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    ashenflowers reacted to Rito in I-751 May 2012 Filers   
    Just a reminder: please update your listing on the Google Doc. Pasting and repasting this long spreadsheet is making this forum unusable.
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    ashenflowers got a reaction from Wyatt's Torch in Student Loans in the U.S.   
    Wyatt, I've returned to college since moving to the U.S. I applied for financial aid, and was offered a student loan (which I have yet to accept, because I'm wanting to avoid the debt), AND I was given a grant that paid for my tuition for this year!! Hurray!
    Also, you've been in the U.S. for over a year, so it doesn't apply for you, but to anyone else here's some important info: If you've just recently moved to the U.S. (within a year), check with your school's policy on residency requirements. I waited an extra semester before starting full time (partially because I was also still deciding on my major), because I had to live in California for a year to be considered a resident for tuition purposes, rather than an international student. And of course had to show some paperwork to prove it. It's worth it. The tuition was LITERALLY ten (10!) times cheaper.
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    ashenflowers reacted to MSR in Homesickness   
    " I miss my family. I miss Canada. I miss my friends (though some of them have moved elsewhere as well, so that will never be the same). I miss snow, I miss Tim Hortons, I miss hockey, I miss the Canada flag, I miss people being polite, I miss french signs (go figure), and bilingual packaging. And yes, hearing the national anthem almost makes me want to bawl like a baby. lol"
    I can COMPLETELY relate to how you feel! This is exactly what I had been trying to say but failed so terribly! We get snow here, but it doesn't feel the same , the "polite" factor is huge with me... And the french signs and packaging. I'm actually quite good now with French now that i've left Canada, go figure!!
    Great post!
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    ashenflowers reacted to Udella&Wiz in question about luggage   
    Oh stop it - knock-offs are not a problem
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    ashenflowers got a reaction from Kathryn41 in Postcard Exchange!   
    Thanks for your responses everyone.
    I have several meetings today for an animal shelter I volunteer with, so I will not be on the computer much (if anyone expects immediate replies to any questions).
    This is the most recent exchange list based on August's draw.
    1.* Ant+D+BabyA
    2.* Canadiandggal
    3.* Christi and Ian
    4.* Colleens
    5.* coraliesolms
    6.* JLovesA
    7.* Kathryn41
    8.* Kayla*Mathew
    9.* kizza
    10.* lilacvioletiris
    11.* OBX
    12.* Pauley
    13.* sdw
    14.* SupportGeek
    There is also Chickaflick, but she has stated that she is unable to participate in September's draw, so the new 'leader' may want to coordinate with her to see if she is ok to come back in going forward. I could also provide the main list of all past participants if you wish, in case anyone wants to follow up to see if people would like to rejoin.
    If whoever decides to take this over could please email vjpostcards @ gmail.com, I will be able to get them set up with that email address, and make sure the contact information for the participants is made available to them.
    One thing I'd like to note is that this all seems started under the assumption that just one or two people are responsible for all the missing cards thus far. I personally do not think that is the case (at least not by someone who just decided not to send the card on purpose), so perhaps that should be researched by someone who is concerned about this before conclusions are drawn.
    Good luck with the exchange going forward.
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    ashenflowers got a reaction from Kathryn41 in Postcard Exchange!   
    I am not going to be an enforcer. If someone else wants to implement a 3-strikes rule, that's fine, but I won't do it. It IS supposed to be a fun exchange, and I'm sorry some people have not sent cards, or more specifically that some people have not received cards... but to have to track down every single exchange, and 'out' the one not sending (if there even IS one person not sending), well, no, I'm not interested in that.
    and Kayleigh, I received your email early this morning. Thank you.
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    ashenflowers got a reaction from Kathryn41 in Anyone feel like they've made a huge mistake?   
    I am sad to hear you had such a bad time in Ontario I don't disagree with everything (and there's only so much I can say about BC because I haven't even been there), but I would have to say the GTA is definitely a different ball of wax than the rest of Ontario. I would hesitate to say it's the best province, but there are some beautiful places if you drive out a bit. lol
    It's interesting that Canada and the U.S. are so huge that different areas can have such drastic differences.
