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  1. The time until you should get your biometrics appt letter. Mine counted down to zero and of course, due to office closures, my estimated wait time is now “taking longer than expected”
  2. Hi Vinny, I didn’t quote you. I quoted a piece from someone else. Why would it be fair that someone applying under the 5 year rule should be adjudicated faster simply because they have waited longer to apply. However if applying under the 5 year is easier to adjudicate than a 3 year then fine, that logic makes sense.
  3. I prefer the USCIS line "We generally process cases in the order we receive them" not whether you applied under the 5 year rule or the 3 year rule. And both are adjudicated fairly under the merits on which they were submitted. Just saying
  4. I’ve been using Chrome as standard and the only issue with the USCIS webpage was when I deleted one file and then on refresh, all files were gone. Not sure if that had anything to do with the browser choice but anyways, uploading was never an issue using Chrome..
  5. Wondering if anyone doing AOS for a 10 year GC will have their interview waived?
  6. Here we go...this might turn out to be the longest part of the immigration journey but we have at least set foot on the path. Based on 3 years of marriage. Window opened up yesterday but submitted today.
  7. Based on marriage, eligibility date was yesterday. Submitted today Day 0: March 23rd 2020
  8. A couple of weeks back, I was able to retrieve the record from a ticket issued in 2003 by emailing the clerks from 5 different court districts handling the issuing county. Haha. I’m taking no chances...
  9. I’ve been adding to my online application for the past 2 months. I’m not eligible to submit until this coming Sunday however I will wait another 2-3 days before pressing the submit button. Just one word of caution: I found that when I deleted one file, the system deleted ALL files.
  10. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in quick succession when we lived in Houma, LA then Hurricane Harvey while here in Houston and now Coronavirus...no worries, this too will pass and we'll all come through the other end. Keep the faith...
  11. I found that if I deleted a file, it would delete all files.
  12. We were married 12 years before I applied for AOS so we were not subject to a conditional GC. My application is all ready to go ...just need to press “submit”
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