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  1. It's fine, I mean there's another one at 16:30, I was just hoping to catch the 14:30 one. It's easy enough to switch. I was just hoping the comparatively earlier flight might make for a smaller queue, etc. I do remember seeing different lines -- US and Canadian Citizens, Green Card Holders, etc -- when I was at LAX previously but those were ridiculously busy BA flights with many other flights landing at the same time so I wasn't paying too much attention. Possibly I'm mistaking something. I was hoping getting the fairly early 10:15 flight from Gatwick might make things a bit quicker but we'll see. Based on something else you said about stamping the visa. I know the CR-1 visa says "upon endorsement..." I thought this endorsement would be a stamp but perhaps it's not.
  2. Actually travelling to LAX from Gatwick on Thursday, catching the earlier Norwegian flight that runs on a Thursday. Hoping to get through quickly as I have a shuttle to catch at 14:30 and the flight is supposed to get in at 13:25 or so. How long did you queue for? Did you go to any particular line? I've debated being cheeky and going to the Green Card line or asking each CBP officer I see what to do and hoping one of them walks me to the expedited line. I'm guessing you had a packet because you're DCF?
  3. This isn't the usual healthcare post. I've already been added to my wife's health, dental and vision plans. My visa has already been approved. I'm just trying to educate myself on how healthcare works in the US. I'm in Scotland so have had access to some pretty good NHS/Socialised medical care. My wife works for the State of California: https://www.calpers.ca.gov/page/active-members/health-benefits/plans-and-rates https://www.calhr.ca.gov/employees/Pages/dental-benefits.aspx https://www.calhr.ca.gov/employees/Pages/vision-benefits.aspx She has her health care with: Kaiser Permanente (HMO) - https://my.kp.org/calpers/plan-information-2/ She has her dental care with: DeltaCare USA - https://www.calhr.ca.gov/benefits/Pages/open-enrollment-dental-premiums.aspx She has her vision care with: The only plan available - https://www.calhr.ca.gov/benefits/Pages/open-enrollment-vision-premiums.aspx My questions are: How does this level of healthcare coverage stack up and compare to others, good? bad? What's the average? Are there any gotchas I need to be aware of? I've read horror stories about people having health insurance in the US and still being a billed a fortune for procedures. Anything else I should know? I've been looking at videos and reading what I can to try and educate myself on how heatlhcare works in the US.
  4. I wasn't DCF but I got an interview appointment a week after my case was complete at the NVC.
  5. I had a ton of proof of relationship stuff... none of it was needed, from what I've gathered London doesn't ask for it. It just seems to be countries with high visa and immigration fraud where they ask for it.
  6. Yours is a bit unusual compared to the standard, but given that previous denials have been because they thought she didn't have sufficent ties to her home country and that she had a US partner I think things will go fine.
  7. Why do you think you'll need more than one appointment?
  8. 99% it's been approved. Check the status online it should change to Administrative Processing and then to Issued in fairly short order.
  9. TIme varies I was 1 hour and 30 minutes, but I showed up about 30 minutes before my appointment and there were two awkward people slowing things down. You can bring in phones you just need to open an app at security to prove it's a phone.
  10. My GP is mainly private, he took his father's NHS patients before the father retired and he charges nothing. Seems like some price gouging to me, but then again you'll have to pay it.
  11. Can you remembered who delivered it at the US side? USPS? UPS? DHL?
  12. My understanding is you can't take more than 5 litres but you can take more than 1 litre if you declare it and pay customs and tax on it.
  13. I'm look at possibly sending a bag to the US in addition to checking one of the flight over. Does anyone have any recommendation/experiences with all these services that send you're luggage to the US?
  14. This doesn't really apply in the UK in general either. It only applies if you're a UK citizen living in another EU country or if can claim Republic of Ireland citizenship through family.
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