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    ashenflowers reacted to Pinocchio Liberal in Venting for everyone! Welcome   
    :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    ashenflowers reacted to The_Dude in Songs that got you through the rough times   
    Seriously, someone posted the song Hey There Delilah by the plain white tees? I'd rather get stabbed in the eardrum than listen to that song. That band should be sent to prison for their crimes against society.
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    ashenflowers reacted to Rhiannercakes in Off Topic Part Quatre   
    That website's been in my signature for months!
    Where's my thanks?

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    ashenflowers got a reaction from joe_robin66 in While I'm sitting here waiting...   
    Good luck. Others have already wonderfully answered most of your questions, but I just wanted to add that if you don't have the long form of your birth certificate (the full page registration version, not just the card size) you will also need that. You can order it easily online here https://www.orgforms.gov.on.ca/eForms/start.do?lang=en It is $35 for your first copy. It will probably arrive within a week (they're amazingly efficient at getting them sent out.)
    You DO need the police certificate, regardless of whether your a criminal or not. It basically proves that you're NOT. Get 2 copies. I agree about waiting on the medical. It's nice to get it out of the way, but at the same time it's best to wait as long as you can since it is only valid for one year. Doing it about 3 weeks - 1 month before the interview is my suggestion. Or basically make your appointment after you send back the Packet 3. I don't recall how far in advance you have to book it. I think just 2 weeks or so.
    Also, regarding the move... 8 hours is lucky! Just to put things in perspective, many of us have had to move from coast to coast. My husband (then fiancé! lol) and I had a 4-5 day drive (or 12-15 hour plane journey from door to door) between our homes. I would relish an 8 hr drive! You shouldn't have TOO much culture shock, but be aware of foods that you won't get in the U.S. that you have in Canada. It sounds silly, but it's suddenly a big impact when your favourite comfort foods aren't around anymore and you have to substitute. I.e. Tim Horton's, President's Choice brands, and so on. *wistful sigh*
    Spend as much time with your friends and family now as possible. Plan ways to stay in touch; post cards, letters, facebook, email, make a photo blog to show them your new home.... whatever works.
    Also, don't forget that you're getting married. lol You have to figure out what you plan to do for your wedding. How big, how small, who's invited, where will it be (venue-wise), will you have another bigger one back in Canada later on (many k-1s do this).
    People say it's not necessary for the fiancé to attend the interview. While that's absolutely true, I can't imagine going through that without him with me. It was great to have him there, and a good experience for us to have together. If you can reasonably manage for him to be with you without too much hardship, I'd suggest it.
    Again, good luck.
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    ashenflowers reacted to The_Dude in Off Topic Part Quatre   
    I just want to profess my love of chocolate covered pretzels. That is all.
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    ashenflowers reacted to trailmix in The Vent - Part Trois   
    And Rob, if I gave half a ###### what you thought, that might be important.
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    ashenflowers reacted to Brother Hesekiel in Why all the fuss about the 2010 Census   
    I was about to answer the Census truthfully, but since I learned here on VJ that many people are just having fun with it, I just ripped it in pieces and threw it in the trash. Since Uncle Sam has never enforced participation in the past it is doubtful that he will do so this time, and, even so, who really gives a sh*t anyway, right?
    A huge waste of taxpayers' money. Soooo sad.
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    ashenflowers reacted to The_Dude in Why all the fuss about the 2010 Census   
    Trolling regional forums is just poor form. You have failed as a troll, but you have succeeded in being a douche. However, your posts have been quite entertaining, so I gave you a +1
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    ashenflowers reacted to The_Dude in The Vent - Part Trois   
    You assume that this is my only account
    That is always a dangerous endeavor, you cold accidentally give yourself a dutch oven
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    ashenflowers reacted to The_Dude in The Vent - Part Trois   
    Fail. You get another -1
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