check list waiting for my lawyer response. Any insights from anyone
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